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Tiger roams streets of Houston

Story at a glance:

  • One person can be seen grabbing the tiger and bringing it into their home after a confrontation with neighbors.
  • The tiger was wearing a collar and roaming around someone’s front lawn.
  • It is legal to own a tiger in the surrounding unincorporated Harris County.

A tiger was loose in Houston on Mother's Day.

At 8 p.m. near the Ivy Wall Drive residential area in Houston, a collared tiger roamed around people's houses, The New York Post reported.

KHOU, a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to Houston, stated an armed man pointed a gun at the tiger, warning the assumed owner to retrieve his tiger.

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"Get the f-k back inside. F-k you and your f-king tiger," the man said.

"I'll get him, I'll get him," the apparent owner said in response back.

KHOU noted it is illegal to own tigers in Houston. But it is legal to own the animal in the surrounding unincorporated Harris County if the owner registers the animal and follows strict rules.