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Squeezed to Zero: How the Woke and the Chinese Are Destroying Academic Mathematics

There is little sympathy for academics among conservatives, and I understand why. Tenured academics have job security unparalleled anywhere but in government jobs, and spend most of their time either indoctrinating students with “woke” ideology or lapping up taxpayer money on vanity projects posing as “research.” Graduate students seem to spend more time on social media screeching about the latest faux outrage than studying or contributing something worthwhile. Professors who disdain the current direction of the academy privately are viewed (not incorrectly) as cowards. Their unwillingness to stand up has let previously niche concepts such as “intersectionality” slip into the mainstream.

Despite all this, many parents continue to send their students to college, hoping that the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) departments are not yet polluted. Pervasive as the social justice initiatives may be, it’s assumed that engineers and mathematicians have the logical fortitude to withstand it all and continue to train great researchers and scientists. Nearly everyone believes that the STEM fields are still fundamentally meritocratic and lucrative. Unfortunately, this is no longer true.

What follows is my story of navigating the academic and private sector research and development fields as a student, a privately employed researcher, an entrepreneur, and as a professor over the last fifteen years. I’ve been all over the country, so my experiences span geography as well as time.