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Palestinians demand the removal of Abbas from his leadership positions

The Palestinian people have the right to live in the kind of democracy that the West and the East are talking about repeatedly. With over 60 per cent of the population being made up of young people, they also have the right to be led by younger people, with the elders who have been shown to be incapable in terms of their policies and practices, and less aware politically, stepping aside. The current leaders have less influence over the course of events than the resistance movements.

The Palestinian people are fed up, and are refusing to have their capabilities shackled by the decisions of an aging president, while seeing their land usurped even as the same president's "sacred" security cooperation with the Israeli occupation authorities continues. The people refuse to be silenced when they hear false claims of achievements, and they will not be silent while their homeland is being stolen by Jewish settlers.

The people have been very patient as they have waited for change. Now the time has come to take action and bring about that change, using all of the cultural, academic, political, organisational, popular, institutional and familial means at their disposal. The call has been made for the removal of Mahmoud Abbas from all of his leadership positions in the Palestine Liberation Organisation, Fatah and, of course, the Palestinian Authority. The people must be allowed to decide who will lead them on the path to freedom, to end the occupation and remove its agents who have insulted Palestine's history, resistance, cause, people, future and destiny.