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‘Afghan Roulette’ UK, France Accidentally Evacuate Security Risk Individuals

The French government admitted on Monday that it has repatriated an Afghani man and his four relatives despite being aware of intelligence that he was connected to the Taliban, with similar security failures witnessed in the UK.

As nations across Europe grapple with increased security concerns over the evacuation of asylum seekers from Afghanistan following President Joe Biden’s disastrous military withdrawal from the country, the French government has been accused of helping the Taliban establish a “fifth column” in the nation.

On Monday, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin admitted: “Even if this person greatly assisted in the evacuation of the French embassy, ??we believe that he may be linked to the Taliban.”

The leader of the populist right-wing National Rally (RN) Marine Le Pen, who is challenging President Emmanuel Macron in next year’s election, wrote: “The “duty” of welcoming France takes a back seat when the security of the French is threatened. This imperative makes sense [to everyone] except for the Government!”