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Only 44% Of High Schoolers Submitted SAT Or ACT Exams Last Year

Remember how important the SATs were as a kid? It was almost like your entire future - and certainly your chances of getting into college - revolved around the standardized test.

But today, the test doesn't hold the clamor and clout that it once did. In fact, during 2020, only 44% of high schoolers submitted SAT or ACT exams with their college application, down from 77% the year prior, according to Bloomberg. A Kaplan survey of 400 college admissions officers found that only 9% were requiring standardized tests this year.

Schools are suspending requiring the testing because of the pandemic - and while students love it, some counselors worry it could "add to growing inequality" in higher education.

This worry is a product of wealthier kids being able to "game" the other requirements looked at while applying to school. As we saw firsthand from the college admissions scandal, wealthy students can often give the appearance of being involved in all sorts of extracurricular activities when, in fact, they may not be doing all, or any, of them.