US, Turkey Continue Depredations in Syria | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US, Turkey Continue Depredations in Syria

Over the past twenty-four hours the Syrian press is replete with accounts of ongoing American, Turkish and associated attacks on the country both military and economic.

One news story is of a meeting between the ministers of water resources of Syria and Iraq, Tammam Ra’ad and Mehdi Rashid al-Hamdani, respectively, discussing Turkey’s diverting or outright pilfering water from the Euphrates ad Tigris Rivers. For several weeks the Syrian hydroelectric and agricultural sectors have suffered substantial damage from the theft.

In their video conversation the Iraqi minister lamented the effect the Turkish actions has had on the citizens of his country. His Syrian counterpart spoke of measures taken by his nation to work with friendly governments and international organizations to address and redress their concerns.

Syrian Arab News Agency reported yet further incidents of what were identified as U.S. occupation forces looting Syrian grain and oil and transporting both to northern Iraq. One convoy of 27 vehicles, including Hummers and armored vehicles – that is, a military escort – was spotted, including trucks loaded with wheat and tankers with oil.