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Israel’s ‘change government’ means the oppression of Palestinians is set to get a whole lot WORSE

Israel’s on the cusp of seeing a new coalition government that’s been dubbed the “change bloc”. If that conjures notions of progress, think again.

In any case, the potential new prime minister is Naftali Bennett, who will rotate the executive seat with Yair Lapid, who leads a so-called “centrist” party.

Bennett, a former protégé of Netanyahu, is a hardline pro-settler who openly calls for the expansion of illegal occupation and the annexation of Palestinian land. His cabinet will be packed with far-right politicians such as Avigdor Lieberman, who will hold power in the key ministries. Under Bennett, therefore, the Israeli government will hold the same contempt for the so-called two-state solution that American administrations have nominally advocated for Palestinian statehood alongside Israel. That means further encroachment and evictions for already hard-pressed Palestinian communities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Those evictions under Netanyahu – which are illegal under international law – led to the eruption of violence last month, when more than 250 Palestinians, including 66 children, were killed during 11 days of Israeli bombardment of the Gaza coastal enclave.

Bennett and several of his would-be ministers hold the same disdain for international law and Palestinian rights as Netanyahu and the Likud party. They are Jewish supremacists who unapologetically govern Israel as an apartheid state in which Arabs are second-class citizens, if citizens at all. Even the so-called secular centrists of Yair Lapid are imbued with a belief in absolute dominance for Israel over Palestinian rights.