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Biden Administration’s Ministry of Truth Stumbles

Finally some good news – maybe! The Department of Homeland Security’s recently launched Disinformation Governance Board has gone into what has been described as the “pause” mode and its controversial Director Nina Jankowicz has resigned, citing “vile personal attacks and physical threats.” Its status will reportedly be reviewed over the next 75 days and it will likely be rolled out more quietly next time around and under a different name.

The Board was developed to counter what was held to be unfair criticism of policies being promoted by the government. Ironically, however, it has recently become clear that the White House itself has been doing much of the lying. It uses the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other government agencies to spread false information, referred to as disinformation, to dupe the public into believing that there is something good and noble about America becoming heavily involved in the war in Ukraine, with all that entails. And, of course, since the evildoers must be excoriated as that drama is playing out, good old Russia fits in admirably, particularly as the Democrats still like to pretend that it was Moscow’s interference that defeated Hillary in 2016.

A lie is a lie, but it is the ultimate irony when a government that is caught lying on a regular basis sets up an inquisition that seeks to identify and take action against ordinary citizens who are accused of spreading “disinformation.” Of course, critics on the right immediately discerned that the disinformation will consist of anything that challenges the official government line on various issues, up to including pandemics, white supremacist domestic terrorism, aborting unwanted babies, and even the march to war. Although the inept President Joe Biden Administration can rightly be accused of elevating deceit to a steady diet of malapropisms, one can trace the rise of egregious lying by heads of state to the Gulf of Tonkin incident and, more recently, to the criminal deceptions carried out by the George W. Bush Administration. Those lies led to the invasion of Iraq, which cost trillions of dollars, killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of Americans, and which is still producing unrest in the region.

Biden Prepares For Simultaneous Wars With Russia, China And Iran

America is back!

Joe Biden announced on Monday that the US would go to war with China if they were to invade Taiwan.

From Politico:

When asked by a reporter if the U.S. would defend Taiwan if it were attacked by China, Biden responded: 'Yes ... That's the commitment we made.'"

"We agree with a One China policy," Biden said. "We've signed on to it and all the intended agreements made from there. But the idea that, that it can be taken by force, just taken by force, is just not, is just not appropriate." His handlers quickly rushed to put out a statement walking it back, as the AP reports:

A White House official said Biden's comments did not reflect a policy shift for the United States, a point echoed more firmly by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, asked by reporters if Biden's answer indicated the U.S. would do more to help Taiwan than it has done to help Ukraine and whether the U.S. was making a commitment to send troops to help Taiwan in the event of an invasion.

"As the president said our One China policy has not changed," Austin said at the Pentagon. "He reiterated that policy and our commitment to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. He also highlighted our commitment under the Taiwan Relations Act to help provide Taiwan the means to defend itself. So, again, our policy is not changed."

Yale Prof: Telling Gay Men to Stop Having Sex With Strangers to Halt Monkeypox Spread is Untenable

Amazing. They told us to lock down and stop living our lives for years to avoid COVID but now they say it would be stigmatizing and unfair to tell gay men to stop having random sex with strangers to avoid monkeypox. These are our "public health experts," folks.

Zelensky Requests $5 Billion a Month from Global Community in World Economic Forum Speech

The World Economic Forum conference kicked off today in Davos, Switzerland. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky opened the annual conference by requesting $5 billion a month from the global community.

Zelensky requested the cash infusion immediately.

The US Congress and Joe Biden just gave Ukraine $40 billion of taxpayer dollars last week.

Dozens of Illegal Aliens Wearing Military Style Camo Caught Entering Texas (Video)

Over two dozen illegal aliens dressed in military style camouflage were caught entering Texas from Mexico, according to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin who posted a wild Texas DPS video of the migrants attempting to flee capture. Thirty-two migrants were caught by Border Patrol agents and Texas Department of Public Safety officers in a recent joint effort. Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX), whose district includes Big Bend, says the cartels usually make those crossing there pass a five day desert survival course before sending them over from Mexico. As if to make the point, the body of a young woman migrant from Honduras who succumbed to the harsh environment was found during the operation.

Hedge Fund CEO and GOP Candidate David McCormick Files Lawsuit in PA GOP Senate Primary Race – Demands Undated Ballots that Arrived Late Be Counted in Race

Who is former hedge fund CEO David McCormick?

A recent fundraiser sponsor in New York for David McCormick was the founder of a consulting firm representing the controversial Dominion Voting Systems. McCormick also made big bucks lobbying for Communist China. McCormick moved back to Pennsylvania to run in the GOP Senate race after Sean Parnell dropped from the race.

Last Tuesday night when the mail-in ballots started to come in, David McCormick built a sizeable lead against Dr. Oz and Kathy Barnette in the GOP Senate primary election.

There are still votes to count nearly a week later.

Dr. Oz leads by less than 1,000 votes after 6 days of counting. The state is STILL not through counting ballots!

EXCLUSIVE: Multiple Attorneys General Considering Criminal Charges Against Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci for Illegal Gain of Function Research

Turkey’s Erdogan Conditions Support for Nordic Nations’ NATO Bids

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday said Turkey would not look “positively” on Sweden and Finland’s NATO bids unless its terror-related concerns were addressed, despite broad support from other allies including the United States.

Turkey has long accused Nordic countries, in particular Sweden which has a strong Turkish immigrant community, of harboring outlawed Kurdish militants as well as supporters of Fethullah Gulen, the US-based preacher wanted over the failed 2016 coup.

Erdogan’s threat throws a major potential obstacle in the way of membership for the hitherto militarily non-aligned Nordic nations since a consensus is required in NATO decisions.

“Unless Sweden and Finland clearly show that they will stand in solidarity with Turkey on fundamental issues, especially in the fight against terrorism, we will not approach these countries’ NATO membership positively,” Erdogan told NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg in a phone call, according to the presidency.

Biden’s Hare-Brained Diplomacy

Looking back just a few years, the world seemed to be a powder keg. Trump’s remarks about Taiwan and his imposition of aggressive sanctions threatened war with China. The only question at the time seemed to be whether war would erupt in the Taiwan Strait or over some lousy lump of rock in the South China Sea, an archduke’s assassination for our time.

Elsewhere in Asia, Trump’s clumsy mano-a-mano with North Korea set the world on edge. Rumors had it Trump was ready to evacuate American dependents from South Korea. Then came the Tweet Wars, in which insults like “Little Rocket Man” and “dotard” were traded across the Pacific, sparking fears of nuclear war. There would be no war, thankfully, as Trump contemplated withdrawing U.S. forces from the peninsula.

Things looked dire in the Middle East, too. Conflict seemed all but inevitable; Trump had dumped the Obama-era nuclear accord with Iran, done something (or not enough) in Syria, and fanned the flames of Islamic rage by moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

That wasn’t all. No one today remembers why, but the U.S. was supposedly also on the brink of war with Venezuela, and with NATO weakening, the dogs of war sat on the front stoop in Europe. Trump did, at least, withdraw most U.S. troops from Somalia.

Washington’s Tolerance of Death Squad ‘Democracies’

The U.S. government has had a long, dishonorable history of forging and sustaining close relations with murderous dictatorships – as long as they supported Washington’s foreign policy. Such authoritarian US allies as the Shah of Iran, Nicaragua’s Anastasio Somoza, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, the Saudi royal family, and a succession of South Korean and Guatemalan military rulers (among others) were confirmation of that cynical approach throughout the Cold War. US administrations (especially Ronald Reagan’s administration) also looked the other way or even offered quiet support as the dictatorships in Chile and Argentina executed brutal, indiscriminate crackdowns.

Matters have not improved all that much since the end of the Cold War. Washington lavishes weapons on Saudi Arabia and Egypt, despite their continuing, flagrant human rights abuses at home. Indeed, the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations have even aided Riyadh’s genocidal war of aggression against the people of Yemen through arms transfers and other measures.

The human rights violations that such autocratic regimes have committed are extensive, and they sometimes reach legendary levels. For example, pro-U.S. military dictatorships in Guatemala were responsible for some 93 percent of human rights abuses (mostly murders) that occurred during fighting that took the lives of 200,000 people over a 36-year period from the early 1960s to the mid-1990s. Washington’s guilt in that slaughter was enhanced because the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had orchestrated a successful coup in 1954 to remove a democratic (albeit, leftist) government and put such monsters in power. The same was true of the coup that US and British intelligence agencies conducted the previous year in Iran to put the Shah back on the throne. Again, the outcome was a horrific record of imprisoning, torturing, and murdering political opponents. Today, a similar result is taking place in Egypt as Abdel Fattah El-Sisi conducts a reign of terror, with US leaders acting as enablers.

Iran’s President Says Slain IRGC Colonel Will Be ‘Avenged’

On Monday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi vowed revenge for the killing of a senior member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) who was gunned down in Tehran.

Col. Hassan Sayyad Khodaei was shot five times by unidentified gunmen on motorcycles in the heart of the Iranian capital on Sunday. No one has taken responsibility for the assassination, but Israel is suspected since it has a history of carrying out targeted killings inside Iran.

Raisi blamed the killing on “the hand of global arrogance,” a term used in Iran for the US and its allies, including Israel. “I have no doubt that revenge against the criminals for the blood of this martyr is assured,” Raisi said.

IRGC spokesman Ramazan Sharif appeared to blame Israel more directly. “The thugs and terrorist groups affiliated with global oppression and Zionism will face consequences for their actions,” Sharif said, according to Iran’s Mehr news agency.

US Mulls Sanctioning Countries That are Buying Russian Oil

As the US is looking for more ways to inflict damage on Russia’s economy, the Biden administration is reportedly considering targeting buyers of Russian oil, which would be a significant escalation in the US sanctions campaign.

The New York Times reported last week that the proposed measures include a price cap and so-called secondary sanctions that would block Russian oil buyers from doing business with companies based in the US and in other nations aligned with Washington. The US has similar sanctions imposed on Iranian oil sales.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm wouldn’t rule out the idea of secondary sanctions when asked by reporters about the measures last week. “I know that that’s certainly not off the table,” she said. “The administration is going to be making decisions in that vein … I’m not telegraphing, that’s their call.”

Lloyd Austin Says Ukraine to Get Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles from Denmark

On Monday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin hosted a meeting of over 40 nations to discuss military aid for Ukraine and announced afterward that Denmark will be providing Kyiv with Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

“I’m especially grateful to Denmark, which announced today that it will provide a harpoon launcher and missiles to help Ukraine defend its coast,” Austin said at a joint press conference with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley.

Reuters reported last week that the US was looking for ways to get Harpoons and Naval Strike Missiles in Ukraine’s hands. The transfer of Harpoons marks an escalation in NATO military aid for Ukraine as the missiles have a range of about 300km, making Russian warships blockading the Ukrainian port of Odesa potential targets and widening the area where Kyiv can use Western-provided arms.


The Washington Post revealed Wednesday that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s highly controversial “Disinformation Governance Board,” launched with much fanfare just three weeks earlier, was to close, and that its director, Nina Jankowicz — former fellow at the quasi-state Wilson Center think tank, and Ukrainian foreign ministry communications adviser – had resigned.

The exclusive report, authored by Taylor Lorenz, went to enormous efforts to frame the Board’s dissolution as resulting from egregious sabotage by right-wing activists, who engaged in “coordinated online attacks” on its “well-known,” “well-regarded” chief, subjecting her to an “unrelenting barrage of harassment,” which served to “derail” the Biden administration’s benevolent efforts to tackle the “urgent and important issue” of disinformation.

In reality, public backlash against the Board, which erupted immediately following its official launch on April 27, was wide-ranging, and anything but partisan or personal. Prominent rights groups and lawmakers expressed grave concerns about its constitutionality and the obvious risk of its serving as a state censorship mechanism, with many comparisons drawn to the infamous Ministry of Truth conjured by George Orwell in “1984.”

Many legitimate, vital criticisms of Jankowicz were also raised, including her history of slandering independent news outlets, such as The Grayzone, as “Russian disinformation”; frenzied attacks on WikiLeaks and its imprisoned founder, Julian Assange; and enthusiastic advocacy on behalf of former MI6 spy Christopher Steele, author of the utterly discredited “Trump-Russia” dossier that produced countless wholly fictitious stories in the mainstream media, many of which have since been significantly rowed back or retracted outright.

While in Kiev, Jankowicz hosted the YouTube channel of U.K. and U.S. government-funded “fact checker” StopFake, which has endlessly whitewashed the issue of widespread fascism in Ukraine. Jankowicz herself is directly implicated in this shameful, misleading output. In January 2017, she presented an on-camera report extolling the virtues of four national paramilitary units, including the openly neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, linked to serious human rights abuses and brutal war crimes.


Acting on an initiative from the Biden Administration, by November 2022, conveniently at the onset of the next flu season in the northern hemisphere, the World Health Organization, barring a miracle, will impose an unprecedented top-down control over the national health regulations and measures of the entire planet. In what amounts to a stealth coup d’etat, WHO will get draconian new powers to override national sovereignty in 194 UN member countries, and to dictate their health measures with force of international law. It is sometimes referred to as the WHO Pandemic Treaty but it is far more. Worse, most of the WHO budget comes from private vaccine-tied foundations like the Gates Foundation or from Big Pharma, a massive conflict of interest.

Draconian New WHO Powers

Doing something with stealth means doing it in a secretive or concealed manner, to prevent it being widely known and possibly opposed. This applies to the proposal given by the Biden Administration to the Geneva WHO in January 18, 2022 according to official WHO documents. The WHO hid the details of the US “amendments” for almost three months, until 12 April, just a month before the relevant body of the WHO meets to approve the radical measures. Moreover, rather than the previous 18 month waiting time to become treaty in international law, only 6 months are used this time. This is a bum’s rush. The US proposal is backed by every EU country and in total 47 countries ensuring almost certain passage.


The COVID-19 crisis has not only led to an exacerbation of poverty and the undoing of development gains in many countries around the world, but it has also shed light on the significant access constraints and data gaps on local conditions that the international development community has had to face. However, access to granular ground data remains indispensable to accountably monitor the provision of urgently needed emergency relief for communities in need amidst the pandemic and to build back better in a transparent way.

The Geo-Enabling initiative for Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS) is a global program launched by the World Bank that trains government agencies, donors and development practitioners to systematically leverage field-ready technology for remote real-time monitoring and adaptive risk management related to development activities. GEMS aims to create a Public Good and build capacity with local stakeholders to adapt geospatial open-source tools to specific needs. Through this, GEMS aims to support a democratization of geospatial data collection and analysis, to further enhance accountable service delivery in developing countries around the world.


The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted down a bill to replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, a federal grant program that buoyed 101,000 establishments last year, but snubbed more than 177,000 eligible applicants when it ran out of funds in just three weeks. Despite having sponsors on both sides of the aisle, advocates in the Senate failed to secure the requisite 60 votes to pass the legislation. The final vote was 52-43.

"Neighborhood restaurants nationwide have held out hope for this program, selling their homes, cashing out retirement funds, or taking personal loans in an effort to keep their employees working," Erika Polmar, executive director of the Independent Restaurant Coalition, said in a statement. "We estimate more than half of the 177,300 restaurants waiting for an RRF grant will close in the next few months as a result of congressional inaction."

The bill would have provided $40 billion more in relief for dining and drinking establishments, as well as an additional $8 billion in relief funds for various small-business enterprises, including gyms, event venues, and minor-league sports teams.


After previously stating that no compromise was possible, Zelenskyy is now saying that only diplomacy can bring the war to a close, understanding that all the globalist welfare in the world cannot keep his fledgling puppet regime intact much longer.

Zelensky said during a recent TV address that the war “will be bloody, there will be fighting, but it will only definitively end through diplomacy,” according to BBC reports.

Although he is talking more realistically on diplomacy, Zelensky is still begging for help from other nations to keep his war going. He demanded military aid, claiming that the subsidies are “needed more than ever.” Maybe his blow stash is running thin. Never can be completely sure.

Unprecedented: US Air Force To Join Israelis In Mock Attack On Iran

As if an intense proxy war with nuclear powerhouse Russia isn’t bringing enough heat, the Biden White House has now given the greenlight for unprecedented U.S. participation in an Israeli drill simulating a massive attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

According to The Times of Israel, “The U.S. Air Force will serve as a complementary force, with refueling planes drilling with Israeli fighter jets as they simulate entering Iranian territory and carrying out repeated strikes.” The mock attack on Iran will happen this month, as part of a broader Israeli military exercise called “Chariots of Fire.”

Actor Files Discrimination Suit Against Talent Agency for Rejecting Him Because He's White

To use another metaphor, we’re not slow to grab the pendulum and swing it up to the sky. Might the culture have radically tick-tocked? Yes — just watch TikTok.

And where racial casting in Hollywood is concerned, there’s been a clear change.

These days, TV and film are sticking it to the man. Performers who may have once found it difficult to get jobs now find themselves in the right place and time. A quick perusal of commercials reveals a departure from ways of yore: If four couples are presented, each might be bi-racial, and one may be gay. You might well glimpse a lone Caucasian, and don’t doubt the chance of transgenderism entering the frame.

Thanks to our evolution, there’s a statistical switcheroo: If you’re a Person of the Pale, your chance of snagging a role pales in comparison to 1986.

Anecdotally, I’ve heard it from Tinsletown tenants: The production breakdown indicates a search for “anything not white” to fill a given role.


The United States, as the near unanimous vote to provide nearly $40 billion in aid to Ukraine illustrates, is trapped in the death spiral of unchecked militarism. No high speed trains. No universal health care. No viable Covid relief program. No respite from 8.3 percent inflation. No infrastructure programs to repair decaying roads and bridges, which require $41.8 billion to fix the 43,586 structurally deficient bridges, on average 68 years old. No forgiveness of $1.7 trillion in student debt. No addressing income inequality. No program to feed the 17 million children who go to bed each night hungry. No rational gun control or curbing of the epidemic of nihilistic violence and mass shootings. No help for the 100,000 Americans who die each year of drug overdoses. No minimum wage of $15 an hour to counter 44 years of wage stagnation. No respite from gas prices that are projected to hit $6 a gallon.

The permanent war economy, implanted since the end of World War II, has destroyed the private economy, bankrupted the nation, and squandered trillions of dollars of taxpayer money. The monopolization of capital by the military has driven the US debt to $30 trillion, $ 6 trillion more than the US GDP of $ 24 trillion. Servicing this debt costs $300 billion a year. We spent more on the military, $ 813 billion for fiscal year 2023, than the next nine countries, including China and Russia, combined.

VIDEO: New “Racial Literacy Curriculum” for High School Pushes Social Justice in Every Subject, Including Math

Pollyanna Inc.’s new “Racial Literacy Curriculum” for high school students injects a Critical Race Theory lens and radical far-left politics into several major subjects of study, including English, Math, History, Biology, and Art.

At a leaked “implementation seminar” held on May 5, project manager Julia Kingsdale led prospective teachers and administrators through each of the 65 lessons of the curriculum, many of which not only rely on activist scholarship, but involve assignments directing students to becoming activists themselves.

Whether it concerns immigration, climate change, prison reform, income inequality, the curriculum is a cornucopia of political litmus tests, where every subject is exploited as an vector to promote policies popular with the AOC wing of the Democratic Party.

Every lesson is grounded in the tenets of Critical Race Theory–that systemic racism undergirds every aspect of society, and accounts for all disparities between racialized groups. The curriculum is designed to be used whole or in part, but if fully implemented throughout a given school, a student could find themselves spending a full calendar year working through the material.

World War 3: The Stage Is Being Set For The United States To Go To War With China And Russia Simultaneously

You would have to be out of your mind to fight wars with China and Russia simultaneously. Unfortunately, the guy in the White House actually fits that description. Joe Biden has been a hothead throughout his career in politics, but now he is a hothead that is in an advanced state of mental decline. And as I have warned for more than a year, he is surrounded by the worst foreign policy team in U.S. history, and that is really saying something. Biden and his team just keep making one colossal mistake after another, and now we are on a path that could soon have us fighting major wars with both China and Russia at the same time.

If there was ever a time to invoke the 25th Amendment, it is now. If we start shooting at the Chinese and the Russians, the unthinkable will actually become reality. There will be no “do overs”, and there will be no going back to the way that life was before.

30 Years With No Strategy Brought Us the War in Ukraine

Washington DC has not excelled in grand strategy; the art and science of cost-effectively employing the diplomatic, economic, and informational powers of the United States in combination with its armed forces to secure its national goals and interests. Most of the strategic decisions to use American military power that were made over the last 30 years resulted in one of two strategic outcomes: abject failure (Somalia, Haiti, Afghanistan, and Iraq) or a new regional status quo that is untenable without a permanent U.S. military presence far from America’s borders (the Balkans).

The reasons for the discouraging outcomes of the last 30 years can be traced to Washington’s failure to clearly define realistic, attainable goals for U.S. military power. That requires an acknowledgement that American resources and the electorate’s patience are not limitless, and a thorough understanding of the opponent’s interests and capabilities. It seems that regardless of party affiliation Washington approaches national strategy the way the British approach sex, “romantically remote from the distressing biological crudities.”

This inability to recognize that conditions once conducive to Washington’s control of world events are weakening is why the war in Ukraine will end at Russia’s convenience, not ours.

‘Disinformation’ Label Serves to Marginalize Crucial Ukraine Facts

Disinformation has become a central tool in the United States and Russia’s expanding information war. US officials have openly admitted to “using information as a weapon even when the confidence and accuracy of the information wasn’t high,” with corporate media eager to assist Washington in its strategy to “pre-empt and disrupt the Kremlin’s tactics, complicate its military campaign” (NBC, 4/6/22).

In defense of the US narrative, corporate media have increasingly taken to branding realities inconvenient to US information goals as “disinformation” spread by Russia or its proxies.

The New York Times (1/25/22) reported that Russian disinformation doesn’t only take the form of patently false assertions, but also those which are “true but tangential to current events”—a convenient definition, in that it allows accurate facts to be dismissed as “disinformation.” But who determines what is “tangential” and what is relevant, and what are the guiding principles to make such a determination? In this assessment, Western audiences are too fickle to be trusted with making up their own mind.

What's Biden's End Game in Ukraine?

Last week, President Biden signed a massive $40 billion military aid bill for Ukraine. Who cares that inflation is killing the American economy and mothers can’t even get baby formula. For Washington, spending on war and empire always seems to trump America’s interests.

To put this giveaway to Ukraine in perspective: just since late February, the US has provided nearly $60 billion in “assistance” to Ukraine. That is almost half that country’s entire 2020 GDP! Washington has literally adopted Ukraine in our name and on our dime.

The Biden Administration claims that Ukraine is winning the war with Russia and that such an expenditure to protect Ukraine’s borders is critical to our national interests and worth risking a nuclear war over.

But protecting Ukraine’s democracy is no longer the stated goal of the Administration. Defense Secretary Austin outlined the Administration’s new intention not long ago when he said that the real goal is to weaken Russia.

The Military Analysts and the Negative Coverage of the War

I’ve written about the military people in Russia before, but it’s worth bringing up again.

There are, or rather, there were nationalist political groups in Russian politics, but they were either assimilated, like Dmitri Rogozin’s “Rodina” party, which basically faded into irrelevance once Rogozin himself was offered a position in the government, or they folded like the internet journal Sputnik & Pogrom.

You’ve probably heard of Rogozin — he got into a spat with Elon Musk recently:

His Name Is Christopher Brennan: While in His Backyard in St. Louis, White Man Shot in the Head by 20-Year-Old Black Male

We aren’t supposed to notice what happened.

We aren’t supposed to remember their names.

To do so is to commit treason against those who rule us.

To them, white lives don’t matter.

Always remember this: they do.

People in New York Mad Because Blacks Are Killing Everyone

Here’s a cool idea: elect a black mayor in a period of unprecedented black violence.

I’ve said for a long time that you were going to start seeing a rising wave of blacks just murdering random white people for no reason, and we’re now moving into that phase.

New York Post:

The family of the Goldman Sachs employee who was gunned down in a random subway attack Sunday morning has a message for Mayor Eric Adams: “Do your job.”

Griselda Vile decried the gun violence that cut short the life of her 48-year-old brother, Daniel Enriquez, who was riding a Q train on his way to brunch.

“No one, no one, no one should have this happen to their family,” Vile told The Post Sunday evening.

Ukraine War Pushes Globe's Total Displaced Persons Past 100 Million For 1st Time Ever

The United Nations Refugee Agency has cited conflicts not only in Ukraine but also disasters and war in Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Nigeria, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to calculate that the world's total number of displaced persons has now surpassed 100 million for the first time in recorded history.

"One hundred million is a stark figure — sobering and alarming in equal measure," UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said Monday. "It’s a record that should never have been set" - which should "serve as a wake-up call," according to the official.

Pfizer Moves To Dismiss Lawsuit From COVID-19 Vaccine Trial, Citing 'Prototype' Agreement

Pfizer has asked a U.S. court to throw out a lawsuit from a whistleblower who revealed problems at sites that tested Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Brook Jackson, the whistleblower, alleged in a suit that was unsealed in February that Pfizer and associated parties violated clinical trial regulations and federal laws, including the False Claims Act.

In its motion to dismiss, Pfizer says the regulations don’t apply to its vaccine contract with the U.S. Department of Defense because the agreement was executed under the department’s Other Transaction Authority (OTA), which gives contract holders the ability to skirt many rules and laws that typically apply to contracts.

That means that Jackson’s claim that Pfizer must still comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulations “is simply wrong,” Pfizer said.

Warner Mendenhall, a lawyer who is working on Jackson’s case, said in a recent interview that Pfizer has “clearly not followed federal procurement laws.”

“And now they’re saying, ‘of course we didn’t follow federal procurement laws, we didn’t have to—this was just for a prototype,'” he added.

New phishing technique lures users with fake chatbot

Cybercriminals are finding new ways to trick users into providing their credit card data. A new technique makes use of a fake chatbot to build trust with victims. Learn more about this threat and how to protect yourself from it.

Immigration Disappears From Kamala Harris' Public Schedule

It was her first overseas trip, and Vice President Harris, recently deputized to address what the White House calls “the root causes of migration,” was in Guatemala trying to break through with a simple message. “Do not come,” Harris told would-be migrants last June. “Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our borders.”

They did not listen, or if any migrants did hear Harris last year, many ignored her message. Just last month, according to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, 234,088 migrants were apprehended at the southern border, the highest mark ever recorded.

Asked that same month if President Biden had confidence in Harris and her ability to handle the situation, then-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki replied, “he absolutely does.” But as the flow of migrants accelerates across the southern border, immigration has disappeared from the vice president’s public schedule.

A compilation of that schedule by the Los Angeles Times, reviewed by RealClearPolitics, shows that Harris has not hosted an immigration-specific event since last summer. The last one, a meeting with Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander leaders in the White House last August, touched briefly on immigration.

White House officials dispute any characterization that Harris’ public schedule tells the whole story. “The vice president continues to lead implementation of the Root Causes Strategy and has been engaging with Cabinet and other Administration officials on this effort,” Harris’ Press Secretary Kirsten Allen told RCP.

Mitt Romney Calls On NATO To Prepare For Potential Russian Nuclear Strikes

The United States and other NATO nations should prepare a devastating response to a possible Russian nuclear strike, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said on Saturday.

Romney, in an opinion article for the New York Times, said that “Russia’s use of a nuclear weapon would unarguably be a redefining, reorienting geopolitical event,” adding:

“We should imagine the unimaginable, specifically how we would respond militarily and economically to such a seismic shift in the global geopolitical terrain.”

There is little evidence to suggest that Russia is going to use a nuclear weapon in its conflict with Ukraine, as doing so would risk a significant escalation under the doctrine of mutual assured destruction. Several weeks ago, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson downplayed concerns Moscow may use nukes in a bid to avoid defeat in Ukraine, where Russian forces have struggled.

But Romney, 75, claimed that if Russian President Vladimir Putin “loses in Ukraine, he not only will have failed to achieve his life’s ambition to reverse what he sees as the ‘greatest geopolitical catastrophe’ of the 20th century—the collapse of the Soviet Union—but he will also have permanently diminished Russia as a great power and reinvigorated its adversaries.”

Neither Putin nor other top Kremlin officials have said they would launch a nuclear strike in connection with the Ukraine war, although Russia’s leadership has often said they would respond with nuclear force if Russia’s existence is threatened.

Webmaster addition: Telegraphing a false flag nuclear strike to be blamed on Russia?

UK's Johnson Urges Talks As Unions Threaten "Biggest Rail Strike In Modern History"

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged rail unions to talk to the government before causing “irreparable damage” with strike action.

The National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers (RMT) is holding a ballot of its 40,000 members on plans to strike over jobs, pay, and conditions. The ballot is set to close on Tuesday, and the union has claimed that a yes vote could lead to “the biggest rail strike in modern history.”

Another union, the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA), has also warned of a “summer of discontent” with similar action on the way unless pay disputes are resolved.

The prime minister’s official spokesman said on Monday:

“Railways are going through difficult times with passenger numbers down. We need to make sure they’re fit for the future.”

He said the government wants “a fair deal for staff, for passengers, and taxpayers” so that “money isn’t taken away from other essential services” such as the National Health Service.

Fascism: Biden's Domestic Terror Bill Would Give DOJ 'Broad Reaching Powers'

It is not that the GOP is for Domestic Terrorism; it is simply that the Biden Administration and the Democrats are slipping language in bills that would allow the Justice Department to use a broad definition of what that is, and after parents who are against the indoctrination of their kids by public schools were arrested and called Domestic Terrorists, the Republicans are stepping up to stop the Biden Gestapo.

Senate Republicans are gathering against a House-passed bill that would allow 'special offices' within the government to investigate and monitor domestic terrorism, which is being advocated following a racist shooting in Buffalo that left 10 people dead.

The GOP compares the proposal, which sets up offices in the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the FBI to target domestic terrorism, to the recently paused disinformation committee set up by the Biden Administration.

Monkeypox: What Are They Trying to Distract Us From?

ER Editor: And out of the blue comes another hyped up disease. With vaccines to follow, naturally. Below we’ve put together a couple of articles on what it is, and why it is likely being hyped as a form of distraction.

Meanwhile, here are some other takeaways on the topic. Found mostly in Africa, as is explained below, one expert doesn’t understand why cases are suddenly cropping up in western countries. See African scientists baffled by monkeypox cases in Europe, U.S. Of note:


Scientists who have monitored numerous outbreaks of monkeypox in Africa say they are baffled by the disease’s recent spread in Europe and North America.

Cases of the smallpox-related disease have previously been seen only among people with links to central and West Africa. But in the past week, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, U.S., Sweden and Canada all reported infections, mostly in young men who hadn’t previously traveled to Africa.

France, Germany, Belgium and Australia confirmed their first cases of monkeypox on Friday.

Poll: Critical Race Is Disliked By A Vast Majority

Most Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Critical Race Theory (CRT), according to a survey from The Economist/YouGov.

The survey, carried out May 15-17 of this year among 1,500 U.S. adults, asked respondents whether they have a favorable or unfavorable view of CRT.

Most of the respondents, 52 percent, announced they have an “unfavorable” opinion of the Marxist ideology. Of those, 45 percent have a “very unfavorable” opinion. Another chunk of 45 percent have a favorable opinion of the radical ideology, yet of those, just 27 percent have a “very” favorable opinion. That contains 81 percent of Democrats, yet the vast majority of Republicans and independents — 88 percent and 65 percent, respectively — view CRT unfavorably.

Free Speech: Marsha Blackburn Was Censored On Facebook For Simply Stating This Fact

Social media giant Facebook has censored a post shared by Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., after she spoke out against biological males contending in women's sports.

"Biological men have no place in women's sports," Blackburn wrote, linking to a donation page that urged conservatives to "fight back against Big Tech censorship."

The post, which was shared to Blackburn's personal Facebook page that has almost 150,000 followers, was removed, according to Facebook, for breaking "community standards on hate speech."

Powerful strike by Iskander on the S-300 air defense system of Ukraine

Rhetorical Question: Should The US Withdraw From The WHO?

Two Republican senators are calling on President Biden to remove the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO) over the agency's "abysmal lack of competence" during the coronavirus pandemic.

Midterms Alert: RNC 'Creams' DNC In Fundraising For April

The Republican National Committee surpassed the rival Democratic National Committee in collecting donations last month, as both national party committees build resources for November’s midterm elections, when the GOP strives to win back the House and Senate majorities.

Biden Adds All The Bells And Whistles To The Ukraine Aid Bill

The Biden Administration has announced $100 million in arms funding to Ukraine on top of the freshly passed $40 billion aid package.

On Thursday, the Senate enacted $40 billion in aid for Ukraine as the nation fights back against Russia’s invasion.

Just hours later, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that the United States would be giving an additional $100 million in arms.

In a statement, Blinken explained that Ukrainian forces have “remained firmly in the fight” against Russia but need aid, namely arms and other equipment.

LEGAL UPDATE: Attorney Excoriates DOJ Over Leaked FBI Document Categorizing Veritas as News Media

Was the New Monkeypox Scare Designed to Cover Up the Side Effects of COVID Vaccines?

All of a sudden the talking heads of the world have all been ramping up the scare tactics around the newest plague – monkeypox. It was recently reported that there was a simulation regarding a monkeypox outbreak that happened just last year, similar to Event 201 preceding the COVID 19 crisis. Is this a bioweapon that was designed and released upon the public now that people are no longer as scared of COVID or is something else going on?

I recently saw this image being shared around. On the left is a rash supposedly caused by monkeypox and on the right are reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.

So could it be that the people who are being diagnosed with “monkeypox” are actually just dealing with side effects to COVID shots?

Arrest Hillary Clinton and All Who Supported the Russian Collusion Hoax

Hillary Clinton is GUILTY of manipulating the 2016 US Presidential Election. No one believed Donald Trump when he said that the Russian collusion narrative was “fake news.” Top Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook testified under oath in federal court and confirmed that Hillary Clinton devised the Russia/Alfa Bank rumors. She encouraged her people to promote the hoax to the press in a failed attempt to beat Donald Trump.

Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann first faced trial for the Clintons’ crime. The judge, Christopher Cooper, was an Obama appointee and was given an order to spare “the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee … [of] potential embarrassment.” The truth still came to light.

On July 28, 2016, former CIA Director John Brennan briefed former President Obama on the plan to lie to the public as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.” The sitting president was fully aware of the plan to smear Donald Trump’s name, and agreed to go along with “a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.”

Hillary went as far as to involve the FBI in her grand lie. No one could connect Trump to Russia or Alfa Bank, but Clinton and her campaign continued to promote the story. “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank,” Hillary tweeted shortly after leaking the rumor. On October 31, 2016 (one week before the election), Campaign adviser Jake Sullivan stated: “Computer scientists have uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.” Sullivan added that he could “only assume federal authorities will now explore this direct connection between Trump and Russia as part of their existing probe into Russia’s meddling in our elections.”

Now the Monkey Pox Scam

Russia steps up operation to encircle last Ukrainian holdout in Donbas

Russian forces have intensified their military operation in eastern Ukraine to encircle Ukrainian troops in twin cities in the last Ukrainian-held pocket in the Donbas region.

Reports on Tuesday said Russian troops are advancing from three directions to encircle the city of Sievierodonetsk on the east bank of the Siverskiy Donets river and its twin Lysychansk on the west bank.

“The enemy has focused its efforts on carrying out an offensive in order to encircle Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk,” said Serhiy Gaidai, governor of Luhansk.

"The intensity of fire on Sievierodonetsk has increased by multiple times, they are simply destroying the city," he added.

Mexican Cartels Fly 9,000 Drone Flights into U.S. to Surveil Law Enforcement Operations

Mexican Cartels Fly 9,000 Drone Flights into U.S. to Surveil Law Enforcement Operations from Judicial Watch

GNN Note – Yet another sign of just how bad the Biden Regime is for our nation and our sovereignty. Why isn’t American law enforcement or American citizens showing these things out of the sky?/ END

Mexican drug cartels have conducted more than 9,000 drone flights into U.S. airspace in the last year to surveil American law enforcement and security operations in the southern border region, a senior Homeland Security official told Judicial Watch this week. The drones are observing federal, state, county, and city agencies near the Mexican border, including the U.S. Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas National Guard, county sheriffs and local police. The Border Patrol, which operates under Customs and Border Protection (CBP), has captured about a dozen of the drones, and accessed the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ (UAVs) guidance and memory systems to gain intelligence information, according to a high-level official at the agency.

Elon Musk Rips 2016 Hillary Clinton Tweet As ‘Campaign Hoax’

Elon Musk, who himself has become embroiled in a scandal he has dubbed “Elongate,” responded to the ‘Russiagate’ story that made headlines on Friday as a result of an ongoing federal trial.

The SpaceX, Tesla, and Starlink founder and CEO over the weekend called out a tweet by two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton as a “hoax,” which she sent out shortly before the 2016 election.

“Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank,” Clinton wrote in the October 31, 2016, tweet, which contained a lengthy memo from one of her then-top aides, Jake Sullivan, now serving as President Joe Biden’s national security adviser.

Sullivan claimed: “This could be the most direct link yet between Donald Trump and Moscow. Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank. This secret hotline may be the key to unlocking the mystery of Trump’s ties to Russia. It certainly seems the Trump Organization felt it had something to hide, given that it apparently took steps to conceal the link when it was discovered by journalists.”

Durham Drops Another Bombshell, Reveals FBI Lied About Hillary Clinton-Supplied Disinformation

The trial of Michael Sussmann began another week on Monday, with more witnesses being called as Special Counsel John Durham continues to build his case against the former Hillary Clinton lawyer.

Sussmann is charged with lying to the FBI, something he allegedly did when he hid who he was working for while sharing the now-debunked Alfa-Bank story. That disinformation campaign, which was meant to falsely assert Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians during the 2016 election, has now been directly tied to Hillary Clinton during the trial after it was revealed that she approved its dissemination.

But apparently, Sussmann and Hillary Clinton by proxy weren’t the only ones lying. According to documents presented by Durham, the FBI lied about the Alfa Bank smear’s provenance, telling agents it had come from the DOJ. In reality, Sussmann had brought it directly to the FBI, with the leadership being aware of its origins as badly done political opposition research.

Genetically Modified Strain Of Monkeypox Kills 250 Million People In War Game Simulation Prompting New Pandemic Warning

Experts have recently raised concerns about the growing dangers posed by the production of deadly diseases in laboratories, which could be unleashed into the wild either accidentally or deliberately by unscrupulous actors. Meanwhile, a report (read full report below) has warned of a new pandemic warning after 250 million people died of a genetically modified strain of monkeypox in a war game simulation similar to Event-201 conducted just before COVID-19 hit the world.

WHISTLEBLOWER: Recent Monkeypox Strain Originated From A Lab Claims European CDC Whistleblower

EXPLOSIVE DOCUMENTS Show Wuhan Lab Recently Assembled Monkeypox Strains Creating Contagious Pathogens

After Video Surfaced Of Machines Accepting Copied Ballots John Merrill Put Out a Warning To Check People For Ballots

Like a Creepy Neighbor: State Farm Donating Transgender Books for Kindergarteners to Schools in Florida

Auto insurance company State Farm has partnered with the “GenderCool Project” to supply transgender books for students as young as kindergarten to schools in Florida.

An email from the company to their Florida agents was given to the nonprofit organization Consumers’ Research by a whistleblower.

President Biden seems to praise high gas prices as 'incredible transition' Americans must go through

President Biden said that the country is going through an "incredible transition" away from fossil fuels via the high gas prices being experienced nationwide.

Biden made the statement on gas prices during a joint press conference with Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday.

"Here’s the situation. And when it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over," Biden said, seeming to justify or praise those sky-high prices Americans face at the pump.

As Monkeypox Cases Spread, Report Shows Gates Foundation, WHO, Pharma Execs Took Part in Monkeypox Pandemic ‘Simulation’

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday held an emergency meeting to discuss the outbreak of monkeypox after more than 100 cases were reported across 12 countries.

Days before the WHO convened, the Biden administration placed a $119 million order for monkeypox vaccines after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed six people in the U.S. were being monitored for the viral infection, and one person had tested positive.

Belgium on Sunday became the first country to introduce a compulsory 21-day quarantine for monkeypox patients after reporting four cases of the disease in the last week, Politico reported.

The 100 newly reported cases, or suspected cases, garnered attention because many of them do not appear to be linked to travel to Africa, where in some regions, monkeypox is endemic.

Cases were reported in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.K. No deaths are reported as of yet.

The President of Facebook’s Science Feedback Is Hiding in Paris, Terrified of Appearing in Court. Do fact checkers provide Facebook’s muscle to rob us of free speech?

PA Republican Primary: McCormick Sues Over Mail-In Ballot Procedures

The Republican primary race for Pennsylvania’s open U.S. Senate seat has still not been called.

The race is to fill the seat of GOP Sen. Pat Toomey, who is retiring after two terms in the Senate. While we may be heading towards a recount, one Republican has filed a lawsuit over mail-in ballots.

“U.S. Senate candidate David McCormick has filed a lawsuit in a Pennsylvania court to compel the counting of Republican mail-in ballots submitted without a handwritten date on the outside envelope in a bid to close the gap with primary opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump,” the Washington Examiner reported.

MEDIA SILENCE: The Left Loves Calling Out Disinformation —Unless It's About Hillary Clinton

According to a report from Fox News, major media outlets including MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS have failed to report on last week’s Sussmann trial bombshell that revealed Hillary Clinton personally signed off on the dissemination of the Trump-Russia hoax. Former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook revealed they weren’t confident about the story, but fed it to the press anyway.

“Left-wing media outlets shout from the rooftops that disinformation matters and is a threat to democracy. Unless, of course, it makes Democrats or the press look bad,” radio host Jason Rantz told Fox News Digital.

BREAKING BIG: Michigan Board of Elections Tosses Top Republican Candidates from Governor’s Race Including James Craig and Perry Johnson – Claim They Did Not Turn in Enough Valid Signatures…UPDATE: MUCH MORE COMING

If you can’t beat them — Toss them.

The Michigan Bureau of Elections, a corrupt group that allowed the 2020 state election to be stolen by hundreds of ballot traffickers and tens of thousands of illegal ballots, disqualified the two leading Republican candidates for the upcoming gubernatorial election.

Former Detroit police Chief James Craig and billionaire businessman Perry Johnson were knocked out of the race today by the leftist election group. The Michigan Bureau of Elections claims they do not have enough legitimate signatures on their petitions to enter the race.


Document about creating MonkeyPox from the Wuhan lab!

Transformation-associated recombination (TAR) has been widely used to assemble large DNA constructs. One of the significant obstacles hindering assembly efficiency is the presence of error-prone DNA repair pathways in yeast, which results in vector backbone recircularization or illegitimate recombination products. To increase TAR assembly efficiency, we prepared a dual-selective TAR vector, pGFCS, by adding a PADH1-URA3 cassette to a previously described yeast-bacteria shuttle vector, pGF, harboring a PHIS3–HIS3 cassette as a positive selection marker. This new cassette works as a negative selection marker to ensure that yeast harboring a recircularized vector cannot propagate in the presence of 5-fluoroorotic acid. To prevent pGFCS bearing ura3 from recombining with endogenous ura3-52 in the yeast genome, a highly transformable Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, VL6-48B, was prepared by chromosomal substitution of ura3-52 with a transgene conferring resistance to blasticidin. A 55-kb genomic fragment of monkeypox virus encompassing primary detection targets for quantitative PCR was assembled by TAR using pGFCS in VL6-48B. The pGFCS-mediated TAR assembly showed a zero rate of vector recircularization and an average correct assembly yield of 79% indicating that the dual-selection strategy provides an efficient approach to optimizing TAR assembly.

National Science Teachers Association Publishes Guide for ‘Gender-Inclusive Biology’

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) published a new guide filled with ways educators can shift into “gender-inclusive biology.” Waiting for U.S. children, if the organization gets its way, is learning that mom is actually a “gestational parent” and dad is merely an “XY individual.”

Of all the people you’d expect to grasp the lunacy of this new-found gender fluidity, biology teachers are near the tip top.

The guide is titled “Gender-Inclusive Biology: A framework in action.’ In justifying its sweeping science curriculum recommendations, the NSTA claims that 45% of Americans view gender as a “spectrum.” Now that’s a new approach — deciding scientific validity with public opinion polls.

How Russia must reinvent itself to defeat the West’s ‘hybrid war’

The stand-off between Russia and the Western nations, which has been developing since 2014, escalated into an active confrontation with the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, back in late February. In other words, the Great Game has ceased to be a game. It has become total war, though a hybrid one so far, since the armed conflict in Ukraine is not of a full-scale nature at present.

However, the danger of it intensifying towards a direct collision not only exists, but is increasing.

The challenge Russia is facing has no equivalents in our history. It’s not just that we have neither allies nor even potential partners left in the West. Frequent comparisons with the Cold War of the mid and late 20th century are inaccurate and rather disorienting. In terms of globalization and new technology, the modern form of confrontation is not only of a larger scale than the previous one, it is also much more intense. Ultimately, the main field of the ongoing battle is located inside the country.

The asymmetry between the opponents is huge, particularly the imbalance between the forces and capabilities available to them. Based on this, the US and its allies have set much more radical goals than the relatively conservative containment and deterrence strategies used toward the Soviet Union. They are in fact striving to exclude Russia from world politics as an independent factor, and to completely destroy the Russian economy.

The success of this strategy would allow the US-led West to finally resolve the “Russia question” and create favorable prospects for victory in the confrontation with China.

Hillary Clinton personally approved plan to share Trump-Russia allegation with the press in 2016, campaign manager says

Hillary Clinton personally approved her campaign's plans in fall 2016 to share information with a reporter about an uncorroborated alleged server backchannel between Donald Trump and a top Russian bank, her former campaign manager testified Friday in federal court.

Robby Mook said he attended a meeting with other senior campaign officials where they learned about strange cyberactivity that suggested a relationship between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, which is based in Moscow. The group decided to share the information with a reporter, and Mook subsequently ran that decision by Clinton herself.

"We discussed it with Hillary," Mook said, later adding that "she agreed with the decision."

BIG ARIZONA FRAUD UPDATE: Law Enforcement Raids Nonprofits In ‘2000 Mules’ Ballot Trafficking Investigation – “Like Tweety Birds, They Sang”

Law enforcement has conducted a raid on Yuma County nonprofit organizations connected to the ballot trafficking scheme discovered by Yuma County citizens and revealed in the “2000 Mules” documentary.

True The Vote and Dinesh D’Souza’s groundbreaking new film revealed that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen through illegal ballot trafficking and featured the undercover investigative work of David Lara and Arizona State Senate candidate Gary Snyder.

David Lara tells us, “San Luis is Ground Zero for election fraud in Arizona.”

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, The Yuma County Sheriff and Yuma County Recorder opened a new investigation into cases of impersonation fraud, false registrations, duplicate voting, and fraudulent use of absentee ballots.

Name Them and Shame Them: Glenn Greenwald Releases Video on ‘Typhoid Mary of Disinformation’ Nicolle Wallace

Glenn Greenwald is the rare honest leftist reporter left on the scene today.

This weekend Greenwald released a scathing documentary on MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, the “Typhoid Mary of Disinformation.”

Greenwald put together a collage of her many lies from the past few years including the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, the Trump phone records hoax, and the origins of the coronavirus.

This is a powerful video. Of course, Glenn Greenwald could release a new video every day for the next year on the fake news purveyors in the mainstream media. Literally, the fake news mainstream media has lied about every major issue for the past six years.

Here are the Two Fake News Reporters Natasha Bertrand and Franklin Foer Who Spread Alfa Bank Hoax for Hillary Clinton to Ruin President Trump

The Atlantic’s Natasha Bertrand and Franklin Foer pushed the Alfa Bank lies on MSNBC with Chris Hayes in 2018.

In late October 2016, just days before the November 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton tweeted out a statement from her adviser Jake Sullivan who is now the National Security Adviser for Joe Biden.

The report was on Donald Trump’s secret server to a Russian-based bank.

The report was complete lie and they all knew it at the time. And this past wee we learned that Hillary Clinton personally approved of the dissemination of this lie.

Former head of the ruling Social Democrats, Oskar Lafontaine, blames NATO for Ukraine conflict

A veteran top German politician has said the West’s refusal to listen to Moscow’s concerns is one of the main causes of the current conflict in Ukraine. Oskar Lafontaine, who from 1995 until 1999 served as chair of the Social Democrats, accused the West of ignoring Russia’s security interests for years.

In an interview with left-wing newspaper Junge Welt published on Saturday, Lafontaine argued that “for a long time, we have been in a situation where Russia and China have been militarily encircled by the US.” The former SPD leader said Moscow had made it clear to NATO for 20 years that Ukraine should not become part of the military alliance – a scenario, which, according to Lafontaine, would mean US missiles deployed on the Ukraine-Russia border.

“These security interests were consistently ignored,” the politician said. And this was “one of the key reasons for the outbreak of the Ukraine war.”

Speaking of Ukraine’s NATO aspirations, the former SPD chair dismissed the argument that every country is free to decide what alliance to join.

“Everyone knows that the US would never accept Cuba’s accession to a military alliance with Russia, nor the deployment of Russian missiles on the US border with Mexico or Canada,” Lafontaine argued.

Casey White, Vicky White’s Indiana motel room has long waitlist

The Indiana motel room where former jail boss Vicky White and her convict beau Casey White stayed while on the run now has a long waitlist.

At least 70 true-crime aficionados are on a list to stay in Room 150 at the Motel 41 in Evansville, where the lovebirds spent their final days together before Vicky killed herself and Casey was caught after a chase, WAAY reported.

A motel clerk told the outlet that the ground-floor room, which normally costs $63 a night, is now going for $75 to $100.

On Sunday, 25 people called to ask for the infamous room, the clerk said, adding that staffers have removed the room number on the door after someone tried to swipe it as a souvenir.

ECDC Bombshell: ‘Monkeypox Outbreak Appears To Have Leaked From Ukraine Lab’

The current monkeypox outbreak originated from a bioweapons lab in Ukraine, a source at the European Centers For Disease Control reportedly has revealed.

Independent investigator Dr. Benjamin Braddock claims that an unnamed source at the ECDC told him that preliminary analysis of the monkeypox strain currently doing the rounds found the virus came from a lab and may be related to the U.S’s biological research in Ukraine.

Seven books that show NYC is pushing transgenderism, LGBTQ+ curriculum to kids as young as kindergarten

New York City has a series of books in its Mosaic Independent Reading Collection that focuses on teaching children as young as first grade and Kindergarten about LGBTQ+ and other left-wing issues, Fox News Digital has learned.

The reading lists, which include titles on Greta Thunberg and Elizabeth Warren, were created by the NYC Department of Education Library services, according to the TeachingBooks website. The page can only be accessed internally through the DOE's official login for students and teachers.

Brooklyn parent leader, Vito Labella, told Fox News Digital that he frequently gets calls from concerned parents who are worried about transgender and critical race theory-derived curricula being taught to their young children. Fox News Digital reached out to the DOE about the educational materials but did not receive a response.

Old Navy Made Clothing Sizes for Everyone. It Backfired.

Old Navy set out to make clothes shopping more inclusive for women of all body types. It ended up with too many extra-small and extra-large items and too few of the rest, a mismatch that frustrated customers and contributed to falling sales and a management shake-up.

The stumbles at Old Navy are a problem for its parent, Gap Inc. The chain accounts for the majority of the company’s sales and profits and helps prop up the weaker Gap and Banana Republic brands. It also shows the challenges of producing a wide range of sizes that have led some brands to stop carrying plus-sizes.

A Gap Inc. spokeswoman declined to comment. The company will report its latest quarterly results on May 26. Analysts expect the company to report net sales of $3.44 billion, down from the $3.99 billion it reported in the same period last year.

With a $40 billion plan, the US is setting itself up for an expensive failure in Ukraine

American democracy in action is as perturbing and frustrating to watch for a US citizen as it is confounding to outsiders. It's become especially true in this age of extreme partisan politics, where legislation is prepared, debated, stalled, passed, or killed through parliamentary procedures and processes that are opaque even to those participating in them. Rare are the moments of bipartisan agreement, when the democratic processes appear to flow seamlessly, allowing critical legislation to be enacted in a timely fashion.

However, when Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed through a massive $40 billion appropriations bill for aid to Ukraine, she did so in a single day. The text of the proposed legislation was released in the morning, a ‘debate’ was held throughout the day (in actuality, little more than a series of speeches by lawmakers on why this legislation was so important), and then a vote was taken that saw the bill approved by a 368-57 margin.

It was then sent on to the Senate, where both the Democrat's majority leader, Chuck Schumer, and the Republican minority leader, Mitch McConnell, were ready to similarly chaperone the legislation through their chamber and onto the desk of President Joe Biden, who had indicated he would sign it immediately.

Then something happened that speaks to the wisdom of the Founding Fathers when they crafted the bi-cameral makeup of the US Congress. James Madison, one of the major architects of the US Constitution, had envisioned that the US Senate would function, by design, as a deliberative body, serving as a check on the potential of the House to succumb to the passions of populism.

This Opinion Just In: 2,000 Mules Offers Vivid Proof of Vote Fraud

Like an incantation at high mass, Democrats chant their claim that vote fraud does not exist.

“Vote fraud is almost incalculably rare in the United States,” according to gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams of Georgia.

“And make no mistake,” Chuck Schumer of New York declared on the Senate floor. “There has been no evidence of any significant or widespread voter fraud.”

“The Big Lie is just that,” President Joe Biden bellowed about crooked ballots. “A Big Lie!”

Election-integrity expert Catherine Engelbrecht offered the perfect rejoinder to this nonsense. True the Vote’s founder said: “You don’t need a whole lot of fraud. You just need a little, in the right places, over time.”

SLOW JOE BIDEN: New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Think Biden is 'Incompetent,' 'Slow to React'

According to a recent CBS News/YouGov poll, the majority of Americans don’t feel too confident with Joe Biden in the Oval Office. In fact, many say the economy is bad, Biden is “slow to react,” and the state of the country is “uneasy” and “worrying.”

CBS asked respondents to state whether or not certain words would “describe” or “not describe” Biden’s “actions as President so far.” While 53% of Americans said that the term “divisive” does not describe the president’s actions, 62% of Americans also said that the word “unifying” would not be an accurate description either.

Likewise, 62% of Americans said the word “effective” does not apply, while 57% of Americans said the word “distracted” describes Biden’s actions.

According to the poll, most respondents don’t believe that the president is all that interested in the problems facing them, either. When asked, “How much do you think Joe Biden cares about the needs and problems of people like you,” 56% of respondents said “not much” or “not at all.”

On Sunday, The Daily Wire reported that the same CBS poll that found 65% of Americans believe Biden has been “slow to react” to multiple crises like inflation, illegal immigration, soaring gas prices, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Clinton Campaign Official Admits Briefing Campaign on Oppo Research

A former attorney for the Clinton Campaign may have just put one nail in the coffin of Michael Sussmann.

Marc Elias was on the stand for about three hours on Wednesday.

As part of his testimony, he confirmed that GPS Fusion was conducting oppo research on Trump and that he had briefed the campaign on that research.

One Nail…

Elias is a former partner at Perkins Coie, the firm that served as general counsel for the Hillary Clinton campaign during the 2016 election.

He also confirmed that GPS fusion was hired to do the oppo research on Trump when it became clear Trump was going to get the nod by the GOP.

Elias also confirmed that he briefed campaign manager Robby Mook, campaign chairman John Podesta, and policy director Jake Sullivan — who now serves as White House National Security adviser in the Biden administration.

The Average Age of Vehicles on U.S. Roadways Hits a Record 12.2 Years

The average age of vehicles on U.S. roadways edged higher in 2021, hitting a record of 12.2 years, as Americans challenged by high car prices and slim pickings on dealer lots held on to cars longer.

This was the fifth straight year the average vehicle age in the U.S. has increased, according to new data released Monday by research firm S&P Global Mobility.

Vehicles on average have been getting older in the U.S. for the past two decades as quality has improved and cars generally are lasting longer, analysts say.

During the pandemic, the trend has only accelerated, largely because of a computer-chip shortage that has curbed factory output and left dealership lots bare, S&P Global Mobility said.

"I Need To Get The F*ck Out Of This Car": Two Separate Teslas Ignite Last Week, One Trapping Driver, One Burning Child's Car Seat

Solar flares? The alignment of the planets? Just plain old terrible production quality? What possible explanation could their be for two separate Teslas catching fire within a couple days of each other this weekend?

In fact, the incidents in question took place so close to each other, that we couldn't even finish writing about one of the stories before the other one broke - we so combined them into one piece.

First, it was reported late last week that a blaze in California had been started by a 2019 Tesla Model 3.

Webmaster addition: This does sound serious until you realize there are about 280,000 fires in traditional gasoline cars every year in the US, causing 12% of all reported fire deaths!

Turkey's Erdogan says he will no longer talk to Greek PM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday he would cease talking to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and cancel a key meeting between their two governments, accusing the Greek leader of antagonizing Turkey.

In a televised address following a Cabinet meeting, Erdogan accused neighboring Greece of harboring followers of U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, who Turkey says was behind a 2016 failed coup attempt, and of establishing military bases against Turkey. Gulen has long denied the Turkish allegation.

Erdogan then went on to accuse Mitsotakis of recommending to U.S. officials that Washington not sell F-16 fighter jets to Turkey during a recent visit to the United States.

Putin's Blockade Of Ukraine Ports A "Declaration Of War", UN Warns

In a Monday virtual address before the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky urged Western countries to impose "maximum economic sanctions" against Russia.

"The world is united because of threats, the war, Russian aggression. I don’t want you to lose this unity," Zelensky stated in the keynote address which was met with enthusiastic applause in approval. He called for measures which he said have still yet to be imposed, including a ban on Western companies operating in Russia. His words came simultaneous to a UN official at the WEF stressing that Russia's continued blockade on Ukraine ports amounts to a "declaration of war" by Putin on Ukraine and broader humanity:

Russia’s blockade of Ukraine’s ports is a “declaration of war” that threatens to trigger mass migration and a global food crisis, a United Nations official said, adding to the dire warnings on the opening day of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Iran Blames Israel, Vows Revenge, For Brazen Motorcycle Assassination Of IRGC Colonel

Iran is vowing to avenge what it's describing as a brazen assassination of a Revolutionary Guard colonel conducted by a foreign intelligence service. Col. Sayad Khodai was reportedly a commander in the elite Quds Force, which is the foreign intelligence wing of the IRGC. Israeli media is claiming that he had "planned attacks on Jews and Israelis worldwide."

The Sunday killing took place in Tehran when the IRGC colonel was approach by two unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle who shot him in the head. "I have agreed for our security forces to seriously follow up on this matter and I have no doubt that revenge for the pure blood of our martyr will be taken," the country's President Ibrahim Raisi said in a speech.

White House Economic Adviser Plays Down Recession, Claiming A "Period Of Transition"

President Joe Biden’s top economic adviser played down the risk of recession in a recent interview, suggesting Americans be confident during what he called a “period of transition” of COVID-19 recovery.

It comes amid growing warnings from banks and economists that the U.S. economy could be heading into recession in the next 12 to 24 months.

“Our economy is in a period of transition. We’re moving from the strongest economic recovery in modern history to what can be a period of more stable and resilient growth,” Brian Deese, director of the White House National Economic Council, told “Fox News Sunday.”

While being asked about whether Americans should be prepared that the country is heading into a recession, the White House economic adviser repeated his previous claims and sidestepped the second part of the question from anchor Martha MacCallum.

“People should also take confidence that we are better positioned than any other country to navigate through this and keep our recovery going,” Deese said.

Freedom Of Speech Needs "Recalibration" - Aussie Commissioner Sparks Outrage At WEF

Australian eSafety commissioner Julie Inman raised eyebrows on Monday, telling the World Economic Forum that there needs to be a "recalibration" of free speech.

"We are finding ourselves in a place where we have increasing polarization everywhere, and everything feels binary when it doesn't need to be - so I think we're going to have to think about a recalibration of a whole range of human rights that are playing out online - from freedom of speech, to be free from online violence. Or the right of data protection, to the right of child dignity," whatever that last part means.

Monkeypox Outbreak Primarily Spreading Via Sexual Contact: WHO Officials

The recent outbreak of the monkeypox virus in North America and Europe is primarily spreading through sex, according to World Health Organization (WHO) officials on Monday, while confirming about 200 cases so far.

The virus itself is not a sexually transmitted infection, but WHO officials said the recent surge in cases is linked to homosexual men. However, they said that anyone can contract monkeypox, which is generally confined to Central and West Africa.

“We’ve seen a few cases in Europe over the last five years, just in travelers, but this is the first time we’re seeing cases across many countries at the same time in people who have not traveled to the endemic regions in Africa,” Dr. Rosamund Lewis, who runs WHO’s smallpox research, said in a streaming event on social media.

Webmaster addition: Don't have sex with a monkey! Problem solved!

Zelensky Says If Ukraine Falls, American Lives Will Be At Risk

On the same day he addressed Davos' World Economic Forum wherein he urged Western countries to impose "maximum economic sanctions" against Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Axios' Jonathan Swan in an interview for HBO that if Ukraine loses the war, American lives will be put at risk.

Zelensky was speaking in reference to NATO's collective defense treaty, suggesting that 'Russian imperialism' means there will be a domino effect of US-NATO allies to fall if Ukraine fails to achieve victory. "Members of the alliance should know and believe that if any country tries any aggression against them, then NATO, collectively, will provide for their defense," Zelensky told Swan.

"If we fall, if we don't hold the line, Russia will proceed, attacking the Baltic states — Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia" and smaller states to follow, resulting in NATO's Article 5 being invoked, which would see American troops sent to the region to face Russia directly.

UN Food Head Warns Conditions "Worse" Than Arab Spring As Inflation Riots Spread

Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, David Beasley, executive director at the UN World Food Programme, warned the world's food security conditions are "worse" than what was observed during Arab Spring over a decade ago.

Beasley said even before the Ukraine crisis. A global food crisis was already emerging. Now the crisis is the "worst humanitarian crisis since World War II."

"Just when you think the world food crisis couldn't get any worse well over a year ago, you had Ethiopia and Afghanistan, and then the breadbasket of the world [Ukraine] — just got the longest breadlines of the world — and so now because of this crisis, we're taking food from the hungry to give to the starving."

"What happens when you take a nation [Ukraine] that normally feeds 400 million people and sideline that … it's devastating to global food security," he warned.

Beasley said if you look at the economic conditions during the Arab Spring in 2011 — conditions today are "actually worse," which has already sparked social unrest in several countries

Bird Flu Outbreak Plunges US Egg Production To 7-Year-Low

Avian influenza has already impacted more than 37 million birds across 34 US states this year. The fast-spreading virus has sent the production of eggs tumbling and prices at the supermarket soaring.

Bloomberg reports the production of US eggs in April plunged as millions of egg-producing hens were slaughtered to mitigate the virus' spread. The latest data from the USDA shows egg production fell 3.9% to 7.55 billion, while the number of egg-laying birds dropped 5.3% from a year ago.

It's Not Just The USA: The Economic Instability Is Global

The actions of the authorities in developed countries, essentially an extension of the Keynesian economic policy discourse, have brought the economies into disrepute. These actions consist of immense stimulus and virtually unfunded government indexation of voter income in the face of expected impoverishment amid COVID, lockdowns, and other global problems.

The government is making money cheaper, just to maintain electoral support. This leads to a dispersal of demand and a proliferation of zombie companies, it distorts the incentives for healthy competition, it reduces business efficiency, and it kills the innovation factor of economic growth. Most importantly: it creates leverage - the dominance of needs over opportunities, demand over supply-in other words, it leads to dramatic market disequilibrium.

Before COVID times, such imbalances over the past 20 years were bought with new leverage, and the imbalances went away for a while, giving birth to inevitable new imbalances in the future. The Austrian cycles perfectly describe this process, its starting points and its consequences. In fact, this leftist social agenda for buying electoral loyalty is a new political doctrine based on simplification, and most importantly, on the abolition of any concern for tomorrow.

In СOVID times, however, all that has changed. Another injection of mega liquidity, the cheapening of money by all possible means - from direct budgetary donations to the inflating of the Fed's balance sheet - occurred against a background of blocked demand, rather than falling due to economic stagnation. As a result, the savings of all agents increased abnormally, people stopped wanting to work, the flow of investment into the stock market and into financial assets increased, creating hyperinflation in them and moving them away from their fair value.

Unprecedented: US Air Force To Join Israelis In Mock Attack On Iran

As if an intense proxy war with nuclear powerhouse Russia isn’t bringing enough heat, the Biden White House has now given the greenlight for unprecedented U.S. participation in an Israeli drill simulating a massive attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

According to The Times of Israel, “The U.S. Air Force will serve as a complementary force, with refueling planes drilling with Israeli fighter jets as they simulate entering Iranian territory and carrying out repeated strikes.” The mock attack on Iran will happen this month, as part of a broader Israeli military exercise called “Chariots of Fire.”

In September, Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi said the IDF had “greatly accelerated” preparations for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“Dozens of Israeli air force fighter jets are expected to take part in the exercise and fly hundreds of miles from Israel to the west above the Mediterranean in a way that simulates a flight route to Iran,” reports Axios. General Michael Kurilla, commander of U.S. Central Command, landed in Israel on Tuesday to observe the exercises.

Though there’s no indication of an imminent real-world strike, U.S. participation in the drill is an implicit endorsement of an Israeli-initiated war of aggression—and a signal that the United States might not only agree to it, but participate.

NYC Parents Want In-Person Meeting With Mayor Over Toddler Mask Mandate: "Our Calls Have Gone Unanswered"

A frustrated group of more than 200 New York City parents have called the city’s mayor and public health chief to sit down and talk to them about the prolonged mask mandates for toddlers.

A girl, wearing a mask, walks down a street in the Corona neighborhood of Queens in New York City on April 14, 2020. (Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images) Under the city’s public health policy, masks remain mandatory for children aged 2 to 4 in public schools and daycare centers. Mayor Eric Adam’s order to extend the mandate beyond its March expiration was initially struck down by a Staten Island judge, who called it “arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable,” but was later restored by an appeals court.

In their letter sent to the City Hall, the parents alleged that the mayor’s office has repeatedly ignored their complaints about forcing preschoolers to mask up.

“We write this letter because our hundreds of phone calls and emails, and our direct requests for meetings, have gone unanswered,” the parents wrote. “We are now publicly requesting a meeting, by May 17, with both Mayor Eric Adams and Commissioner Ashwin Vasan to discuss NYC’s Toddler Mask Mandate.”

White House Press Secretary Says There’s No Timeline for When Baby Formula Shortage Ends

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on May 22 said she didn’t have a timeline for when parents in the United States “will be able to readily” obtain baby formula.

“The president understands the struggle of moms and dads and parents and caregivers and making sure that … a child has … a healthy way of eating,” Jean-Pierre said during a press gaggle on Air Force One en route to Tokyo.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre holds her first news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington on May 16, 2022. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) She added,

“A healthy formula … safe formula … is our number one priority … which is why we have been very, very acutely aware of … the process that we’ve initiated with the flyover and also the DPA [Defense Production Act].”

President Joe Biden, who is currently in Japan after visiting South Korea, invoked the DPA on May 18 to accelerate domestic production of baby formula, in the face of a nationwide shortage.

A day later, the White House announced an operation titled Operation Fly Formula, to transport the equivalent of up to 1.5 million eight-ounce bottles of Nestle baby formula from Switzerland to Indiana, via commercial air cargo with contracts with the Pentagon.

“I don’t have a timeline for you yet,” Jean-Pierre continued.

US Army Mulls Letting Soldiers Switch Bases If Local Laws Discriminate Against Gender Identity

The US Army is circulating a draft policy that would allow soldiers to move bases if they feel state or local laws discriminate against them on the basis of race, religion, sex, or gender, according to Military.com, citing two sources with direct knowledge of the plans.

Transgender Army Capt. Jennifer Sims, 2017 The guidance adds specific language on discrimination to an existing policy, and would need final approval from Army Secretary Christine Wormuth. If enacted it would constitute one of the Army's most pro-LGBTQ policies to date.

"Some states are becoming untenable to live in; there's a rise in hate crimes and rise in LGBT discrmination," said Lindsay Church executive director of Minority Veterans of America, an advocacy group. "In order to serve this country, people need to be able to do their job and know their families are safe. All of these states get billions for bases but barely tolerate a lot of the service members."

If finalized, the new rules would clarify what situations would entitle a soldier to a so-called compassionate reassignment. Right now, those rules are vague but are mostly used for soldiers going through family problems that cannot be solved through "leave, correspondence, power of attorney, or help of family members or other parties," according to Army regulations.

The updated guidance, which sources said was drafted in response to several state laws but before a draft of a potential Supreme Court decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked, would instruct commanders that they can use compassionate reassignment specifically to remove troops facing discrimination from their duty stations. -Military.com

What It Means That 'Hillary Clinton Did It'

This editorial began:

"The Russia-Trump collusion narrative of 2016 was a dirty trick for the ages -- and now we know it came from the top -- candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton."

The editorial quickly explained:

"That was the testimony Friday by 2016 Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook in federal court [in Washington, D.C.], and while this news is hardly a surprise, it's still bracing to find her fingertips on the political weapon."

(Also not surprisingly, The May 20 print edition of The New York Times did not include a story on Mook's testimony.)

Mook's testimony was heard at the trial of attorney Michael Sussman, charged with lying to the FBI in calling to their attention a story that Donald J. Trump, by means of connections with Russia's Alfa Bank, was colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The lie at issue was not the false claim about a Trump-Alfa connection, but the charge that Sussman brought this matter to the FBI as a good citizen, and not as a representative of the Clinton campaign.

Posobiec Gives Details Of Davos Detention

Update (1753ET): Posobiec has detailed what went down, via TPUSA.

"The World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab has its own paramilitary police force called the World Economic Forum Police," he said.

"Two minivans full of officers, essentially a quick reaction force pop up, everybody storms out, they've got MP5s, one of the guys is flagging me... and then each of us was taken, the entire crew - one by one - behind the building and behind this stack of tables, and we were made to empty our pockets, and we were frisked," he continued.

Journalist Jack Posobiec and his crew were briefly detained without explanation in Davos, Switzerland on Monday, where the World Economic Forum has kicked off its annual conference.

In a clip posted to Twitter, Davos police can be seen surrounding Posobiec of Human Events, along with his crew. When a woman he was with began asking questions, a policewoman in plain clothes asked her to stop filming.

The policewoman said "We're just making a normal police patrol, because you know, it's WEF..."

"Is there a reason he specifically was targeted?" the woman asked.

"There is a reason, because we have to have a reason to control a person."

When asked what the reason was, the policewoman said "I don't have to tell you."


Boris Johnson loses interest in UK as economy craters, war with Russia top priority

Italian Orchestra Boycotts Music Contest After Ban on Russian Violinists

The Italian music group FVG Orchestra refused to participate in the international violin competition Rodolfo Lipizer Prize, following the organizers’ decision to exclude three Russian musicians from the contest, orchestra leader Paolo Petiziol told Sputnik.

According to Petiziol, the Italian group traditionally accompanied the best performers at the end of the event.

“It was a solid tradition that I have decided to break, since the logic of the Lipizer association, in my opinion, is inexplicable. You cannot discriminate against someone for their place of birth, this is madness. Tomorrow, we will begin to oppress someone for being a Christian, a Jew, returning to the Middle Ages,” the orchestra leader said, adding that the group is ready to return to the contest if the organizers call off their decision and apologise to the Russian musicians.

Watch– Klaus Schwab Lauds Davos Elites: ‘The Future Is Built by Us’

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), on Monday greeted members of the global elites gathered in Davos, Switzerland, with the salute: “the future is built by us… by a powerful community… as you here in this room.”

“History at a Turning Point: Government and Business Strategies” is the theme for the 2022 edition of the 51-year-old NGO lobbying organization founded by the German engineer and economist.

On the evidence delivered on day one at the famous Swiss ski resort, Schwab very much sees his organization at the forefront of shaping the world of tomorrow.

Unfortunately outsiders have not been consulted or invited to join the 2,500 people flown in from all around the world to be present.

U.S. and Pacific allies take on 'dark shipping' by using tracking technology to cut down on sanctions-evaders who 'rendezvous at sea' and illegal fishing amid outrage over China's massive fleet

The U.S. and three Pacific allies who make up the Quad announced a new policy Tuesday to crack down on 'dark shipping' that can undermine sanctions or illegal depletion of fisheries.

The new effort relies on 'real-time, integrated' technology to achieve what policy gurus are calling 'maritime domain awareness'

It amounts to a commitment to boost monitoring of the vast Indo-Pacific, where far-flung nations often have no idea what is onboard foreign-flagged ships traversing their waters.

British warships could be sent in to protect freighters carrying crucial Ukrainian grain and break Putin's blockade of Black Sea ports that is threatening to cause a world food crisis

Britain is co-ordinating with its allies on a potential plan to send warships to the Black Sea port of Odesa to offer a protective escort to ships exporting Ukrainian grain.

Lithuanian foreign minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said yesterday he had discussed the creation of such a 'protective corridor' from Odesa with British foreign secretary Liz Truss.

He also said a 'coalition of the willing', made up of NATO countries and other nations reliant on the grain such as Egypt, may be willing to commit military resources to bolster the protection and avert widespread food shortages.

Ukraine on the verge of debt collapse

In recent months, many Western countries have offered financial assistance to Kiev, with billions of dollars and euros being sent to assist in the purchase of weapons and military equipment to be used against Russian forces. For the Western media, such aid is a “humanitarian effort”, and for Ukrainian propaganda it is an “example of cooperation between Ukraine and the West”. But none of this is real. It is just simple business. Kiev is taking loans it will have to pay back in the future. And, certainly, payment will only be possible at the expense of a major inflationary crisis.

One of the largest global risk analysis agencies, Moody’s Corporation, recently issued a report in which it downgraded Ukraine’s credit score from Caa2 to Caa3, which corresponds to “poor” or “high risk”. At the same time, the agency’s perspective on the credit situation in Ukraine changed from “under review” to “negative”, with expectations of significant deterioration in the short term.

Among the justifications for such classification, the agency emphasized the widespread debt situation that the country is currently in. Loans recently taken by Kiev from Western countries as a result of the military conflict have now reached a highly worrying level, which precludes the existence of any optimistic expectation of rapid economic and social recovery. The company predicts that Kiev’s debt will jump from 49% of the national GDP – last year’s rate – to 90% in 2022, forming an absolutely catastrophic scenario in the coming months.

DC attorney general sues Mark Zuckerberg PERSONALLY over Cambridge Analytica scandal - promising 'consequences' for massive data breach that exposed millions of people's personal data

Mark Zuckerberg was sued by the attorney general for the District of Columbia Monday - a rare move against a prominent CEO meant to hold him personally liable for the Cambridge Analytica privacy breach, which exposed millions of Facebook users' personal data and became a major corporate and political scandal.

Karl Racine, the D.C. attorney general, filed the civil lawsuit against Zuckerberg on Monday in D.C. Superior Court.

The lawsuit maintains that Zuckerberg directly participated in important company decisions and was aware of the potential dangers of sharing users' data, such as occurred in the case involving data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica.

West takes 'sadistic pleasure in canceling' as Russophobia surges

More Bad News on the Energy Front: Entergy Corp Shuts Down Nuclear Power Plant in Michigan

Entergy Corp. announced on Friday that it had permanently shut down its Palisades Power Plant in Michigan after 50 years of operation earlier than planned.

“Control room operators at Entergy’s Palisades Power Plant safely removed the nuclear reactor from service for the final time on May 20. The plant was originally scheduled to permanently shut down on May 31, but after careful monitoring, operators made the conservative decision to shut down the plant early due to the performance of a control rod drive seal,” Entergy said in a statement.

Victor Davis Hanson: Is Biden's "Success" Our Mess?

If an administration deliberately wished to cause havoc on the border, to ensure fuel was nearly unaffordable, to create a crime wave, to spark 1970s hyperinflation, and to rekindle racial tensions, what would it have done differently than what President Joe Biden has done?

So is Biden malicious, incompetent, or a wannabe left-wing ideologue?

When pressed about inflation and fuel price hikes, Biden either blames someone or something else, gets mad at the questioner, or claims former President Donald Trump did it.

His administration apparently believes things are going well and according to plan.

When polls disagree, his team either believes the American people are brainwashed or that they themselves have not supplied sufficient propaganda. So they never pivot or compromise, but rededicate themselves to continued failure.

Why? Apparently, what most in the country see as disasters, Biden envisions as success.

Take the border - or rather its disappearance.

Kamala Harris Dishes Out Word Salad, Tells People to Clap For Yellow School Buses (VIDEO)

The current Vice President of the United States…

Kamala Harris on Friday delivered remarks on electric school buses at Meridian High School in Falls Church, Virginia.

Harris was joined by Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan.

Kamala Harris had some inspiring words for the attendees as she announced a new national initiative for electric school buses.

“Think about it: Yellow school buses are our nation’s largest form of mass transit. How ’bout that? Every day — so, yes, and let’s applaud because it gets ’em where they need to go! Ha ha ha!” Harris said.

How profound.

Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen days after using girl as human shield in Jenin

Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager during a raid on the northern occupied West Bank city of Jenin over the weekend, just days after they used a Palestinian girl as a human shield in the city.

During a raid on Saturday morning, Israeli forces shot and killed 16-year-old Amjad Walid Hussein Fayed, making him the 11th child to be killed by Israel since the start of the year, according to Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP).

According to DCIP, Fayed was shot in the chest around 2:30 am, after he and another Palestinian youth threw Molotov cocktails at Israeli army vehicles deployed in the city.

War On Drugs: Once Again, DeSantis Doing Biden's Job For Him

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Thursday cracking down on drug trafficking, raising the mandatory minimum sentence for those convicted of dealing fentanyl and making the sale of methamphetamine ending in death a capital felony punishable by life in jail or execution.

"We can and must lower the demand for drugs through education and outreach programs, but we also must fight the supply of drugs and crackdown on dealers and traffickers, particularly of substances like fentanyl," DeSantis announced at a press conference Thursday alongside Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd and Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma.

The mandatory minimum sentence for selling 4-14 grams of fentanyl is raised to 7 years, while the mandatory minimum for selling 14-28 grams is increased to 20 years under the bill HB 95.

Third World Rationing: America Flies In Baby Formula, But Has No Plans To Put Them On Store Shelves

The first international delivery of baby formula has arrived in the United States as the White House endeavors to address the baby formula shortage crisis. Shortly after it landed, the White House admitted that the formula would NOT be on a shelf near you anytime soon as they control who gets it.

The first flight of “Operation Fly Formula” landed on Sunday in Indiana, and a few boxes were shipped immediately to certain hospitals. The FDA is testing the rest and then, will be distributed to places where the need is greatest, a vague qualification with an arbitrary process. Hospitals, clinics, and some pharmacies are on the list - meaning a child needs to be borderline malnourished before they can have access to it.

Professor Who Was Fired For Talking About Black Privilege, Gets His Job Back In Arbitration

Central Florida University has been ordered to rehire Charles Negy, an assistant professor who was dismissed for a June 2020 tweet regarding "black privilege."

An arbitrator recently overruled the school's conclusion to dismiss him and ordered the salary lost throughout the firing period be paid.

Negy's since-deleted tweet states: "Black privilege is real: Besides affirm. action, special scholarships, and other set-asides being shielded from legitimate criticism is a privilege."

According to Blaze Media, the tweet didn't sit well with many students and faculty.

Must See: Biden Admits High Gas Prices Are Part Of Overall Strategy To Transition America

Republicans in Washington have blamed the policies of the Biden administration and of his political allies for worsening a global energy disaster that is causing pain at the pump for Americans all across the nation. In Asia this week, Biden basically admitted that the crisis is by design - that this is all just a strategy to wean Americans off of fossil fuels. (See the video below.)

The average gas price for the week ending May 20 reached $4.59 a gallon after eleven days of record-high consecutive price growths.

Global energy prices are proceeding to worsen as the European Union promised further oil sanctions on Russia over its attack on Ukraine.

Nolte: Biden Baby Formula Crisis Hospitalizes Milwaukee Infants with Malnutrition

Joe Biden’s baby formula shortage has hit the city of Milwaukee so badly “babies have been admitted to [the] emergency room for malnutrition,” reports TMJ4.

“It is true that we’ve seen babies hospitalized because they don’t have enough formula, or they’ve made homemade formula that aren’t meeting their nutrient needs, and they’re experiencing things like malnutrition,” Jennifer Crouse, the Clinical Nutrition Manager with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin told TMJ4. “This is something that’s harming kids because we don’t have enough supply on the market.”

And we don’t have enough supply on the market because His Fraudulency Joe Biden is more concerned with pronouns than ensuring America’s children have enough to eat.

This is a national crisis, not a local crisis.

This is an American crisis, not a worldwide crisis.

This is on Joe Biden.

Irish escort site offered ‘war fantasy’ sex with Ukrainian women

An Irish escort website encouraged men to live out their “war-inspired” fantasies by paying for sex with Ukrainian women.

A European anti-trafficking expert warned that the Irish sex work “market” was already responding to increased demand from men to “identify and have sex with” women and girls who were fleeing the conflict.

Valiant Richey, a special representative from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), was speaking at a National Women’s Council event yesterday.

He said around the time that a mass movement of vulnerable Ukrainian women and girls were moving across Europe, there was a “significant spike” in online searches “related to buying sex from Ukrainian women”.

Mr Richey, an anti-trafficking co-ordinator, said in some countries search terms relating specifically to having sex with Ukrainian women “went up by 600pc”.

Webmaster addition: Just when you think the human race cannot get any sicker...


When the Great Reset was officially launched in 2O2O, it was not done so by Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates, but by Charles, Prince of Wales, heir apparent to the British throne.

Born in Buckingham Place in 1948, Charles is best known worldwide for his failed marriage to Lady Diana Spencer, who died in a road crash in Paris in 1997, a year after their divorce.

His official website announced on June 3 2020: “Today, through HRH’s Sustainable Markets Initiative and the World Economic Forum, The Prince of Wales launched a new global initiative, The Great Reset”.

A royal tweet declared: “#TheGreatReset initiative is designed to ensure businesses and communities ‘build back better’ by putting sustainable business practices at the heart of their operations as they begin to recover from the coronavirus pandemic”.

This may come as a bit of a surprise to those who see Charles as a bumbling but affable figure, who talks to his plants, loves traditional architecture, protects nature and tries to help young people get along in life.


Last week, Russia revealed it has been using combat lasers in military operations in Ukraine. Primary targets of these weapons are believed to be quadrocopter commercial drones the Ukrainian military has increasingly started relying on, as its much-touted “Bayraktar” TB-2 and other similar large drones have failed miserably, being picked off by Russia’s second-to-none air defenses. Commercial drones have the advantage of being much smaller and more readily available and, thus, easily replaceable, unlike expensive military drones such as the aforementioned “Bayraktar”. In addition, it is also more wasteful to fire expensive air defense missiles at such small targets, as most SAMs (surface to air missiles) cost tens of thousands of dollars or even millions in the case of strategic systems like the S-400.

Commercial drones, on the other hand, can cost as low as a few dozen dollars. The sheer production and financial discrepancy is severely affecting the economy of war. Thus, Russia decided to start using lasers to counter this new threat, to a crippling effect on the Ukrainian military. In this way, the Kiev regime forces are losing vital tactical ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) capabilities, which directly affects their ability to provide immediate fire support for their units or organize successful artillery ambushes, which have had some effect during the initial stages of the special military operation.

This most definitely isn’t the first time Russia has used lasers. In 1984 Russia developed the first handheld laser weapon, intended for use by cosmonauts. In the 1970s, a Russian laser-armed tank named 1K17 Szhatie (Russian: 1К17 Сжатие – “Compression”) was developed. Even earlier, in the mid-1960s, a project codenamed Terra-3 (Russian: терра–3) was initiated. It was a Russian laser testing center, located at the Sary Shagan anti-ballistic missile (ABM) testing range in the Karaganda Region, present-day Kazakhstan. It was originally built to test missile defense concepts, but these attempts were dropped after the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty was signed (from which the US unilaterally withdrew in 2002). In 1987, a Russian laser-armed spacecraft, the Polyus/Skif-DM was launched.

Biden’s nuclear comments send shock waves through Northeast Asia

United States President Joe Biden sent shock waves on his first Asian trip by committing to “nuclear deterrence” for the Republic of Korea, wider military exercises and weapon upgrades in a region deemed the engine of global economic growth.

In a joint statement issued by Biden and Yoon Suk-yeol, president of the Republic of Korea, after their meeting on May 21, Biden reaffirmed that the US has extended a deterrence commitment to the ROK “using the full range of US defense capabilities, including nuclear, conventional, and missile defense capabilities”.

“This is the first time that the joint statement stipulates the term ‘nuclear deterrence’,” said Lee Seong-Hyon, visiting scholar of Harvard University’s Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, noting that the inclusion of the term sends a clear message to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

US designates Colombia as major non-NATO ally

US President Joe Biden formally conferred the major non-NATO ally status to Colombia.

"By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 517 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended (22 U.S.C. 2321k) (the "Act"), I hereby designate Colombia as a Major Non-NATO Ally of the United States for the purposes of the Act and the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2751 et seq.)," the Presidential Determination says.

Biden announced his intention to confer the relevant status to Colombia in March of this year.

Chinese delegation walks out in Davos after Zelensky’s speech — CNN

China’s delegation at the World Economic Forum in Davos didn’t applaud after a speech by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and then walked out of the room, CNN reported on Monday, citing Congressman Michael McCaul who is attending the forum.

McCaul showed a picture while on air, which showed China’s representatives sitting down as other people in the room are giving a standing ovation. Afterward, the Congressman said, the Chinese delegation left the room.

On Monday, the Ukrainian president spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos by video link. He reiterated that Ukraine is not ready to make territorial concessions, called for more arms supplies to Ukraine and the participation of Western countries in the rebuilding of the country after the conflict ends.

Henry Kissinger: Ukraine must give Russia territory

Veteran US statesman Henry Kissinger has urged the West to stop trying to inflict a crushing defeat on Russian forces in Ukraine, warning that it would have disastrous consequences for the long term stability of Europe.

The former US secretary of state and architect of the Cold War rapprochement between the US and China told a gathering in Davos that it would be fatal for the West to get swept up in the mood of the moment and forget the proper place of Russia in the European balance of power.

Dr Kissinger said the war must not be allowed to drag on for much longer, and came close to calling on the West to bully Ukraine into accepting negotiations on terms that fall very far short of its current war aims.

Goldman Sachs Research Analyst Shot Dead In NYC Subway

On Sunday morning, a Goldman Sachs research analyst was shot and killed on a New York City subway train.

Daniel Enriquez, who joined Goldman's research division in 2013, was shot in the chest in an unprovoked attack around 11:45 a.m. on the northbound Q as it passed Manhattan Bridge, according to NYT.

The assailant fled when the train pulled into Canal Street.

Sunday's train attack comes a little more than a month after the shooting in April on the N train left nearly two dozen people injured. Confidence in riding public transportation has plummeted as violence soars across the city.

Goldman CEO David Solomon described Enriquez as a "dedicated and beloved" colleague.

"We are devastated by this senseless tragedy and our deepest sympathies are with Dan's family at this difficult time," Solomon said in a statement.

According to NYPost, the family of Enriquez had only one message for Mayor Eric Adams: "Do your job ... Get crime off the streets."

Pfizer Tells Federal Judge that Pfizer Owns the Federal Government and Is thereby Immune to Normal Contract Law

Pfizer affirms that its agreement with Washington under “Other Transaction Authority” permits Pfizer to violate clinical trial regulations and federal laws protecting the public.

In other words, Pfizer has legal authority to commit fraud that kills people.

As I have explained on many occasions, the US government is privatized. It is run by private interests whose representatives are found on the SEC, FDA, EPA, Federal Reserve, and all other regulatory agencies. As George Stigler made clear 60 years ago, the US regulatory agencies are captured by the industries they are supposed to regulate. The power of private interests also comes from the fact that private interests are the financers of political campaigns. Every elected official—House, Senate, President—and every state and local official knows he/she is in office because of the campaign contributions. This means that elected officials are responsible to their donors, not to the voters. The power of private interests was reinforced by the US Supreme Court decision that gave essentially unlimited ability to corporations to purchase government to serve their interests.

[Correspondent’s column] Yoon, don’t go issuing any blank checks to the US

South Korea and the US will be holding a summit on Saturday. This is the fastest a summit has ever been scheduled after a Korean president took office.

This is an important summit, being held amid serious challenges at home and abroad as North Korea speeds up its development of nuclear weapons and missiles, Russia wages war in Ukraine, and the US ratchets up its containment of China.

For Korea, the summit represents an opportunity to strengthen relations with the US, but also presents drawbacks. President Yoon Suk-yeol’s behavior since taking office and the current state of his administration give reason to worry.

First, there’s the experience gap between the two leaders. Yoon, who has no diplomatic experience, will be meeting with the president of the most powerful country in the world a mere 11 days following his inauguration.

NATO partner Colombia to train Ukrainian military on demining

A team of Colombian soldiers will travel to Europe to train their Ukrainian counterparts on de-mining techniques, the South American country’s defense minister said on Monday....

Colombia’s nearly 60 years of internal conflict between the armed forces, leftist rebels, right-wing paramilitaries and drug cartels has made it one of the world’s most-mined countries….

The experts from Colombia, which is a NATO partner, were invited to give the training by the United States, Colombian defense minister Diego Molano said in a statement.

Ukraine, Taiwan: Biden trip designed to recruit S. Korea, Japan into global anti-Russia/China bloc

The White House announced that the South Korea-US summit scheduled for Saturday will take place at a “pivotal moment,” and that the meeting will cover core agendas such as solidifying and strengthening the two countries’ security and economic alliance and bolstering the alliance’s role in the global stage.

Stating that the “powerful message” that Biden’s itinerary in the region will send “will be heard in Beijing,” the White House did not shy away from the fact that underlying these agendas is the US’ strong commitment to holding China in check.

During a Wednesday press briefing in which he went over US President Joe Biden’s scheduled visit to South Korea and Japan, White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan stated that Biden “intends to seize this moment – this pivotal moment – to assert bold and confident American leadership” in the Asia-Pacific region. He stressed that “this will be [Biden’s] first trip as President” to the region after the US president successfully brought about support for Ukraine after the country was invaded by Russia.

Global banks and investment firms secretly prepare for a dangerous upsurge in civil unrest in the US, UK and Europe

Global banks and investment firms are bracing themselves for an “unprecedented” upsurge in civil unrest in the US, UK and Europe as energy and food price spikes are set to drive costs of living to astronomical levels.

The information comes from the head of a ‘financial institutions group’ – which provides expertise and advisory services to other banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions – at one of the largest investment firms in the US.

The senior investment executive, who spoke to Byline Times on condition of anonymity because the information he revealed is considered highly sensitive, said that contingency planners at top financial institutions believe “dangerous levels” of social breakdown in the West are now all but inevitable, and imminent. An outbreak of civil unrest is expected to occur anytime this year, but most likely in the coming months as the impact of the cost of living crisis begins to saturate the lives of “everyone”.

Home Schooling: Here’s What Our Masters Say

Daniel Greenfield, writing at Front Page Magazine, offers this gem:

“Elizabeth Bartholet, the director of Harvard Law’s Child Advocacy Program, described the ‘homeschooling phenomenon’ as a ‘threat’ to society, claiming that conservative parents ‘homeschool because they want to isolate their children from ideas and values central to our democracy’, ‘promote racial segregation and female subservience’, and ‘question science’.”

“Her paper called for a ‘presumptive ban on homeschooling, with the burden on parents to demonstrate justification for permission to homeschool.’ These views are not fringe.”

Of course, this elite Harvard titan, Bartholet, knows which ideas and values are central to our democracy; and the place to drill them into children’s heads is public school.

Which pretty much sums up what public schools are for.

She also has a complete grasp of science in all fields, and she can identify disruptive questions which would lead unsuspecting people down the wrong track.

Appoint her the head of Something Big immediately.

National school union called for Biden to deploy the NATIONAL GUARD to deal with protesting parents

Adraft version of the infamous letter the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent to President Biden likening angry parents to domestic terrorists even asked for the Army National Guard and the military police to be sent in to certain districts.

'We ask that the Army National Guard and its Military Police be deployed to certain school districts and related events where students and school personnel have been subjected to acts and threats of violence,' the draft letter, which was later amended, read, according to an independent review of the letter.

The NSBA originally sent a letter to Biden in September 2021 that requested federal intervention into protesting parents at school board meetings across the country, and requested that their actions be investigated under the Patriot Act as 'domestic terrorism.'

The association represents more than 90,000 school board members in 14,000 public school districts. The review of the NSBA's letter notes that the controversial letter was not authorized by the association's board of directors or executive committee, and only four people within the NSBA had reviewed it before it went out to the White House.

Live: Russia launches all-out assault to encircle twin cities in eastern Ukraine

Exactly three months after Russia began its Ukraine invasion, Russian forces on Tuesday launched an all-out assault to encircle Ukrainian troops in the twin cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk straddling a river in eastern Ukraine. Follow FRANCE 24's liveblog for the latest developments.

Gen. Flynn Exclusive: I Visited the Border and Saw What Biden Is Prepping - Resist We Must, Resist We Will

Immigration is already out-of-control, with 400,000 “getaways” in FY2021 and about 300,000 “getaways” already during the first half of FY2022. Without Title 42 authority, it was estimated “border crossing” will increase from 7,000 per day to 18,000 per day. These numbers are huge — 18,000 migrants per day is more than a half million per month or 6.5 million per year.

The day on which when this mass invasion will begin has been stopped for now — for which we should all be thankful — but the day of reckoning has only been postponed. Over the weekend, I visited the border town Eagle Pass, Texas, and I saw firsthand that the Biden administration is making preparations for a significant upswing in the number of illegals crossing the border.

One of the best signs of this litigation was that it was the result of a joint effort by states with responsible state governors and attorneys-general. The suit was led by Arizona, Missouri and Louisiana, joined by 21 other states, for a total of 24 states asking the court to stop the termination of the Title 24 Order. The states are finally working together against two common threats — uncontrolled migration and the Biden administration itself.

Whoopi Goldberg Ignorantly Tells Archbishop It's 'Not Your Job, Dude,' to Deny Pelosi Communion

Turns out, Whoopi Goldberg can be even more ignorant about religion than she is about “racism.”

The woman who ludicrously claimed the systematic murder of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust simply because of their ethnicity was not a question of “racism” took to national television on Monday’s episode of ABC’s “The View” to declare that the archbishop of San Francisco doesn’t understand how to do his job.

And she was more than willing to give him a few pointers, in defense of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Goldberg was reacting to the news Friday that San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has banned the California Democrat from receiving Holy Communion in her home diocese because of her vociferous public defense of legalized abortion.

US Officer Risked It All Refusing Pentagon Vaccine Order, Navy Board Unanimously Confirmed He Did the Right Thing

A U.S. Navy board delivered a rare rebuke to the Pentagon after finding in favor of a COVID-19 vaccine objector in a unanimous decision that questioned the lawfulness of the vaccine mandate.

The case that came before the Navy’s nine-member administrative separation board struck a blow for members of the U.S. military all across the board and could serve as a precedent — leading to the end of the COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Navy Lt. William Moseley has over 22 years of experience and currently works as a systems test officer on the USS Bunker Hill. He states that he has over 22 years of experience, according to his Linkedin.

Senior Prank Goes Too Far: 'Thousands of Dollars Worth of Damage' as School Closes Down for 2 Days

Part of the appeal of senior pranks is that they walk a very thin line between acceptably edgy and going way too far. Some seniors at Memorial High School in Frisco, Texas, certainly pushed the envelope with their final farewell, and their decision has gotten a lot of negative attention.

According to what Frisco ISD told KDFW-TV, the original, approved senior prank plan involved a lot of sticky notes and a handful of students — but that’s not what happened when the students were let into the school Wednesday night.

Even though school staff was on hand, the students soon got so out of control that backup had to be called in.

“A small group of students from Memorial High School was approved to use Post-it notes on the walls to decorate and place messages around the campus as part of their senior prank last night,” a letter to parents from the school administration read.

“Staff members were on-site to monitor students, but the situation devolved rapidly, and the Frisco Police and Fire Departments became involved. Students vandalized the campus to a point that classes are not able to be held at MHS for the remainder of the week.”

White House Scrambles to Walk Back Biden's Commitment to War

President Joe Biden’s aides tried frantically to walk back Biden’s comments Monday that the United States would intervene militarily if China attacks Taiwan.

“You didn’t want to get involved in the Ukraine conflict militarily for obvious reasons. Are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan, if it comes to that?” a reporter asked Biden during a news conference, according to a White House transcript.

“Yes,” Biden replied.

He added, “That’s the commitment we made. That’s the commitment we made.”

Two GOP senators demand Biden withdraw US from ‘corrupt and inept’ World Health Organization

The Biden administration should withdraw the United States from the “abysmal” World Health Organization (WHO), Republican Sens. Steve Daines of Montana and Tom Cotton of Arkansas told the Biden administration in a letter sent Friday.

Fox News reports that the letter argues the WHO is “corrupt and inept” and exhibited an “abysmal lack of competence” in the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, which “has destroyed the organization’s credibility and undermined the public’s confidence in it.”

“The WHO severely mismanaged the pandemic, failed to get public health information to the world, and willingly promoted misinformation that helped Communist China cover up its responsibility for a global pandemic,” the senators write.

“Pfizer Knew Their Vaccine Would Kill” This Irish News Headline Should Break The Internet!! Please Share Widely!!

Yes… they knew… the data is in their own reports.

At O.N.E. News we have some interesting updates relating to Pfizer… not to be missed… the pieces are there, and the puzzle looks like genocide.

Erdogan says Turkey to launch military operations on its southern borders

Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday Ankara would soon launch new military operations along its southern borders to create 30-km deep safe zones to combat terrorist threats from these regions.

"The main target of these operations will be areas which are centers of attacks to our country and safe zones," Erdogan said, without elaborating.

“Is the US Preparing a Plan to destroy Russia’s Black Sea Fleet”? US Mulls Sending Anti-ship Missiles to Zelensky

It would be really difficult to believe that the United States is not in a proxy war with Russia if reports that it plans to send anti-ship missiles to Ukraine are true.

In fact, the State Department did not exactly deny this exclusive report from Reuters that Washington was readying to share the weapons capability to help “defeat Russia’s naval blockade…amid concerns more powerful weapons that could sink Russian warships would intensify the conflict.”

“As the conflict is changing, so too is our military assistance to deliver the critical capabilities Ukraine needs for today’s fight as Russia’s forces engage in a renewed offensive in eastern Ukraine,” a State spokesperson said on Friday.

The only thing that is being directly denied are assertions by the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs adviser, who tweeted Friday that

“the US is preparing a plan to destroy the [Russian] Black Sea Fleet. The effective work of the Ukrainians on [Russian] warships convinced [the US] to prepare a plan to unblock the [Ukrainian] ports. Deliveries of powerful anti-ship weapons are being discussed.”

Another Orchestrated Health Crisis in the Works? Smallpox Vaccine to Protect against Monkeypox

The corrupt public health officials in the Western world, who are shills for Big Pharma as they share in the profits of the drugs that they approve, are about to inflict on humanity a worst castrophe than the Covid vaccine.

They are considering using smallpox vaccine to protect against monkeypox. The New York Times, dependent as it is on pharmaceutical advertising, will support the next wave of orchestrated “health crisis” in service to vaccination profit.

Although complicit public health officials and Big Pharma will not admit it, many distinguished independent scientists have concluded that the Covid vaccine leaves the vaccinated immunocompromised.

The smallpox vaccine was always dangerous even to those with good immune systems. The result of giving smallpox vaccine to the immunocompromised could be to give them smallpox and thus reinfect the human population with a far more dangerous virus than Covid and monkeyvirus.

The reason public health is threatened is not because of Covid or monkeypox or any other illness.

Air Force Academy grads may have to repay up to $200,000 in tuition after refusing Covid-19 vaccine

Three Air Force Academy cadets may very well have sacrificed their military careers and may have to repay the U.S. government for their education after refusing to get vaccinated for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

While the cadets will receive bachelor’s degrees when they graduate from the Air Force Academy on Wednesday, they will not be commissioned as long as they remain unvaccinated, Lolita Baldor of the Associated Press first reported.

“A decision to reimburse the United States for education costs in lieu of service will be made by the Secretary of the Air Force,” the Air Force Academy announced in a May 21 news release.

While the cost of an Air Force Academy education varies for each cadet, the total cost of tuition can run between $160,000 to $200,000, depending on overseas travel, advanced training experiences, and other factors.

Pressure Mounts on Patel Over Assange Decision

At some point during the next nine days, British Home Secretary Priti Patel will decide whether or not to extradite imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange to the United States to face espionage charges for publishing accurate information revealing U.S. war crimes.

Pressure is building from both sides on the home secretary. Press freedom and human rights organizations, a Nobel laureate, the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner, journalists and Assange supporters have appealed to Patel to let Assange go.

While it would be deemed improper for outside influence to be brought on judges, it would not be fanciful to imagine that behind the scenes Patel is getting the message from the U.S. Department of Justice and possibly from U.S. and U.K. intelligence services about what is expected of her.

The home secretary should know without prodding what the U.S. and British governments want her to do. Patel is a highly-ambitious politician who no doubt will calculate how her decision will impact her career.

Looming food crisis caused by Anti-Russia sanctions, not Moscow’s actions: Kremlin

Sanctions imposed on Moscow are the real cause of a looming global food crisis, not Russia’s actions, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Monday.

He said that Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ opinion that there was a risk of global hunger.

“That is true. But when it comes to grain, the president said that the imposed sanctions and restrictions led to the collapse that we are now witnessing,” Peskov revealed.

The US, the UK, the EU and many other countries imposed hard-hitting sanctions on Russia in response to its military operation in Ukraine. In Guterres’ view, Russia’s offensive in the neighboring country has added to the problems that were already affecting the situation on the food market, namely climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. Guterres pointed out that Moscow should stop blocking the export of food from Ukrainian ports but at the same time made it clear that fertilizers and food products from Russia should be allowed to reach the world markets without obstacles.

Peskov noted that both Russia and Ukraine have always been reliable grain exporters and that Moscow in no way prevents Kiev from exporting grain to Poland by rail. He also emphasized that as the Poles send trains with weapons to Kiev, “No one prevents them from exporting grain back on the same trains.”

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