US Warns Israeli Attacks Interfering With Iran Nuclear Deal | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US Warns Israeli Attacks Interfering With Iran Nuclear Deal

The Biden Administration has sent a message to Israel voicing its displeasure over the recent sabotage attack on Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment site, as well as Israeli “boasting” over their being behind the attack.

The current round of Vienna talks opened concurrently with the Israeli sabotage, and the US says they are worried that Israel will derail these talks with its activities. The US seems interested in distancing itself from the incident.

It seems fair to accuse Israel of trying to sabotage the process, as they’ve been publicly unhappy about the nuclear deal from day one, and the Israeli cabinet is openly worried that the US will make a new deal with Iran.

This split between US and Israeli policies is not new. Israel has had problems with Presidents Obama and Biden in trying to handle Iran in ways other than military hostility and constant threats, and the US wants to be allowed to approach diplomatic ideas unfettered.