Reason enough for blind-rage rampages to become very common. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Reason enough for blind-rage rampages to become very common.

The events of the past weeks beginning with the massive bailouts of Wall Street banks by the Treasury Department are beginning to wear a raw hole in the psyche of the American public.

And it is not now going too far to say the hubris of the government is reason enough to justify a rash of violent, blind-rage, outbreaks, attacks upon all bodies of authority in this country.

Momma, don't let your son grow up and be a soldier, a politician, a government worker or a cop, because the hazards are drastically increasing due to a big decline in government prestige, if you could still call it "prestige".

Does Robert Mugabe have prestige? Whatever that is that Robert Mugabe has, that's it. And you don't want it.

The government has simply overshot its mark in trying to tackle the economic problem and appease those Wall Street bankers, and now just as obscenely, the gutted and corrupt U.S. auto-manufacturers who haven't made a car worth buying in many decades.

700 billion dollars is not chump change. For it, based upon the wildly bizarre assertions of the Treasury Secretary, Americans should have seen the economy about face and provide jobs at least for anyone who would work for wages at the poverty level.

But there aren't any jobs.

That is why liquidity don't mean jack-shit.

Poverty level jobs are not asking much. The 2008 Health and Human Services poverty guidelines suggest a single person making $10,400 is at the threshold of poverty in this country.

That equates to making roughly minimum wage working full time. God bless Health & Human Services. They hit the nail on the head for all of us.

In the meantime the Treasury Department has been pissing away trillions into the banks trying to keep some of those hot-shots employed making incomes that equate to part time employment with bonuses ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred or many thousands of times the yearly earnings of the tens of millions of Americans who make just barely above minimum wage, and more so, the many tens of millions of Americans who are looking for work right now knowing there isn't even a minimum wage job out there that they could hold down.

Some Mexican is doing it and not complaining about the working conditions either.

Enter the mobsters representing the auto companies.

That's not too harsh is it, to call these Detroit thugs that are protection-racketing Capitol Hill mobsters? Is it?

Everyone up on Capitol Hill recently testifying on behalf of the auto industry bailout has been emphasizing that bankruptcy is not an option. That's like declaring no one in or around Detroit has a navel.

It makes for a great story to say, if the Detroit auto makers fail, the end of the world is on the horizon.

But has anyone seen what Detroit looks like right now?

Detroit has looked like that for more than a dozen years. It's a place where if one of those giant meteors were to go meterorite, Detroit would be the best place for it to land. It wouldn't harm a soul.

Metropolitan Detroit all the way west out to Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills is the drug and murder capital of the greater Midwest. And it has been for decades, because the Michigan intelligencia has an inferiority complex and a chip on its shoulder as big as The Kirk in the Hills.

Hey, Michigan-kids! The east coast intelligencia you feel so inferior to produced Barack Obama. Get over it. The man is a moron who cannot spell "cat" in a race. And Ted Kennedy, in fact all the Kennedys, are all just Irish Boston mobsters.

And here's the latest, Caroline Kennedy is going to get Hillary Clinton's Senate seat. Barack likes the idea! Woo hoo! Barack likes the idea! At least her seat won't have to be de-loused at government expense.

There's nothing all the incestuous Kennedys haven't already contracted. Can you say, Shriver?

In essense these bailout racketeers are all arguing, the American taxpayers have to toss a 34 billion dollar initial payment into the cage for the auto industry to preserve a scant few hundred thousand auto manufacturing jobs that pay the equivalent of $70 an hour and up, a load of make-work design jobs that pay much more to the "engineers" that design all that crap like Hummers and Escolades and Escorts, a few thousand white collar jobs that mostly employ 9-5 whores in secretarial positions who go down swallowing hard for the management at Ford, Chrysler and General Motors for their pay, so common stock and preferred stock shareholders of the Detroit auto companies will see a perk in the stock share prices and will continue to receive a dividend that mostly benefits again Wall Street, and so that all the non-competitive-bid suppliers that supply the poorly manufactured and even more-poorly engineered parts that go into U.S. auto manufacturer vehicles can stay in business a while longer creating death at any speed for the American consumer that hasn't ever owned a real car.

Give me a break.

In the mean time, the government has arranged to import "skilled" workers from overseas who cannot speak a word of English without an accent that challenges coherence, to take jobs from Americans who cannot afford to go to college and put up with the crap being fostered there like it is really worth all the rote learning.

You ought to learn how to shoot a gun. That's something worth learning. That's going to become very useful, not like what they are teaching in college these days.

Nope, Obama has a big Harvard education, and the guy is just about unintelligible, and, uh... And, uh... I wouldn't have paid twenty cents for the education Barack Obama got in his college years.

Face it. He is unethical, a sure sign of a Harvard education. Obama has lied his way into a position he shouldn't be in. This is his BIG LIE.

Obama is too obviously is not a natural born American. If he was, he'd have cleared up the problem long ago.

Do any of you know what Nigeria is known for? Holy shit! Somebody tell them.

The man, Obama, is simply an ignorant swindler, a forger, like all his Nigerian countrymen. Obama is a shock and awe extortionist. That's simply hard-wired into the genetic makeup of his Nigerian heritage.

Oh, he tries hard enough. And he connects with the vast majority of Americans who are just as ignorant as he is. They buy Fords!

Well, bury me in a Lincoln, Barack!

It's too obvious already, the Obama Presidency is going to set records that will preserve a place in history for the fiend who signed off on the 9-11 false flag attack, created the Crusade Against Muslim Oil that has killed millions in the Middle East, doomed many millions more to live in the fatally polluted surroundings created by American DU, and for that president who dumped trillions onto Wall Street over eight years through the PPT in an effort to hide the economic truth from Americans and the world.

Barack Obama is laying plans that by comparison will preserve a prestigious place in history for George W. Bush that will get the presidential mass murderer a Washington D.C. monument, if my guess is right.

I see something big in granite and marble, with long legs, and a face with eyes set close together as is the common appearance of lots of mass murderers.

Nope, Obama will make George W. Bush look like an Alexander Hamilton, or Give 'em Hell Harry Truman when the two are compared in history.

Obama has never had an original idea in his life.

Watching this guy is like watching Al Gore or Bill Clinton try and use a hammer to drive home a nail. He hasn't a clue. He's using George W. Bush as his role model in the presidency.

"And, uh... uh, and... We'll just keep doing what the President was doing when we came in here. Boy, he left fast! Uh, and, we're not trespassing in here are we, Michelle?"

Americans, blue collar Americans with guns, unemployed and highly revved with testosterone are going to start shooting up the place momentarily.

Mark my words here. Mark my words and, start thinking about bullet proof glass for your house and your Ford.