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What Are The Best Privacy Coins?

What are privacy coins sometimes also called anonymity enhanced cryptocurrencies (AEC)? They are digital cash alternatives that seek to recreate cash’s anonymity in a world of digital payments.

Why would anyone need privacy or anonymity in their transactions? In today’s world who doesn’t shred their important documents to protect themselves from identity thieves?

Every government, corporation, website, and ecommerce store is collecting more and more metadata on everyone they interact with. All this metadata is sold, bartered and traded so you can be advertised out of your last penny and so your friends, hobbies and patterns can be analyzed to manipulate you in a myriad of ways...

Privacy coins, or (AECs), use different techniques to obfuscate transactions. Some give users the option to use the privacy features or not, while others turn them on for everyone by default. Options can be nice to have, but it can mean half of the transaction is open to public view if you transact with someone not using the privacy features.

A study by Copenhagen Business School concluded that privacy coins are here to stay because they are impossible for governments to regulate...