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"To remove the animosities which have arisen during the late war ... considering our (NYS) loses, the debts we have incurred and our former friendship, it is reasonable that you make to us such a cession of your lands as will aid us in repairing and discharging the same." -- Gov. George Clinton to Haudenosaunee chiefs, 1784



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Sep 23 08:09

Tim Scott Slams Democrats for Walking Away from Police Reform Negotiating Table

After bipartisan negotiations for police reform legislation officially collapsed Wednesday, Republican Senator Tim Scott, who co-spearheaded the talks, slammed his Democratic partners Senator Cory Booker and Representative Karen Bass for surrendering the effort.

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Sep 23 08:07

Americans Invest in Chinese Censorship

In a bombshell announcement this week, Lithuania’s defense ministry announced that people should toss their Chinese cellphones: According to a report by the ministry’s cybersecurity division, devices sold by Xiaomi, a major Chinese smartphone company, are packaged with software that censors 449 phrases about sensitive political topics, including those pertaining to Tibet, Taiwan, and democracy.

Sep 23 07:59

School backtracks after denying students from painting American flag: 'I love my country'

Sep 23 07:59

More of this please (Picture)

Sep 23 07:58

AOC on Defense Budget Cuts

A spirited debate on defense spending broke out on the floor of the House of Representatives this afternoon, as members of Congress closed in on passing the National Defense Authorization Act.

Sep 23 07:57

NSA staff used spy tools on spouses, ex-lovers: watchdog

At least a dozen U.S. National Security Agency employees have been caught using secret government surveillance tools to spy on the emails or phone calls of their current or former spouses and lovers in the past decade, according to the intelligence agency’s internal watchdog.

The practice is known in intelligence world shorthand as “LOVEINT” and was disclosed by the NSA Office of the Inspector General in response to a request by the Senate Judiciary Committee’s top Republican Charles Grassley for a report on abuses of the NSA’s surveillance authority.

In one instance in 2005, a military member of the NSA queried six email addresses of a former American girlfriend - on the first day he obtained access to the data collection system. He later testified that “he wanted to practice on the system” and gained no information as a result of his queries.

Sep 23 07:56

The European Energy Crisis Is About To Go Global

It was only a matter of time, really. In a globalized world, energy crunches can hardly remain regionally contained for very long, especially in a context of damaged supply chains and a rush to cut investment in fossil fuels. The energy crunch that began in Europe earlier this month may now be on its way to America. For now, all is well with one of the world's top gas producers. U.S. gas exporters have enjoyed a solid increase in demand from Asia and Europe as the recovery in economic activity pushed demand for electricity higher. According to a recent Financial Times report, there is a veritable bidding war for U.S. cargos of liquefied natural gas between Asian and European buyers—and the Asians are winning.

Sep 23 07:56

The Federal Reserve is getting ready to roll back its massive stimulus

The Federal Reserve isn't ready to take its foot off the stimulus gas pedal just yet, but that soon might change.

If the economic recovery continues to progress as expected, the Fed "judges that a moderation in the pace of asset purchases may soon be warranted," according to the bank's policy update published Wednesday.

This raises the prospects of a November announcement that it will step on the brakes. But even if such a move was delayed until December or January, it wouldn't matter much to markets, which have already priced in a policy change, said Seema Shah, chief strategist at Principal Global Investors, in emailed comments.

The Fed could also lift interest rates as early as next year, according to updated projections, as opposed to waiting until 2023 as previous forecasts called for.

Sep 23 07:55

Cracks found on the International Space Station are a 'fairly serious issue,' a former NASA astronaut says

Cracks are appearing on the International Space Station, and retired NASA astronaut Bill Shepherd says they're a "fairly serious issue."

After Russian cosmonauts spotted the cracks on the station's Zarya module, Vladimir Solovyov, flight director of the Russian segment of the ISS, publicly revealed the discovery in August. The cracks don't pose a danger to astronauts at this time, NASA says, and the agency told Insider last month that nobody had identified "new potential leak sites" on the station.

But in a House committee hearing on Tuesday, Shepherd told Congressional representatives that "there are probably other cracks we haven't found yet."

"As far as I know, the Russian engineers and the NASA engineers — they've analyzed it — they don't exactly understand why these cracks are appearing now," Shepherd said.

Sep 23 07:52

Beyond The Official Narrative with Richard Kary, September 21, 2021

Richard is once again joined by guest Jayant Bhandari. Jayant is a globetrotting institutional investment consultant, who has amassed extensive international experience in the mining and natural resource sector. Apart from his investment insights, he has published numerous interesting analyses on political, cultural and social issues, while he also runs a yearly seminar in Vancouver, “Capitalism & Morality”.

Sep 23 07:50

Biden Has Fallen And He Can't Get Up, New Poll Shows

Iowa is not the swing state it once was. In the time since the Obama-Biden ticket carried it by six points in 2012, Iowa has developed to be in a sharply Republican direction.

Trump won it twice. Republican Sen. Joni Ernst replaced longtime liberal Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin, then won reelection by a remarkable margin in 2020. Democrats lost their toe-hold in government with a continuous collapse in the state Senate last decade, therefore turning Iowa into a Republican trifecta state. They failed to overcome the governor's mansion in the Democratic wave year of 2018, and no Democrat has been elected governor since one-termer Chet Culver won in 2006.

Although three out of the seven elected statewide line officers are still Democrats, two of those (the 77-year-old attorney general and the treasurer, who turns 70 later this year) have held office since the Carter and Reagan administrations each. They are remainders, not the party's future.

Sep 23 07:50

Nicola Sturgeon accused of 'de-facto decriminalisation' of drugs in Scotland as police are told people with heroin, crystal meth and crack cocaine should be let off with a warning

Scotland effectively decriminalised drugs yesterday in a major shake-up of policing.

Officers will now be advised to issue only a ‘recorded police warning’ to anyone they catch in possession of illicit substances, including Class A heroin and cocaine.

SNP ministers were accused of ‘waving the white flag’ and of forcing the change through by the ‘back door’.

Sep 23 07:49

Tulsi Is Back & On The Attack, Demands Joe Be Held Accountable

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), formerly a candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, emphasized the value of accountability about the U.S. departure from Afghanistan and a drone strike in the midst of that departure that killed seven children in an interview with FNC’s Tucker Carlson that aired on Monday.

Gabbard claimed that a bigger part of the problem was the policy objective, which included nation-building that never completely had the help of the people in Afghanistan.

Sep 23 07:48

Internet users stressed out by cyberattack news: Kaspersky

A new Kaspersky survey found that internet users in the US and Canada increasingly believe the internet is stressful. The findings coincided with a more general increase in internet usage due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In its "Dealing with a new normal in our digital reality" report, Kaspersky researchers found that almost 70% of the 2,500 consumers surveyed said they find news about data breaches to be stressful.

Sep 23 07:48

Project Veritas - PART 2: FDA Official 'Blow Dart African Americans' & Wants 'Nazi Germany Registry' for Unvaccinated

Sep 23 07:34

Where Is the Democratic Agenda Headed?

We are at the outset of what promises to be a frenzied and confusing fall on Capitol Hill, with a lot on the table and a lot of posturing over every part of it. No one can say with any confidence quite where things are headed; I certainly can’t. But here are five observations about what seems more and less likely and why, for what they are worth.

Sep 23 07:33

Crazy how much ketamine they put in drinks these days (Picture)

Webmaster addition: More about ketamine HERE!

Sep 23 07:33

Detroit Police Chief Leads Whitmer by Six Points in New Michigan Gubernatorial Poll

Former Detroit police-chief-turned-GOP candidate James Craig leads incumbent governor Gretchen Whitmer by six points in a recent Michigan gubernatorial poll.

Sep 23 07:32

Y'all serfs (Picture)

Sep 23 07:31

FBI Director Says Afghanistan Could Become Terrorist Sanctuary after U.S. Withdrawal

During a hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee, FBI director Christopher Wray expressed the fear that Afghanistan could transform into a terrorist sanctuary now that U.S. military withdrawal has left a power vacuum.

Sep 23 07:31

Someday Soon! Fed Does Nothing But Signals That Tapering Would Begin “Soon” As In 2022

Sep 23 07:30

The World Might Soon Wake Up to a Far-Left Government in Germany

The clock is ticking down on political campaigns in Germany, as the general elections are scheduled for September 26. In a little over a week, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reign comes to an end after 16 years.

Sep 23 07:29

Here’s An Epic Reminder On How The Mainstream Media Attempted To SMEAR The NY Post For Breaking The Hunter Biden Laptop Story

We all know how bad the mainstream media in our country is. Last year, we saw it ourselves when the New York Post released their Hunter Biden laptop bombshell in October, just weeks before the election, only to have it utterly rejected by the mainstream media, which was determined to remove President Trump out of the White House.

As previously reported, the laptop has been authenticated as real by a journalist reporting about Joe Biden, according to Politico. Hunter’s email from a Ukrainian businessman thanking him for introducing him to his father, Daddy Joe, was also real. Of course, we all knew that already, and that in and of itself demonstrates how bad the media in this country is.

Drew Holden wrote an incredible Twitter thread today, reminding everyone just how terrible the smear campaign against the NY Post article was.

Sep 23 07:26

Australian Police Attempt To BAN Reporters From Covering Their Violent Attacks On Anti Lockdown Protesters

Police in Australia have attempted to prevent journalists from reporting the anti-lockdown demonstrations.

On Wednesday, Victoria police announced a no-fly zone over the city center, suggesting that media video would provide demonstrators with intelligence that would allow them to avoid the cops. This, obviously, has nothing to do with the cops being caught on film beating and indiscriminately firing rubber bullets at demonstrators.

Sep 23 07:25

Harvard researcher says vaccine passports are unscientific and unethical

The website medRviv has stirred up some controversy by publishing a report suggesting that natural immunity may provide a stronger defense against the Delta variant of COVID-19 than vaccines do.

In reaction to this research, Harvard Medical School statistician Martin Kulldorff questioned how effective vaccine passports are in general — and he goes so far as to say that they may be unscientific and discriminatory. A “vaccine passport,” for the record, is the unofficial way we describe any proof of vaccination as required by some states, countries, and event organizers for incoming travelers and guests.

Sep 23 07:24

WATCH: Australian Police Fire Rubber Bullets at Citizens Protesting Their INSANE Covid Lockdowns

Australian police actually fired rubber bullets at protesters in Melbourne to break up a COVID protest over the country’s totalitarian restrictions:

Sep 23 07:23

A Solution to Lebanon’s Economic Crisis

After 13 months in limbo, Lebanon finally formed a government on September 10. It is led by Najib Mikati, a billionaire and veteran politician. As prime minister, Mikati faces the daunting task of bringing Lebanon’s economy back from the dead.

Sep 23 07:23

'A Cascade of Calamities': Rubio Says What We All Know About Biden

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced that the Biden administration’s announcements on coronavirus booster shots were “political” remarks from an administration that declared it wouldn’t politicize the virus and science and prophesied that there will be a coronavirus surge in other states as the Biden administration limits effective antibody treatments.

Rubio stated, “This was all produced out of the White House. They wanted to show — remember, these were the guys that were saying, I’m not going to politicize COVID, we’re not going to politicize the vaccine and the science. Those pronouncements out of the White House about an additional booster shot was a political statement.”

Sep 23 07:22

Eurasia Takes Shape: How the SCO Just Flipped the World Order

The two defining moments of the historic 20th anniversary Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Dushanbe, Tajikistan had to come from the keynote speeches of – who else – the leaders of the Russia-China strategic partnership.

Xi Jinping: “Today we will launch procedures to admit Iran as a full member of the SCO.”

Vladimir Putin: “I would like to highlight the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed today between the SCO Secretariat and the Eurasian Economic Commission. It is clearly designed to further Russia’s idea of establishing a Greater Eurasia Partnership covering the SCO, the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union), ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and China’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI).”

In short, over the weekend, Iran was enshrined in its rightful, prime Eurasian role, and all Eurasian integration paths converged toward a new global geopolitical – and geoeconomic – paradigm, with a sonic boom bound to echo for the rest of the century.

Sep 23 07:22

Pennsylvania University Threatens to Punish Students for Misusing Classmates’ Pronouns

Point Park University in Pennsylvania has placed students on warning, saying in an email that “action could be taken” if they do not respect their classmates’ preferred pronouns.

Sep 23 07:21

Racial Differences in One Sentence: Courtesy of Black/Brown Shooters, More Children Have Been Shot in 2021 Chicago Than Have Died of COVID-19 Across the Entire USA

It’s not exactly a secret gun violence in Chicago is almost exclusively committed by non-whites. The Chicago Police Department put out their last murder analysis in 2011, showing only 3.5 percent of the suspects in homicide were white. We have no idea the racial breakdown for non-fatal shooting suspects, but it’s clear the bulk of those are committed by non-whites.

It’s also established Chicago is 33 percent white, a fact helping show just how few homicides and non-fatal shootings involve a white shooter.

All of this helps us understand and put into perspective the shocking data coming out of Chicago in 2021 when you compare minors (almost all non-white) shot in Chicago versus the total number of minors who have died of COVID from across the entire nation.

Sep 23 07:21

Out of Control Black Violence: US Crime Data Estimates Show Murder Rate Is At 25 Year High

The New York Times is looking to get ahead of next Monday’s scheduled release of FBI national crime data, which is expected to show a historic spike in murders largely driven by systematically emboldened black criminals.

The anti-racist policies that have created these conditions, including criminal justice reform, have enjoyed bipartisan support from US elites based on narratives amplified by the New York Times. As the 2022 midterms approach, Republicans plan to change their tune on the issue and use it to deal the Democrats an electoral blow.

According to estimates by the Times, homicides per 100,000 jumped from 5 in 2019 to 6.1 in 2020, a year-over-year record rise and the highest the murder rate has been since 1998.

So far in 2021, homicides have risen further compared to 2020 by 10% to about 6.7 according to the paper. The streets of America are more dangerous today than they were in 1997 (6.5). At the same time, the US incarceration rate is at its lowest since 1995.

Sep 23 07:20

Entire January 6 Investigation Unmasked

Sep 23 07:20

South Carolina Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds Confederate Monument Protection Law

The South Carolina Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a state law prohibiting anyone from moving a Confederate monument or changing the historical name of a street or building without the Legislature’s approval.

Sep 23 07:17

Biden Admin Is Releasing Haitian Illegals Into US Without Even Giving Them Court Dates To Appear

Yesterday we called out the Biden administration for lying about rapidly deporting the Haitian illegals camped out in Del Rio, Texas, and instead releasing thousands of them into the United States.

Now we have learned that the Biden administration is so desperate to get rid of the spectacle of the Haitian illegal refugee camp that they aren’t even giving them a court date before releasing them into the US:

Sep 23 07:08

America the amazing! (Picture)

Sep 23 07:07

Tucker Carlson: “How completely out of control is the situation at our southern border?” [Video]

In his opening commentary, Tucker Carlson took on the chaos at America’s southern border to say that the situation at the border is completely unsustainable.

Sep 23 07:05

Still true (Picture)

Sep 23 07:05

Biden Admin Suspends Border Agents on Horseback Who Were Doing Their Job — Preventing Illegal Aliens from Entering US

The Biden Administration suspended US horseback border patrol agents who were preventing illegal aliens from entering the US this week.

Sep 23 07:02

Gutfeld Blasts Media, Dems for Pushing The Big Lie That Border Agents Are Whipping Illegals [Video]

Greg Gutfeld has done a great job of calling out the media and politicians for jumping on the lie that border agents are whipping illegals. The leftist media, including one race-baiting PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor, pushed the narrative during a White House press briefing, and Jen Psaki ran with it

Sep 23 07:00

Isn't It Ironic? Biden Going After Putin For This Hypocrisy

The Biden administration released a statement Monday condemning the Russian elections that saw Vladimir Putin's regime retain their hold on power.

A surveillance video emerged showing ballot box stuffing occurring in the Russian election. Multiple videos and photos allegedly showing ballot fraud have made their way out of Russia since Friday.

The State Department issued a statement; "September 17-19 Duma elections in the Russian Federation took place under conditions not conducive to free and fair proceedings."

Opponents of Putin's United Russia party insisted that there was "mass fraud" during Monday's election, Reuters reported. United Russia won a parliamentary by a margin much bigger than anticipated.

Sep 23 06:59

Testing The Law: Texas Abortion Doc Boasts Of Abortions He Did After 'Heartbeat' Bill

A Texas doctor who publicly acknowledged he performed an abortion was sued on Monday in state court by two different plaintiffs, handing Texas the first tests of its new abortion law.

The Texas law bans abortions after about six weeks of gestation when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, and it deputizes private citizens to sue anyone they believe may have aided such a procedure and collect $10,000. Under the law, the restriction can only be enforced through private lawsuits.

The new law went into effect Sept. 1.

Sep 23 06:59

CNN Clown Gives Advice About What NOT To Do With Your Life

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Sep 23 06:51

WATCH: Harris Faulkner Interrupts Biden’s Speech About “Vaccinating the World” to Ask When 1.3 Million Illegals He Let In Will Be Vaccinated

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner cut into Joe Biden’s speech (video below) for ignoring the border “disaster” during his announcement that the U.S. will vaccinate people worldwide:

Sep 23 06:50

No Laughing Matter: Fauci Backs Forced Mandates For Schools

With the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine for young children expected to become available in the coming months, some school officials are turning their attention to possible state or federal vaccine mandates for their students.

Pfizer announced it planned to apply for approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a COVID-19 vaccine for children aged between five and 11 years old in early October. The FDA has said children in clinical trials testing vaccines should be monitored for at least two months for any sign of side effects, suggesting that the agency is considering a quicker path to authorize the shot for emergency use than full approval.

Educators and school personnel in Illinois from kindergarten through college are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit to weekly testing. This is in addition to the statewide mask mandate announced by Gov. J.B. Pritzker earlier in August.

Sep 23 06:50

Without a Border Wall, Texas Gov Abbott Uses Unusual Method to Block Illegals

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is doing something different to block illegals. Without a wall at the border, law enforcement has created a “steel barrier” of SUVs to block illegals from entering the U.S.

Sep 23 06:49

George W. Bush Confronted by Iraq War Veteran in Beverly Hills

Sep 23 06:48

Bad News for Dems: Peter Doocy Fact Checks Whether Biden Has EVER Been to the Border [Video]

Fox News’ Peter Doocy reported, “we cannot find any record” of President Joe Biden ever visiting the border, during a segment on “Your World” with Neil Cavuto. This comes after Jen Psaki claimed to be clueless about whether Biden has ever been to the border.

Sep 23 06:47

“Ghost Guns”: The Government Desperately Wants to Ban 3D Printed Guns

Congress is trying to ban 3-D printed guns, and chances are ghost gun bans are just the start of a very slippery slope that could turn a LOT of folks into felons overnight.

Sep 23 06:45


Sep 23 06:45

House Dems remove Iron Dome funding from spending bill amid pressure from progressives

House Democrats removed funding for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system from the short-term government spending bill yesterday, in what activists hailed as “an unprecedented moment for Palestinian rights.” The move came in response to pressure from progressive Congress members.

Sep 23 06:44

Former State Department chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson says Israel will be “gone” in 20 years

Retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson is the former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell who emerged as a leading critic of the neoconservatives. In remarks to Mass Peace Action last June, he made some bracing assertions about Israel that I just saw the other day:

Israel won’t exist as a state in 20 years because it is delegitimizing itself as an apartheid state.

Israel is a “strategic liability of the first order” for the United States and is “the most likely state in the world to take the United States to Armageddon.”

The U.S. ought to tell Israel now to “change swiftly” or it will cease to fund and protect Israel, but the U.S. will not do so.

The neoconservative agenda in the Middle East was “to set the Levant on fire, to keep Israel’s enemies so at one anothers’ throats” that they could not give Israel trouble.

Sep 23 06:44

‘NYT’ glorifies an Israeli war crime, with reporting by AIPAC’s friend Bergman

Here we go again. The New York Times just ran a long, gee-whiz article about an Israeli war crime — the murder of an Iranian scientist inside Iran last year– penned by its Israeli security expert, Ronen Bergman. “The Scientist and the A.I.-Assisted Remote-Control Killing Machine“, by Ronen Bergman and Farnaz Fassihi is filled with awe-inspiring details of the methods Israel employed to kill Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a top Iranian nuclear scientist, at the wheel of his car outside Tehran last November 27.

The killing was of course an act of war, and one aimed at destroying the Iran deal for good in the last weeks of the Trump administration. The European Union condemned the killing at the time: “This is a criminal act and runs counter to the principle of respect for human rights the EU stands for.”

Sep 23 06:42

Tucker: Why would Biden do this to his own country?

Sep 23 06:34

Reuters and BBC Caught Taking Money for Propaganda Campaign

Operation Mockingbird,1,2 publicly revealed during a 1975 Congressional hearing, was a clandestine CIA media infiltration campaign launched in 1948 under the Office of Special Projects.3

The CIA reportedly spent $1 billion a year (about one-third of its entire budget4) on under-the-table bribes to hundreds of American journalists who in return published fake stories at the CIA’s request. CIA-recruited journalists worked in most major news organizations, including CBS News, Time, Life, Newsweek and The New York Times, just to name a few.5 Later on, the campaign expanded to include foreign media as well.

Sep 23 06:34

Russian and US general staff chiefs hold meeting in Finland

Russian Armed Forces’ Chief of the General Staff, First Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov and Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Mark Milley discussed some issues of mutual interest, in particular, mitigating the risk of incidents during military activities at a meeting in Finland, the Russian Defense Ministry stated on Wednesday.

"During the meeting, the top brass addressed issues of mutual interest, including reducing the risk of incidents during military activities. The meeting was constructive," the ministry noted.

According to the defense ministry, the meeting took place today at the Finnish government’s Koningstedt residence in Vantaa, 40 kilometers north of the Finnish capital.