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Calculator and coffins

Almost six decades ago when I was just a child I remember that almost daily I visited my uncle’s house. He was the elder of the Qumsiyeh clan. He was a mayor of my town for a while. He was highly respected for solving any issue in town between families. He was a quiet man and he would listen carefully but when he spoke with his raspy soft voice, everyone would listen. People who wronged others would apologize and social order was restored. The whole town admired this man who they respectfully called Abu Jalal (father of Jalal). Behind every man indeed is a great woman and Um Jalal was one of the kindest people I knew. When my uncle Abu Jalal was not working (teacher, school principal, superintendent of schools in Bethlehem) or acting as the elder to resolve crises, he would spend time with his eight children or he would play cards with his brothers (my father & uncles). He was one of eight children and he had eight children. My late maternal grandparents also had eight children including my mother and my professional role model the late uncle Dr. Sana Atallah (first Palestinian biologist, killed age 27).

I remember one day when I first saw a calculator at Abu Jalal’s home. I do not remember if he or another uncle brought it but I do remember over 15 children in the room all wanting to touch it and test it and competing in this with our uncles. No cards were played that day. It was such a novelty.