Anonymous NatSec Officials: The Cuban Ray Guns Are in Syria Now, Just Trust Us on This | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN

Anonymous NatSec Officials: The Cuban Ray Guns Are in Syria Now, Just Trust Us on This

Here we go again with the anonymously sourced claims Russia is trying to fry the innards of U.S. government personnel abroad, using energy guns secretly manufactured using updated Soviet blueprints.

According to Politico, anonymous officials said the Pentagon has briefed members of Congress on “intelligence surrounding suspected directed-energy attacks against U.S. troops,” with the outlet citing at least four national security officials “directly involved in the probe.” In one of the incidents, several troops in Syria (where hundreds of U.S. soldiers are stationed in another forever war) “developed flu-like symptoms.” Politico also wrote that said officials attribute these directed-energy beams to being sourced from nefarious Russian operatives. “Two former national security officials involved” in the inquiry, quite possibly ones that departed office along with Donald Trump, claimed the incidents drew extreme concern across the Department of Defense:

The briefings included information about injuries sustained by U.S. troops in Syria, the people said. The investigation includes one incident in Syria in the fall of 2020 in which several troops developed flu-like symptoms, two people familiar with the Pentagon probe said... The incidents of suspected directed-energy attacks by Russia on Americans abroad became so concerning that the Pentagon’s office of special operations and low-intensity conflict began investigating last year, according to two former national security officials involved in the effort. It’s unclear exactly how many troops were injured, or the extent of their injuries.

So it’s rather odd that the head of U.S. Central Command, General Frank McKenzie, immediately told the Senate that he had never heard of any such Russian energy beams zapping U.S. troops, whether for the purposes of fevers and coughs or otherwise: