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A Positive Trend – “Homeschool Interest In Texas Jumps 5 Fold From 2020 Record”

By Nicholas West

As I wrote in last month’s newsletter, one of the key ways we can take control over our personal supply chain of information is to homeschool. In so doing, we can promote both the physical and the mental health of future generations:

"One of the benefits occurring right now amid all of the tragedy is that parents who might previously have been resistant to homeschool are taking their children out of a system that is literally torturing them through oxygen deprivation and forced medicine, a prison-like system of surveillance and control, and outlandish politicizing of every facet of their learning. Through homeschooling, we can create a supply chain of information that is both resistant to mental disruption, while creating resilient patterns of behavior that will remain consistent with individual freedom far into the future."

As ZeroHedge reports, this trend appears to be accelerating rapidly in Texas. The Texas Home School Coalition recently said “We are literally inundated with calls and emails from thousands upon thousands of families asking how they can begin homeschooling this fall.”...