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No End to Illegal US Sanctions War on Iran

Last week, militantly hostile to Iran Pompeo said the following:

The Trump regime is “clear about our expectations (and) goals (sic).”

“We (demand that) the Islamic Republic of Iran behave like a normal nation (sic).”

“We’re happy to engage in conversations with them when the time is right (sic)…”

“(C)onditions that suggest somehow we give a bunch of money to the Iranians so they can foment terror around the world is simply ludicrous (sic).”

“It’s just not how (the Trump regime) behaves (sic).”

Fact: Intentions of both right wings of the US one-party state are crystal clear — seeking dominance over planet earth, its resources and populations by whatever it takes to achieve its objectives, war by hot and other means its favored strategies.

Fact: Even-handed US engagement with other nations was long ago abandoned. Demanding subservience to its interests replaced it.

Fact: Far and away, the US is the world’s leading proliferator of state terror, falsely blaming other nations for the highest of high crimes committed against them.

Fact: Iran is the region’s leading proponent of peace, stability, and mutual cooperation with other countries — notions the US rejects.

After countless unlawful rounds of unilaterally imposed sanctions on Iran, the US continues piling on more.

The latest ones target legitimate Iranian maritime operations engaged in international trade — beginning with five Iranian vessels that legally transported fuel and additives (alkylate) to Venezuela.

According to Trump’s Treasury Department, over 100 Iranian vessels and transport companies are being (unlawfully) sanctioned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, to this administration, hard-won, moral negotiations are a completely unknown process with which their members don't want to wrap their brains around, and this administration's actions may put us head-to-head with Russia and China if we invade Iran.

Mr. President; a war against Iran is a really horrific idea; should Russia and China get involved, we may be looking at putting this world into a state which is unrecoverable, due to potential nuclear exchanges.