Assad ?urse Strikes Again: Dutch Official Embarrassed | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Assad ?urse Strikes Again: Dutch Official Embarrassed

"President Assad of Syria should be put on trial at the International Criminal Court", Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders publicly stated in 2016. He now may face charges from ICC himself, since it's been revealed he supported terrorists in Syria.

Many western officials have declared that president Bashar al-Assad should be removed from power. But Assad is still the president of Syria and many of those who have called for his removal and even have tried to overthrow his government were removed from political power themselves. And so one day a meme popped up on social media, that immediately went viral, entitled the "Assad must go curse", or simply the "Assad curse". The meme is made up of pictures of western leaders among whom Hillary Clinton, David Cameron and Theresa May exclaiming "Assad must go!", followed by a picture of Assad asking 'Who must go?" and closing with a picture of Assad laughing and his opponents looking dismayed, because he is still sitting there and they have just stepped down.