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South Africa Reverts To The Third World: Will America?

The recent violence in South Africa wasn’t just a battle between different factions of the governing African National Congress. Clearly, there were tensions between black supporters of former president Jacob Zuma and current president Cyril Ramaphosa. Some Zuma supporters may never stop demanding his release from prison. However, there were deeper tensions and problems that the riots, looting, and violence revealed. Last week was just another step in the process of a once First World country reverting to the African mean.

The looting was much worse than the brazen crime and theft we now take for granted in San Francisco. Queen Nandi Drive in Durban was pillaged mercilessly. The city was probably the hardest hit in the entire country, with 40,000 businesses and 5,000 “informal traders” reportedly damaged by rioting. Soweto and Johannesburg also looked devastated.