Turkey Exports Striker Armored Vehicles for the First Time – To Kosovo | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Turkey Exports Striker Armored Vehicles for the First Time – To Kosovo

According to local new sources Turkey has exported its armored combat vehicle Vuran (Striker) for the first time: to Kosovo.

Turkey’s Anadolu Agency said the pseudo-government of Kosovo will be the first foreign recipient of the 4×4 multi-purpose armored vehicle. Wikipedia, though, says that Libya has also purchased the vehicle from Turkey. Both Kosovo and the nation it was part of in 1999, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and Libya in 2011 were bombed relentlessly and mercilessly by NATO ostensibly in the name of “humanitarian intervention.” As was predicted by some, the main beneficiary of both wars has been the Turkish military.

Although Turkey enthusiastically supported the 78-day war against Yugoslavia, an on-the-ground article in The Irish Times reported shortly after NATO and its cutthroat Kosovo Liberation Army cohorts took over the Serbian province that the Turkish government was forced to evacuate ethnic Turks to Turkey for fear of them falling victim to Kosovo Liberation Army depredations. Similarly, Israel flew the small Jewish community in the Kosovo capital of Pristina to Tel Aviv. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Serbs, Gorans, Roma, Ashkali, Egyptians, Turks and Jews were terrorized into fleeing Kosovo, if they weren’t brutally murdered first. The humanitarian bomber/cruise missile Left brigades lost interest in Kosovo after NATO and the KLA “delivered it from genocide” and have never bothered to concern themselves with the above horrors.