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US Supports the People of Latin America: With Friends Like This …

The US stands with the people of Cuba against the economic hardship caused by the Cuban regime. For those Cubans who don’t know their history, State Department spokesperson Ned Price patronizingly reassured them that "We are always considering options available to us that would allow us to support the Cuban people, to support their humanitarian needs, which are indeed profound. And they are profound because of not anything the United States has done, but from the actions and inactions, mismanagement, corruption of the Cuban regime."

Not because of anything the United States has done? The dominant cause of the Cuban people’s economic hardship is the antique embargo that went into full lockdown by order of Kennedy in February 1962. But the bolts began closing even before that when Eisenhower banned all exports to Cuba except food and medicine in September 1960. By 2018, before Trump added to the sanctions, the embargo had cost Cuba $130 billion, according to the UN. The Biden administration has done nothing to ease Trump’s added pressure or to settle back into the level of pressure that had been somewhat deflated by the Obama administration after months of secret negotiations in 2014. In June, the US was one of only two countries to vote against a near unanimous resolution to end the blockade on Cuba. On July 15, days after Biden said he stood with the Cuban people, he refused to lift the restrictions on remittances to Cuba that make it impossible for Cuban Americans to send money home to their families.