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Which Countries Will Ban Fossil Fuel Car Sales First?

As President Biden moves to suspend oil and gas leasing on federal land - and has halted further development of the Keystone Pipeline - California has announced fossil-fuel vehicle sales bans by 2035. So what about on a country-level? Who has already announced future bans?

To help us answer those questions is BofA's equity strategist Haim Israel who laid out to clients in a note titled "Climate Wars" this week which countries are set to ban gasoline cars.

More than a dozen countries from 2025 to 2040 have already announced future bans on gasoline cars. The first bans include Belgium and Norway in 2025. In 2030, Germany, India, Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Ireland, and the UK. While most US has yet to commit to banning gasoline car sales, California is the only state that has said by 2035 it could do so. Under a Biden administration, we assume more and more states will soon announce their plans to ban gasoline car sales. And last, by 2040, Canada, France, Taiwan, Spain, and Singapore announced they will ban gasoline car sales.