Apr 10 09:21

New Jersey Second Amendment Update, Human Rights Still Under Partial Lock Downs

It has been an unprecedented time the last several weeks, as NJ officials have tried to use Coronavirus as an excuse to shut down the Second Amendment. Here’s an update on the big picture of where everything stands...

Apr 10 09:14

'She's a slave of capitalism': Angry mother blasts stranger who called her daughter, 19, a 'hero' for working at a fast food chain during the pandemic - revealing her child is 'terrified'(7 Pics)

A Texas mother has furiously denied remarks that her daughter is a 'hero' for working at a fast food restaurant during the pandemic, countering that she has no choice and is really a 'slave of capitalism.'

Apr 10 09:13

'You've just ruined our fricking day!': Moment covidiot couple moan about being moved on by police as they have beach BARBECUE during lockdown

Two sunbathers who were caught flouting the government's lockdown rules to enjoy a barbecue on the beach amid the coronavirus pandemic complained that the police had 'ruined their day'.

Apr 10 09:13

US F-22 stealth fighter jets intercept Russian patrol aircraft near Alaska as NORAD general says they 'wanted to see if we were able to react' amid the coronavirus pandemic

US F-22 fighter jets have intercepted two Russian IL-38 aircraft entering the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone, as officials say 'they wanted to see if we are able to react' amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Apr 10 09:09

STAY HOME (Picture)

Apr 10 09:03

Coronavirus killing more Americans on a daily basis than heart disease and cancer

COVID-19, the disease caused by the fast-spreading novel coronavirus, is killing more Americans on a daily basis than any other health problem – including cancer and heart disease.

Apr 10 09:01

HOMETOWN HELPERS: Cleaning woman at NYC’s One World Trade Center takes great pride in her work at Freedom Tower-turned-ghost town during coronavirus pandemic

Magdelena Ostrowska feels a surge of pride each morning when she walks into work at One World Trade Center.
The 102-story tower remains eerily silent as she takes the elevator to the 64th floor, where she cleans and disinfects the elevator banks — one of the three vacant floors under her watch.

Apr 10 08:56

Moment civilian passenger, 64, is accidentally EJECTED from a French fighter jet when he panicked during 'observation flight' that he was 'pressured into doing' by colleagues

A civilian passenger accidentally ejected himself from a French fighter jet when he panicked during an 'observation' flight he was 'pressured' into.
The 64-year-old French defence manufacturer was gifted a discovery flight on a twin-seat Rafale B fighter jet as a surprise by four colleagues.

Apr 10 08:55

Now that's underground parking! Gardener is left stunned after digging up an ENTIRE 1950s Ford Popular car that had been buried underneath his lawn(6 Pics)

A gardener has made an incredible discovery after finding a car buried in his garden.
John Brayshaw, 40, was passing time in the garden at his home in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire before stumbling across what appeared to be a Ford Popular.

Apr 10 08:50

Florida Man (Picture)

Apr 10 08:50

I’m Pi**ed.(Picture)

Apr 10 08:46

Manhattan judge tells woman coronavirus pandemic spared her from jail

A Manhattan judge told an accused serial shoplifter Wednesday that if it wasn’t for coronavirus, she’d be spending the night in jail.

Apr 10 08:45

SEE IT: BBC anchor flames suggestion that ‘fighters’ overcome coronavirus

More like British Burn Corporation.
BBC news anchor Emily Maitlis flamed the U.K. government Wednesday for suggesting that coronavirus patients with warrior attitudes can overcome the illness.

Apr 10 08:44

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci running damage control for Pirbright Institute

This guy has got to go! He and Bill Gates should be indicted for this scam that has destroyed the jobs,hopes and dreams of millions of Americans.

CDC propagandist Anthony S. Fauci, MD received major funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—who also funded the Coronavirus patent holder The Pirbright Institute (UK)

Facui just recently received $100 million grant from Gates.

Apr 10 08:40

Anti-vax black plague (Picture)

Apr 10 08:39

Dr. Fauci Has a Major Conflict of Interest

Turns out Dr. Fauci is part of the Gates Foundation who is in the process of investing in and eventually profiting off of coronavirus vaccinations. Is this not a huge conflict of interests? Given his position in the vaccine business, isn't it in his best interest to avoid normalcy, avoid defeating the disease until a vaccine is ready? Do the American people deserve to know his exact involvement and how much he's being paid by Bill Gates?

In my opinion, Trump should immediately remove Dr. Fauci from his position.

Apr 10 08:38

He Did It Again! Dr. Fauci Gives A Wave To CNN's Jim Acosta After His Attacks On Trump At White House Presser (VIDEO)

Earlier this week ABC hack Jon Karl was caught saluting Dr. Anthony Fauci as he was leaving the stage at the daily WH presser.

Apr 10 08:38

New Trump Campaign Ad Hits Biden Hard For His Record On Appeasing China (VIDEO)

The Trump campaign on Thursday unveiled a new ad hitting Joe Biden hard for his record on appeasing China.
Joe Biden constantly praises the ChiComs because his crackhead son Hunter is financially tied with China.

Apr 10 08:38

Chicago woman, 27, is shot dead while waiting in line outside a 7-11 while social distancing during the city's deadliest day of gun violence in two years

A Chicago woman has been shot dead while social distancing outside a 7-Eleven store, as a spate of homicides sees the city record its deadliest day of violence in two years.
Alexandria Baute, 27, was gunned down Tuesday night as she lined up outside the convenience store in Chicago's Logan Square area, according to authorities.

Apr 10 08:37

Judge refuses to release prisoners from Chicago's Cook County jail - the worst coronavirus hotspot in the US - as inmates plea for help from cell windows

A federal judge has refused to release inmates from Chicago's Cook County jail despite the fact that it is now the cluster of coronavirus cases in the United States.

Apr 10 08:37

Fox & Friends host Jedediah Bila becomes the latest TV anchor to test positive for coronavirus but says she's 'on the mend' while quarantined at home

Fox & Friends host Jedediah Bila has become the latest TV anchor to test positive for coronavirus but says she is 'on the mend' while quarantining at home.
Bila, 41, announced that she and her husband are both recovering from the deadly virus in a social media post on Thursday afternoon.

Apr 10 08:37

Gloves Education (Picture)

Apr 10 08:36

Dr. Fauci lowers estimated U.S. coronavirus death toll to 60,000: ‘What we are doing is working’

The Trump administration’s top infectious disease expert lowered his U.S. coronavirus death toll estimate from upward of 240,000 to 60,000 on Thursday, offering a glimmer of hope in the pandemic darkness.

Apr 10 08:36

Anti-Gun Bureaucrats Put Good People in Danger to Push for Corona-Gun-Control ~ VIDEO

Although the corona crisis has caused many people to come together and show their compassion for their fellow man, it has simultaneously brought out the worst in others. With America on lock down, domestic violence on the rise and some states letting criminals out of prison, some state officials are using executive orders to prevent good people from defending themselves.

Apr 10 08:33

Most sports fans won’t attend games before coronavirus vaccine is available: poll

Sports commissioners from all leagues have been scrambling to come up with some kind of plan to get back to playing games after the coronavirus pandemic halted their seasons last month. But at least according to one poll, most fans won’t feel comfortable attending games until the final step in fighting the pandemic is completed.

Apr 10 08:33

The Invisible Hand of Capitalism

Apr 10 08:31

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer, sent to solitary confinement

President Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen has been thrown into solitary confinement because he got into an argument with another federal inmate, his attorney said Thursday.

Apr 10 08:27

Shocking moment huge brawl erupts between Popeyes staff and customers in store closed because of the coronavirus pandemic

Chaos ensued at a Virginia-area Popeyes after at least two employees got into a heated brawl with customers that left one man's shirt torn at the seams during the coronavirus shutdown.

Apr 10 08:26

EXCLUSIVE: More than 60% of nurses working on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis say they are on the verge of QUITTING their jobs due to 21-day work weeks, mask shortages and being treated as 'expendable', shocking survey reveals

Three in five nurses - many working on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis - are considering quitting their hospitals – and one in 30 already have, a shocking new survey has revealed.

Apr 10 08:26

Marine Who Served In Afghanistan Is Murdered In Chicago After Gang Pushes Him In Front Of Train

Retired Marine Mamadou Balde who served in Afghanistan was murdered in Chicago on Tuesday night after a gang pushed him in front of a train.

Apr 10 08:25

Bus passengers step over unconscious man after he is stomped by attacker in brutal ambush in LA caught on video

Bus passengers stepped over an unconscious victim after a thug launched a vicious attack and knocked him out in Los Angeles.
Footage shows the suspect waiting outside the back door of the bus which had parked for passengers to disembark near the 5000 block of Exposition Boulevard in south LA.

Apr 10 08:25

Inside the mysterious Wuhan virus lab: Rare pictures show scientists dressed like astronauts studying deadly pathogens in controversial institute(13 Pics)

A set of rare pictures have shown how Chinese scientists carried out studies in spacesuit-like uniforms at a virus laboratory that has sparked startling theories amid coronavirus pandemic.

Apr 10 08:25

Jeff Bezos shows his face (behind a mask) to his stressed-out troops: Amazon CEO tours a warehouse and a Whole Foods after a spate of angry walk outs over working conditions and sickness amid the pandemic(10 Pics)

Jeff Bezos has thanked staff at an Amazon warehouse and a Whole Foods in Dallas after spate of strikes and sick-outs over working conditions during the pandemic.

Apr 10 08:24

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese company is charging American medical suppliers more than FOUR TIMES the normal price for necessary masks

A Chinese company is charging American medical suppliers more than four times the normal price for medical masks, while US hospitals resort to begging locals to donate theirs.

Apr 10 08:20

Cuomo says ‘breathtaking’ new record 799 New Yorkers die in day — warns against underestimating pandemic

Gov. Cuomo said a “breathtaking” record 799 people died in New York state from coronavirus in one day Thursday and warned against underestimating the killer pandemic.

Apr 10 08:20

Federal Debt Tops $24 Trillion for First Time; GAO: ‘The Current Federal Fiscal Path is Unsustainable’

The debt of the federal government topped $24 trillion for the first time on Tuesday, when it climbed from $23,917,212,663,857.59 to $24,011,523,316,653.36, according to data released by the Treasury Department. -- On Wednesday, it continued climbing, ascending to $24,111,832,049,884.90.

Apr 10 08:18

Goddamn Anti-Vaxxers (Picture)

Apr 10 08:18

Coronavirus takes life of Moe the Butcher, 95, a Little Italy legend

Legendary Little Italy meat merchant Moe the Butcher, whose family-run shop on Elizabeth Street has served customers for generations, died of coronavirus-complications just a week shy of his 96th birthday.

Apr 10 08:17

Illinois Dad Uses Fists, 2A To Valiantly Fight Off Intruders Holding His Family at Gunpoint

It is often repeated by Second Amendment proponents because it is true: “Bad guys with guns can only be stopped by good guys with guns.”

Apr 10 08:16

Weeks After Throwing World into Pandemic, China Given Seat on UN Human Rights Council Panel

China continues to escape blame for its role in unleashing a pandemic on the world, a deadly outbreak that was fostered from the very beginning by that nation’s lies and deceit.

Apr 10 08:15

The charts that should give New York hope: ICU and hospital admissions continue to fall - even as deaths still rise - as Cuomo raises prospect of getting people back to work with antibody tests

New York hit new lows in the number of hospitalizations and new ICU admissions due to coronavirus on Wednesday, suggesting the tide is finally turning in the state's battle against the pandemic.
While deaths hit a new high of 799 in 24 hours and cases rose by 10,621, the number of new hospitalizations fell to just 200 - the lowest since the 'nightmare' began, Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

Apr 10 08:15

WTH? California Governor Newsom Continues To Describe California As A "Nation-State" In Interviews (VIDEO)

In several recent interviews Governor Gavin Newsome continues to describe California as a nation-state.
This is a typical tactic of the left when their is a successful Republican in charge.

Apr 10 08:14

Teenager says coronavirus test is like 'being stabbed in the brain' as her viral video shows a swab being forced through the back of her nostril

A teenager described the coronavirus test like 'being stabbed in the brain' as her viral video shows a testing swab being forced several inches into her nostril.
Shelby, from Utah, went to a drive-thru testing centre in the US and posted footage of her experience on Tik Tok which has since amassed millions of views.

Apr 10 08:14

Towering sight: The incredible 1,200ft-tall needle-shaped rock that rises out of snake-infested jungle on a Lost World island

When it comes to inconceivable natural sights, this takes some beating.
Behold Pico Cao Grande, a 1,200ft-tall snake-infested needle-shaped rock that rises out of snake-infested jungle on the Lost World-style island of São Tomé off the west coast of Africa.

Apr 10 08:13

Gold Soars Along With Everything Else As Fed Ends Capital Markets As We Know Them

As we noted earlier, The Fed's actions this morning mean "free markets are dead."

Guggenheim's Scott Minerd summed up exactly what The Fed has done with its actions today:

"The Fed has made it clear that it will not tolerate prudent and responsible investing."

Bloomberg's Garfield Reynolds was quick to note, the global business environment is being transformed - we are all socialists now.

This is about more than just the failure of earnings estimates to keep up with the virus impact - investors need to disregard projections that an end to the crisis will restore the pre-outbreak status quo.

Decades of pushing government out of business are being reversed in mere weeks, with policy makers telling companies where, how and if they should operate - whether they can pay dividends, buy back stock or fire employees.

In other words, governments are almost fully taking over free markets, with the profit principle dethroned as the key business driver.

Apr 10 08:12

Dear Karen...(7 Pics)

Apr 10 08:10

NYC burials on Hart Island increase; coronavirus victims will soon be among them

Coronavirus victims will haunt New York’s island of the dead as the city struggles to deal with the pandemic that has taken thousand of lives.
Hart Island, the city’s public cemetery on Long Island Sound, has seen a drastic increase in burials in recent weeks as at least 4,778 New Yorkers have died from coronavirus.

Apr 10 08:09

Pentagon Warns Of New Coronavirus 'Breakouts' Aboard USS Nimitz Supercarrier

After a disastrous couple of weeks for the US Navy which not only saw a nuclear aircraft carrier be diverted from its mission over coronavirus aboard the ship, but witnessed an embarrassing public spat over the dismissal of the USS Theodore Roosevelt's Captain Brett Crozier, itself leading to the resignation of Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly, an outbreak may have struck another major carrier crew.

On Thursday the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Hyten warned of a new coronavirus outbreak aboard the USS Nimitz nuclear supercarrier at a moment the vessel is scheduled for deployment to the Pacific region.

"There's been a very small number of breakouts on the Nimitz, and we're watching that very closely," Gen. Hyten said during a Pentagon briefing, indicating the sailors had "been isolated on the ship."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To all the families and friends of those sailors dealing with this illness, prayers, and hopes that the military will mange this as intelligently as humanly possible, both in terms of treatment of those affected, and how information about this outbreak aboard the Nimitz is handled.

Apr 10 08:07

Genderless fashion label Private Policy launches initiative to raise money for shelter serving homeless LGBTQ kids in New York

A New York-based fashion label is helping to raise money for a shelter serving homeless LGBTQ youth.

Apr 10 08:02

Essential (Cartoon)

Apr 10 08:02

War-Torn Yemen Confirms First COVID-19 Case, Official Says Brace For 'Millions'

Throughout five years of war Yemen has been considered by the UN and health agencies to be the 'world's worst humanitarian disaster' — but few Americans have heard much about the war or its over 100,000 dead, including tens of thousands of civilians, given that it's the US-Saudi coalition doing the bombing.

But now Yemen is about to rip back into the headlines, given the first confirmed COVID-19 case in the country, with health officials fearing "one million" could be infected if the outbreak takes hold in the war-torn country.

This as already some 25 million civilians are in dire need of humanitarian aid, including basic food, medicines, and other staples. The Saudis have essentially imposed a complete land, sea and air blockade of the country for years. Its health system also long ago collapsed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As I type this, there was a news flash in the Presstitute Non-Media from yesterday which got nearly zero traction, and the headline read: Saudi royals hit by COVID-19; King, Crown Prince in isolation. Any infected staff members will now be treated at a less elite hospital to save room for royals.

Please remember; Saudi royalty will be treated brilliantly, and their staffs, at least well, and with any and everything known to help them recover, and ease their suffering.

But once this gets hold of the Yemeni population, the Yemeni people, suffering from underlying medical conditions as malnutrition; cholera; and with infants; children; women and the medically fragile elderly maimed for life by US/Saudi bombing sorties, and God knows what else, thanks to the US/Saudi blockade, Yemenis will die by the thousands from this new scourge.

I would truly love to be a citizen of a country which does not, as a matter of national course and policy, commit war crimes; unfortunately, Mike and I are both too broke, and too old, to make that happen at this time.

But having said this, I want to make something very clear to both the present, and future, US administrations; the moment you start committing war crimes around the world in our names, and with our tax dollars, this site will, in the most peaceful, logical, and most documented manner, will call you out on it, for both our brother and sister Americans, and all the world to see.

Apr 10 08:02

U.S. headed for “unprecedented housing crisis” as mass evictions loom

And while Congress doesn’t have as much leverage over landlords as it does the banks that sell mortgages, it could, for example, provide more funding to rental assistance programs to make sure every family who qualifies for housing aid can actually get it. -- If action isn’t taken soon, they warn that our country could see a huge outbreak of homelessness and all the negative problems that come with it.

Apr 10 07:59

Doting letters, donations raise eyebrows over Dr. Fauci’s devotion to Hillary Clinton

Fauci is the one who advised Trump we shut the entire country down and throw everybody out of work. Turns out he is a Hillary Clinton Minion! Time for him to Prison!

Apr 10 07:44

Poor kid...(Picture)

Apr 10 07:42


Apr 10 07:42

Beach house owners off the coast of North Carolina SUE the Outer Banks so they can get to their vacation homes during the coronavirus pandemic after cops blocked the only two bridges onto the barrier islands

A group of North Carolina property owners have filed a federal lawsuit against local officials who have blocked them from accessing their second homes on the barrier islands of the Outer Banks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Apr 10 07:42

BARR: "No Basis" For FBI's Crossfire Hurricane Investigation... More Concerning is a 'Whole Pattern of Events to Sabotage the Presidency' (VIDEO)

US Attorney General Bill Barr told Fox News host Laura Ingraham there was ‘no basis’ for the FBI’s ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ investigation into then-candidate Donald Trump.

Apr 10 07:41

Tucker Carlson: Could Joe Biden Find His Car In A Three-Tiered Parking Garage? (VIDEO)

Many people are concerned about Joe Biden’s mental acuity.
It’s a valid reason for concern. Every time Biden opens his mouth, he struggles to keep a train of thought and his words sound scrambled.

Apr 10 07:41

Violent Felon Released From Rikers Island Over Coronavirus. He Was Just Arrested Again.

Law enforcement officials say that a violent felon who had been released from Rikers Island due to the coronavirus outbreak in the prison has been arrested again for allegedly robbing a bank.

Apr 10 07:41

Joe Biden demands the federal government release full racial data on coronavirus' impact because the pandemic has put a spotlight on 'structural racism'

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is joining a growing call for the release of comprehensive racial data on the coronavirus pandemic, which he says has put a spotlight on inequity and the impact of 'structural racism.'

Apr 10 07:30

NATO in Arms to “Fight Coronavirus”

The 30 NATO foreign ministers (Luigi Di Maio for Italy), met on April 2 by videoconference, and instructed US general Tod Wolters, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, to “coordinate the necessary military support to fight the coronavirus crisis”.

Apr 10 07:29

COVID-19 New Zealand (Picture)

Apr 10 07:29

Coronavirus: Europe Can Go “the Italian Way”?

The results of the carelessness of the political elite is evident. To date, the United States leads in the number of infected people of 400,000. This is largely because of the inconsistency in the measures taken by the White House, where U.S. President Donald Trump even had the arrogance to announce that lockdowns and normalcy will return to normal after Western Easter.

Apr 10 07:28

Fast food and diabetes: Tips and options

People with diabetes need to follow a healthful diet to manage their blood sugar levels. Fast food is often highly processed, and this can have a negative impact on health.

Apr 10 07:21

Quarantine Info Dump (28 Pics)

Apr 10 07:11

Are doctors HARMING patients by ventilating them too soon? As 80% of NYC coronavirus patients on ventilators die - and doctors search for other ways to help them breathe

At least 80 percent of coronavirus patients in New York City who have been put on a ventilator have died.
As health officials around the world push to get more ventilators to treat patients, some doctors are moving away from using the breathing machines when they can.

Apr 10 06:56

Wuhan rent protest shows unrest brewing in China after lockdown

Dozens of small shop owners protested outside one of Wuhan’s biggest shopping malls to demand a cut in rent, in one of the first signs of unrest since authorities lifted a lockdown at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

Apr 10 06:56

Trump Admin Moves To ‘Revoke And Terminate’ China-Owned Telecom Firm From Operating In U.S.

Multiple federal executive branch agencies announced on Thursday that they have unanimously recommended to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that it “revoke and terminate” a Chinese state-owned telecom service provider’s ability to operate in the United States.

Apr 10 06:56

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Floats Bizarre Conspiracy Theory: White House Inflated Death Projections So Trump Can ‘Take A Victory Lap’

This week, the Trump administration lowered the number of projected COVID-19 deaths to approximately 60,000, a far cry from the original death count of 100,000 to 200,000. According to MSNBC host Chris Hayes, the original projections may have been a conspiratorial ploy to make President Trump look like a hero.

Apr 10 06:56

House GOP Leader McCarthy Blasts Democrats' 'Disgusting' Demands in New Coronavirus Bill

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pilloried Senate Democrats on Thursday for blocking yet another piece of emergency coronavirus relief legislation.

Apr 10 06:35

More than 240,000 Chinese companies declare bankruptcy in the first two months of 2020

All Chinese businesses, large and small, have struggled since COVID-19 emerged at the beginning of this year, forcing stores, restaurants, and factories to cut down on hours or completely shutter. While the full economic impact of the outbreak on China’s economy is still uncertain, popular business writer Wú Xi?ob? ??? detailed in a recent report that about 247,000 Chinese companies declared bankruptcy in the first two months of 2020.

Apr 10 06:35

Rush Limbaugh: ‘No Way’ Social Distancing To Credit For Low Death Toll, The Model ‘Data Is Bad’

On Thursday, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said the American people are “owed” an “explanation” concerning the continuously revised model projections, which were revised down for the second time in two weeks on Wednesday to an estimated 60,000 coronavirus-associated deaths.

Apr 10 06:35

Coronavirus leaves at least 10% of America's workforce unemployed: 6.6 million file new claims in one week, bringing three-week jobless total to 16.8 million(12 Pics)

The coronavirus outbreak has thrown at least 16.8 million Americans out of work in just three weeks as the coronavirus outbreak continues to tear through the country, bringing the economy to a near standstill.
A record 6.6 million new claims for unemployment benefits were filed last week, according to the latest Labor Department figures released on Thursday.

Apr 10 06:35

Coronavirus suspected in death of Harlem 'cult’ leader whose church required 20% tithes

The leader of a Harlem separatist group whose church used 20% tithes to bilk members out of millions of dollars has died, according to his lawyer and followers.

Apr 10 06:34

Former GOP Rep. Ron Paul calls on Trump to fire top coronavirus adivsor Fauci because 'he's a fraud, doesn't give good information and is trying to have total control over the people'

Ron Paul called on President Donald Trump's administration Thursday to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top coronavirus advisor, after he lowered the nation's death estimates for the coronavirus.

Apr 10 06:34

Cops Raid Church Service, Ticket Elderly Worshipers. Defiant Pastor Says 'Get Some More Tickets Ready'

A shocking daylight raid of a church service attended by many elderly congregants was turned on its head by a defiant pastor who refuses to be bullied by the government.

Apr 10 06:34

Op-Ed: Calling Abortion "Essential" Is a Deceitful Sleight of Hand

They established the Constitution on “essential principles only … permanent and unalterable,” that have peremptory force, remain self-executing and cannot be abrogated by positivist laws seeking superficial “[accommodation] to time and events.”