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K–12: the Clutter is the Message

Traditionally, education was focused on facts, information, details, content, learning, and knowledge, all of these hopefully leading to wisdom. Now we've gone to the other extreme.

The students learn little, and they cannot connect one fragment of information to another. Classrooms are filled with chatter. The brains of students are overflowing with nothing much.

This shift is bizarre. Wasn't it always assumed we were searching for the truth, for higher understanding, for the inner workings of reality, for the nitty-gritty, as slang had it?

If you mentioned any of that to today's students, they would wonder what you're babbling about.

By weird accident, or more probably a century-long plot, our Education Establishment embraced every method guaranteed to kick facts to the curb. There are so many examples:

Our professors of education agree that students should never have to memorize anything. What most of us call facts, these professors call factoids so they can more easily be dismissed as trivial.