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Palestinian Conflict Injuries Risk 'Overwhelming' Health Facilities : WHO

U.N. agencies appealed on Friday for urgent medical supplies and access to Gaza, saying thousands of Palestinian injuries risk "overwhelming" some health facilities after 11 days of violence.

A truce took hold on Friday after the heaviest fighting in years between Israel and Palestinian militants, although aid officials warned that it would take Gaza years to recover from the latest flare-up, the fourth conflict since 2008.

World Health Organization spokeswoman Margaret Harris told a virtual U.N. briefing focused on the impact of the violence in the Palestinian territories that some 8,538 injuries had been reported on top of 257 fatalities, saying they risked "overwhelming health facilities".

She also called for immediate access for health supplies and personnel into the Gaza Strip, where nearly half of essential drugs are exhausted, and the establishment of humanitarian corridors. "The real challenges are the closures. We need entry of medical supplies," she said in reference to border crossings.

On Gaza which was heavily bombed by Israel during the conflict, Harris said 30 health facilities had been damaged and that road damage was obstructing ambulance access. Nearly all hospitals there were only partially operational and two were not functioning at all.