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My Presidential campaign begins..

Yesterday i painted my 1886 honda red, white, and blue. The day before I made some clown shoes out of on old pair of crocks.. I put on a red rubber nose on them they are fun to wear...plenty of fun

Tonight i believe i can upload "waterboard dick cheney " an mp3 audio file.. It's a first cut.. I am playing everything you hear.. this is what I sound like..all by myself..It is difficult for me to post it on least for me.

How about this.. if I can upload it onto facebook.. I will give you a U.R.L.

today.. I went to the city hall, and found out that in public parks in Port Angeles Washington... You, or I can play amplified music.. electric guitars in public... down town in front of the City's Liberty bell.

This is where my presidential campaign will begin..

I will take no donations from corporations.. The U.S. government is a corporation.

And no money from nonprofit corporations.. in times of civil emergency they have sworn to back the governments stand..

Let's talk about real tax reform ..In My Mind..

government workers, and people who work for companies that do more than one half of their business subcontracting government services.. ..should not be able to vote.

The reason being that they always vote for their own paycheck.. if their pensions were threatened.. They would sell the whole country down the hole..

I am really pissed at the ruling classes.. for giving the non government worker the burden of paying a Quadrillion dollar debt that they put on our non government worker shoulders. All government workers live off of our backs..thru taxes.

Think of the the hundred, or thousands of people getting government checks that Knew about 9/11..

We non government workers.. the ones who pay for it all were betrayed by High Government Paygrades..Admirals, Generals, Air Traffic controllers..Senators and congressmen.

By the way .."our congressmen and senators".. almost all belong to satanic cults disguised as secret societies.. All of them are Zionists.. a foreign ideology..that is diametrically opposite of`our Constitution..

I smell treason in high places.