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The FBI is Out of Control


Ya think ?

michael mazur

Not just the FBI, here in Australia we have the AFP, which likely now costs AUD$5Bn pa, which invents things to do to justify their budget.

Over the last 20yrs every few months some young fool has been arrested on terrorism charges, which is nothing more than conversations via social media over several months with someone in the Middle East presenting himself likewise a believer in jihad.

All of which is recorded and transcribed, and then when the file is fat, the young fool is raided, taken away, likely facing 20yrs prison after a farce of a trial. The AFP have once again 'saved' Australia from 'terrorism', when all that needed doing was having a quiet conversation months earlier, making it clear to him that every word is being recorded.

The young fool does not know that the ME guy he's planning jihad with
is likely a Israeli.

The AFP - mischiefmakers, like the FBI, needs defunding.

michael mazur