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Scandinavian Countries Tighten Requirements For New Citizens

All three Scandinavian nations are making the process of gaining citizenship more challenging for foreign-born residents. The governments of Denmark, Norway and Sweden have all made or are proposing changes to their respective citizenship laws this year.

All three counties now permit citizens to hold other citizenships, following a law change in Norway that entered into force in 2020. But the process by which someone can apply for Danish, Norwegian or Swedish citizenship varies considerably.

Controversial changes in Denmark
Denmark already has strict immigration laws but a cross-party parliamentary majority has agreed to a series of legislative changes to tighten requirements even more.

The measures will prevent people who have been sentenced for a crime from ever obtaining Danish citizenship, while people fined for a range of lesser crimes will have to wait six years before applying.

In addition to the residency requirement of up to nine years, citizenship applicants must now demonstrate a positive employment history. Anyone applying must have been in full-time employment (or self-employed equivalent) for 3.5 of the past four years.