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Never Again Is Happening Now

The similarities are stunning. Any student of history can see the distressing resemblance between what is now taking place in New York City and what transpired in cities occupied by the Nazis. While we are not yet sending people to gas chambers, we are being reduced to guinea pigs for an untested vaccine that could potentially harm us. Solid medical research supports this claim, as does the evidence of hundreds of thousands of victims, who suffered vaccine-related injuries after submitting to the COVID jab.

Alarmingly, the proposed vaccine passport is a further step towards tyranny. Does “Where are your papers?” (Krakow, ca.1938) ring a bell? A two-tiered society is emerging and those who simply want to exercise their right to medical choice are being smeared as “others.” This is how the Nazis successfully executed their heinous plan. By vilifying and dehumanizing, they fostered a culture where neighbors turned on one another. Irresistible social pressure is now pervasive, as our own President actually blames the unvaccinated for perpetuating the pandemic.