I've always been a bully, since as long as I can remember.

Bullying gets a lot of bad press in our world of late.

It wasn't always so, but these humanitarian schmucks have the floor and the gavel with so much wrong in the world, and so many complaining about it all the time.

But no one knows what to do about anything anymore.

And the number of people screaming to be bullied is skyrocketing.

It's too bad. Because a lot of what is wrong in the world could be very quickly cured with just a little well-placed bullying.

Pick your targets well, friends. Like Hank Paulson.

Jesus Christ. People think George W. Bush is an unsympathetic figure.

Holy shit, the thrashing that could be given to Hank Paulson shouldn't end for the rest of his life. You want to see a scared little boy run, terrified, as fast as he can until he either runs into something or stumbles, caught, cornered, tears streaming from his red cheeks. Get the little bastard.

I'm writing today about Lori Drew though, the 49 year old, sadistic and frustrated fat, old, mad cow who went on MySpace and pretended to be a teenage boy in her cyber liaisons with teenage girls, one with which she had some part in encouraging to kill herself.

I was a teenage boy once. I loved the girls. I loved the boys too, but in a different, rougher way.

I was never a 13 year old teenage girl as was Lori Drew's victim.

But I do know how wonderful life is at that age, if it is just a bit mixed up.

But I still well enough remember how to bully.

And this Lori Drew, Lord have mercy!

When they get this old, fat, sadistic, dike bitch in prison, if not before they get her broad, clumsy, stoney ass in prison, she's going to learn there is always someone tougher, meaner and more broomhandle sadistic than whomever your smart-assed ego thinks you are, Little Girl.