Labelling Anti-Lockdown Protestors "Anarchists" Is Wrong: Law Professor | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Labelling Anti-Lockdown Protestors "Anarchists" Is Wrong: Law Professor

One law professor says describing protestors as “anarchists” is incorrect, and instead, the thousands-strong rallies on the weekend was a “reminder” to political leaders that they were accountable to the public, not just health officials.

On July 24, thousands of people took the streets of Sydney and Melbourne as part of the “World Wide Rally for Freedom” event, many of whom were protesting against government restrictions and lockdowns in response to COVID-19.

While previous rallies had garnered just a few hundred attendees, the weekend protest saw the numbers spike dramatically.

“Many people who are suffering under the current restrictions have been driven to protest on the streets because there are few other ways for them to be heard,” Peter Kurti, director of the Culture, Prosperity and Civil Society Program at the Centre for Independent Studies said.

“There may well have been conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers in the crowd, together with those looking for a fight. But the majority of people seem to have been protesting to highlight the enormous costs—financial, emotional, and social—imposed by the lockdown,” he told The Epoch Times.