Fresh Rocket Attack Hits Iraqi Base Housing American Troops | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Fresh Rocket Attack Hits Iraqi Base Housing American Troops

Here we go again: on Monday a barrage of rocket fire targeted an Iraqi military base which houses American troops just north of the capital of Baghdad.

In total seven were fired, with initial reports saying there were no casualties. "At least five rockets hit the Iraqi military air base of Balad north of Baghdad on Monday, without causing casualties, Iraqi security officials said," Reuters reports.

Additionally two other rockets failed to land inside the base, detonating in a rural area without causing casualties.

Officials have named the usual suspects: "No group immediately claimed the attack, but armed groups that some Iraqi officials say are backed by Iran have claimed similar incidents in the past," Reuters reports further.

It comes after a spate of similar attacks and tit-for-tat US responses, which notably included Biden two weeks ago ordering airstrikes on 'Iranian militia' positions in far eastern Syria. And crucially Monday's attack comes just days into a truce agreement in which Iran-backed Iraqi paramilitary forces agreed to halt all attacks on American bases.