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Little-known U.S. firm secures deal for Syrian oil

An American company has inked a contract with Kurdish authorities in northeastern Syria to develop and export the region’s crude oil under a secretive deal approved by the U.S. government months after President Donald Trump announced he was leaving U.S. troops to “secure the oil,” multiple people familiar with the project told POLITICO.

The agreement reached by a little-known firm helmed by politically connected former military and diplomatic officials has already angered the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, which does not recognize the Kurdish authorities as autonomous. The Syrian Foreign Minister called the deal illegal and said it is aimed at “stealing” Syria’s crude.

The deal advances a longtime U.S. goal to help the Syrian Kurds, which have been staunch U.S. allies in the fight against the Islamic terrorist group, to strengthen their position in the region, where they face not just Assad's brutal regime but also the Turkish government -- and provide new means to help address the desperate needs of civilians that have been caught in the Syrian civil war.