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US Repositions Troops in Iraq, Preparing for Fight Against Iran

Initially announced weeks ago, the US withdrawal of troops from western Iraq and concentration in the east looks more and more like preparation for another confrontation with neighboring Iran. Recent reports suggest that is one policy being advocated.

On Friday, reports suggested that the Pentagon had been ordered, by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, to start planning to wipe out certain Iraqi militias which they believe are Iranian proxies. Officials say the administration is increasingly divided on the plan.

Lt. Gen. Robert White was very averse to this idea, saying it would require the US bring in thousands of more troops, and divert from existing missions. He also warned it risks starting a war with Iran, which at least some of the proponents consider very much the point.

Indications since then are that the militia in question is likely Kataib Hezbollah, one that the US has repeatedly attacked. The militia has retaliated from past US attacks, and that seems to be putting them on track for endless escalation.

The officials advocating an attack want to present this offensive campaign as “retaliation,” but are leaving other US troops in the area to be targets for further militia retaliation. President Trump has yet to decide if he will approve the attack, but is letting planning continue.

Trump has opposed attacks on Iran recently, believing the world would be critical of the US for starting a fight during the coronavirus. Pompeo and others have argued that the coronavirus may make it impossible for Iran to respond, and give them the opportunity to attack with impunity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump, a word, please!!!

Just a thought, sir; what will the optics look like in November if we wage a full-fledged war against Iran, a war in which Russia has already promised to participate on Iran's side?!?

Iran ‘Won’t Be Alone’ If U.S. Attacks, Russian Official Says

Your problem with your perspective on Iran is, that you can only see its geopolitics through the rather jaundiced and horrifically prejudicial, "vision" of one of your BFFs in the Middle East, specifically, that of one Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu.

And Mr. President, please don't think for a millisecond, that there are not elements of the Israeli government which are, as I type this, conjuring up all kinds of scenarios as the "perfect false flag" with which to "sucker in" the American government to fight Iran, and consequently, Russia.

And sir, if you doubt me for even a second, please re-acquaint yourself with the real history of the USS Liberty incident in 1967:

'But Sir, It’s an American Ship.' 'Never Mind, Hit Her!' When Israel Attacked USS Liberty

With "friends" like this, Mr. President...........?!?!?!?!?!?


It ain't just the USS Liberty.

Ethan Allen and...

They did 911 and they are up to their scrawny necks in the JFK Murder!

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