Starting on college campuses, pro-lifers will be canceled next | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Starting on college campuses, pro-lifers will be canceled next

“Cancel culture” is a fixture of today’s society, claiming activists and heterodox professors as its victims. Now, we can expect our national institutions to cancel pro-lifers next.

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Established institutions have been pressured into deplatforming right-wing figures and conservatives. As the Washington Examiner's Robert Schmad wrote this week, high-profile conservatives have been banned from payment processors, and the New York Times has called on banks to stop abetting sales of firearms.

Nowhere is “cancel culture” more visible than on America’s activist breeding ground, also known as the university campus. College professors on all sides of the political spectrum have been the target of vitriolic left-wing crusades.

At my university, law school professor William Jacobson was denounced by students and his own colleagues for publishing two articles, one on the founding narrative of Black Lives Matter and another criticizing rioting and looting.