MEGA BEX ALERT - Cuba Threatens to Attack America: ‘We Are Armed’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

MEGA BEX ALERT - Cuba Threatens to Attack America: ‘We Are Armed’

The official newspaper of the Communist Party of Cuba, Granma, published a commentary on Tuesday warning President Joe Biden that the regime “has the weapons … to repel any aggression” and is willing to engage in a conflict with America.

Biden has not adopted a coherent policy towards Cuba, which for the past 62 years has endured the repression of a violent, anti-American communist regime. Following nationwide protests calling for the end of communism on July 11, which some estimates suggest attracted nearly 200,000 participants nationwide, Cuban-Americans on the mainland have encouraged Biden to consider various avenues of humanitarian and military aid for the protesters. Those asking Biden to implement a Cuba policy were in part reacting to the Castro regime’s response to the protests, largely defined by police brutality including violent door-to-door raids, torture and sexual abuse of prisoners, public beatings, and opening fire on peaceful crowds.

Castro regime figurehead Miguel Díaz-Canel issued a call on national television on the evening of July 11 for civilians to violently assault anyone considered a “counterrevolutionary,” labeling it an “order of combat” in defense of the “revolution.”

Biden has so far responded to the ongoing protests in Cuba by holding a meeting with Cuban-American celebrities and sanctioning three individuals already under sanctions set in place by former President Donald Trump.