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Saudi Coalition Systematically Targets Bridges in Yemen

Since the US-backed Saudi-led coalition intervened in Yemen in 2015, the coalition has regularly targeted civilian infrastructure. A report from the Yemeni Archive published on Wednesday documented 131 instances of bridges being hit by airstrikes in Yemen between 2015 and 2019.

In several of these cases, the bridges were hit more than once or “double-tapped,” meaning the destruction was deliberate. “These are not random attacks,” Abdulrahman al-Jaloud, project director of the Yemeni Archive, told DW. “What we see is that these attacks are systematic.”

The report found over 100 civilians were killed directly by the airstrikes on the bridges. The strikes have caused millions facing extreme hunger to be blocked from medical services. “Many of these attacks block road networks between cities and ports, disrupting the transport of humanitarian aid and food supplies,” the report reads.