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This company owns the world (and it's our fault) - BlackRock


Guess how $9 Trillion materialized out of nowhere?


Enough to own significant chunks of the world’s largest banks and businesses? While the government can’t find another $1200 to give you?

My hunch would be narco funds.

One of the rare tell-all books that I read of the narco business, (not in English) describes how the dope gangs had so much money coming in, they had to rent houses and other buildings simply to have a place where to warehouse physical cash, wall to wall.

It’s not hard to imagine from this scenario the cartel bosses coming together one day and saying: “The heck with this cash warehousing business in buildings. And paying a ransom to banks just to launder fully good cash. So we can invest it in Pfizer or CNN. We’ll just create two humongous ‘management funds’ with our narco cash. Neither will ask one damn peep where the money is coming from, because both will be *us*. And we’ll toss a few million to Washington too just so they keep any police off our backs.”

And they did!