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Over 80 Houthis Killed in Yemen’s Maarib in 48 Hours

Yemeni military officials are claiming that they’ve killed more than 80 Houthis in the Maarib Province over the past two days, as the Houthis tried to step up their offensive and the pro-Saudi forces stepped up their own attacks on them.

Intense fighting, artillery fire, and 43 airstrikes were reported, with official statements that 81 dead Houthis were counted. They also reported destroying a lot of equipment.

The Saudis had reported 43 Houthis killed Tuesday, with no casualties on the pro-Saudi side. There is no word on casualties from today’s intense fighting, beyond the overall body count of Houthis.

The pro-Saudi side controls Maarib, mostly, but the Houthis have contested it since February. Fighting often spills over to Bayda Province, neighboring to the south. The Houthis control Bayda, but whichever side has an advantage in Maarib often tries to extend the fighting down there to try to expand momentum