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Oh, Jerusalem!

“Hands off Jerusalem and its people.” This is the first, foremost and non-negotiable condition that the Palestinian Resistance is demanding, in exchange for halting rocketry at Israel.

But it’s falling on the deaf ears of the terrorist Jewish government, as its military continues pounding hard at civilian targets in Gaza. R.I.P. to the Gaza family that was murdered by a genocidal, Jewish missile as its members sat down together for lunch yesterday. R.I.P. to all other Gaza people who were indiscriminately slaughtered by the remorseless and demonic Jewish air force these past ten days.

Indeed, the situation had taken on a darker tone on the 6th day. In the West Bank, in Jerusalem and in the 48-Triangle, unarmed Palestinian citizens there have been attacked, continue to be attacked, continue to be arrested and killed on Palestinian streets by the brutal Jewish gestapo, in coordination with shadowed Jewish snipers and violent, Jewish settler gangs: all roaming Palestinian streets especially by night, all armed and with eyes blood-red with hate – all seeking to pogrom the Palestinians. Nothing but eyeball-to-eyeball shove-and-wrestle-and-throttle-and-kill right across unarmed Palestinian communities under Israeli occupation. All this, while a besieged Gaza endures numerous 9/11s and Jewish war crimes at every hour of every day.