Canada Reveals It Paid White Helmets $4 Million Annually After It Cuts Ties | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Canada Reveals It Paid White Helmets $4 Million Annually After It Cuts Ties

In another stunning revelation concerning the self-styled "independent" Syrian rescue and aid organization the White Helmets, Canada this week revealed that it has ended all funding for the controversial group yet without detailing why.

A bombshell new report in The Globe and Mail says only that the government of Canada, dubbed "one of the staunchest backers of the White Helmets", ended support "shortly after the death of the group’s British co-founder, James Le Mesurier, who committed suicide in November, 2019."

Le Mesurier had been mired in scandal and was subject of an in investigation over possible mishandling of donations which poured in from various Western governments and humanitarian groups. His suicide took place in murky circumstances: he was found dead reportedly from a fall on the street below the upstairs window of his apartment in Istanbul's Beyoglu district on November 11, 2019.

The White Helmets had also been caught on many occasions embedding with al-Qaeda in Syria and essentially served as their rescue arm (or "the Islamic State's fire brigade" as ISIS kidnap victim John Cantlie once observed), while refusing to work in government areas despite claiming they are a 'neutral' NGO.

But the reality all along was that this 'humanitarian rescue group' was a Western government-backed operation which served as an extension of the same external powers' drive to overthrow Assad via covert support to jihadists on the ground.