NY Election Raises Red Flags: Poll Watchers Find *MORE* Ballots Than Voters | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

NY Election Raises Red Flags: Poll Watchers Find *MORE* Ballots Than Voters

The confidence in U.S. election is of paramount importance to voters who believe in the sanctity of ‘one voter, one vote.’ However, the non-partisan election watchdog SMART elections has uncovered a reported anomaly in one City Council District in the 2021 Brooklyn Primary.

More ballots than voters. The elections watchdog issued the following notice to voters, as well as its experience of hostility attempting to get to the bottom of the disparity.

“We are issuing this preliminary report because, in our opinion, we are experiencing hostility and obstruction from the New York City and the Brooklyn Board of Elections, as well as some coordinators at Early Voting poll sites,” SMART Elections Executive Director Lulu Friesdat wrote in the report.

“We have discovered discrepancies that raise concerns and deserve further exploration,” the report continued. “These were reported to the coordinators at each poll site and directly to the Board of Elections. The Board of Elections responded by removing our project leader as a poll watcher and changing the information our poll watchers were allowed to view. Now we cannot collect the data necessary for the successful completion of the project.”