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'Syria missile' lands near Israeli military nuclear facility Dimona

The Israeli military says a Syrian missile fired towards an Israeli warplane has overflown its target, landing near the occupying regime’s top-secret military nuclear facility Dimona.

An Israeli military spokesman cited by Reuters said the projectile had come down in the early hours of Thursday in the Dimona area in the Negev desert inside the occupying territories, where the regime operates the hugely controversial installation.

The spokesman identified the missile as “an SA-5” -- a long-range projectile handled by Syria’s Russian S-200 missile systems.

The missile, however, “did not hit the reactor, landing some 30 kilometers (19 miles) away,” the agency cited the spokesman as saying.

According to the Israeli military, missile sirens went off in the area, and a Reuters correspondent, who was about 90 kilometers (56 miles) north of Dimona, reported hearing the sound of an explosion minutes before the military tweeted that the alarms had gone off.

Israeli and Western media outlets soon began to speculate about Iran’s possible involvement in the incident.