Turkey space programme to launch from Somalia to cost over $1bn | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Turkey space programme to launch from Somalia to cost over $1bn

Turkey's plans for its own space programme will cost over $1 billion and will begin with a rocket being launched from a site in Somalia, it has been revealed. It is hoped that it will culminate in a shuttle craft being used to conduct scientific research.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan released a timetable for the country's recently-announced space programme last week. A hard landing on the moon is planned for 2023 using a locally-produced hybrid rocket on the anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic. By 2028, it is hoped to be able to make a soft moon landing.

The official Turkish Space Agency (TUA) has an annual budget of just over $40 million, which Turkey's opposition pointed out was insufficient for the ambitious project. According to Middle East Eye, which cited a Turkish source close to the government, the entire programme is to be coordinated by the TUA, hence the low budget. The expected cost of at least $1 billion will be funded "through different government entities, such as state-owned major defence industry companies." The anonymous source added that, "The defence ministry itself will also make [funding] allocations."