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Why You Should Disable ‘Amazon Sidewalk’ on All Devices Before June 8

On June 8, Amazon will activate Amazon Sidewalk, a mass wireless sharing network. Users of all Amazon smart devices will be automatically enrolled, without consent, unless they opt out by disabling the network settings.

Amazon Sidewalk will connect all Amazon devices, such as Alexa, Echo speakers and Ring security cameras — including tile trackers, Ring spotlight and floodlight cameras, smart lights and smart locks — to a local “mesh wireless network.” For a complete list of devices that will be activated, review Amazon’s FAQ.

The Amazon Sidewalk network will allow shared internet use up to within about a half-mile radius of the Amazon device. In effect, this network is part of the creation of “smart cities.” The more devices connected, the stronger the network will become, according to Amazon.

“Amazon is marketing the network with the slogan, ‘A stronger network,’ but this network does not serve the best interest of people,” said Dafna Tachover, director of the Children’s Health Defense 5G and wireless harms project. “Amazon Sidewalk serves the interests of Amazon and other greedy corporations.”