Oct 13 18:29

Federal Judge in Texas Halts United Airlines’ Enforcement of Employee Vaccine Mandate

By Kyle Becker

A federal judge in Texas has halted United Airlines’ vaccine mandate enforcement. The company has been putting employees who claim religious exemptions to forced vaccination on unpaid leave.

“A U.S. judge in Texas on Tuesday temporarily restrained United Airlines from placing any employee on unpaid leave who receive religious exemptions from the company for COVID-19 vaccinations until Oct. 26.,’ Reuters reported. “The Judge also temporarily restrained the airline from denying any late requests for religious or medical accommodations.”

In September, United Airlines employees sued the company over its pre-emptive issuance of an employee mandate ahead of the Biden administration’s formal issuance of a federal vaccine mandate...

Oct 13 15:02

Finally: FBI Closing In On Hunter & Emails Show Joe Was 'Financially Involved'

Experts say that President Joe Biden could become entangled in an FBI investigation of Hunter's finances, as emails show the father and son shared accounts and paid each other's bills.

Emails obtained from Hunter's abandoned laptop between Hunter and Eric Schwerin, his business partner at consultancy Rosemont Seneca, reveal that Schwerin was working on Joe's taxes, discussing the father and son paying each other's household bills, and even fielding applications for a book deal for the then-vice president, as well as overseeing the donation of Joe's senate papers to the University of Delaware.

Oct 13 14:27

Man, the west coast SUCKS : Seattle school cancels Halloween parade because it ‘marginalizes students of color’

A Seattle elementary school canceled its annual Halloween parade this year, saying it “marginalizes students of color who do not celebrate the holiday.” -- The decision to cancel the Pumpkin Parade, where students can dress up in Halloween costumes, came from the Racial Equity Team at Benjamin Franklin Day Elementary School after five years of discussion, the school district said.

Oct 13 13:14

From the Streets of Victoria, Australia: “We Are Now in Deep Trouble Here … This Is a Fight for Our Souls and Our Humanity.”

Op-Ed by Nelleus, Truth Comes to Light

We are nearing the mid-point in October 2021 and I think we are now in deep trouble here.

What can I say? It’s insanity. The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

Never, ever have I seen anything like this in Australia, let alone Melbourne, including the behaviour and disjointed dialogue from the criminals masquerading as police.

Hardened criminals can be more articulate in their verbal communication than Australian police. These people are so out of control that they are unable to speak properly when barking orders.

It makes me wonder: Have they been fully vaccinated and now have totally lost their minds? Or is this the way these types of people behave when they know that they are inflicting pure evil on innocent and vulnerable people?...

Oct 13 12:58

If You Don’t Respect My Freedoms, I Don’t Respect Your Pronouns

The world is not here to accommodate you or your pronouns. People are not here to adjust their speech to protect your feelings. Your feelings do not matter. Your pronouns do not matter. You will be measured by your accomplishments and by how much or how little you violate the rights of others. And if your goal is to manipulate or control how the rest of us speak or interact according to our natural biological preferences then perhaps you should start your own society somewhere else? Maybe somewhere far, far away…

Oct 13 12:43

As Biden becomes increasingly unpopular, Dems turn to more authoritarian enforcement and suppression

Joe Biden’s polling numbers are tanking, and frankly, we never thought he was somehow going to go on to become the ‘popular president’ he was hailed as being after getting ’81 million votes’ — the ‘most ever’ for a president. -- The bulk of Biden’s votes were manufactured, we are convinced of it; we’ve seen too much evidence to suggest otherwise. And let’s not forget that, during his campaign on those rare occasions he ventured out to actually hold events, he couldn’t draw flies. In fact, he and his ‘vice president,’ Kamala Harris, together have trouble filling venues while Donald Trump, the real president, sells out events and packs venues days in advance, like he did in Iowa over the weekend.

Oct 13 12:33

More Tyranny Incoming: Fauci Says Vaccines Mandates Work

We all know this shot is a part of their agenda. There’s a lot of information going around on what’s in these things but the only clear thing is that they need everyone to take this. Does anyone actually believe that only 25% haven’t been vaccinated too? Are they padding the numbers to convince people to take it? Even 50% would be hard to believe at this point.

Oct 13 12:25

An Epic Struggle For Freedom Is Quietly Happening All Across America

These mandates are so bad for our country.  We are already facing the worst worker shortage in the history of our country, and the mandates threaten to make it much, much worse in the months ahead. -- So I greatly applaud those that are brave enough to take a stand and try to stop them while there is still time. -- If you are in a position to do so, I would encourage you to join them.  We are witnessing an all-out assault on many of our most important liberties and freedoms, and if people choose to lay down and do nothing they will soon be completely gone.

Oct 13 12:15

Americans Are Going To Be Absolutely Shocked By The Empty Shelves That They See

If you believe that America is headed into a new golden age of prosperity, you are getting lonelier with each passing day, because many others that were wildly optimistic about the economy earlier this year have been jumping ship. In fact, even the White House is now openly admitting that there will be significant shortages this holiday season. To many Americans, these shortages have come as a complete shock. Most of us have never experienced such shortages, and most of us never even dreamed that they were possible. But those that have been following my work for an extended period of time were not surprised by any of this. We were warned over and over again that shortages and rampant inflation were ahead of us, and now they are here with a vengeance. Unfortunately, the truth is that what we have gone through so far is just the beginning.

Oct 13 09:41

Top Pentagon Official Sounds The Alarm: ‘Biden Has SURRENDERED To China’

A senior Pentagon official has quit in protest of the Biden administration’s ‘surrender’ to China, which he has predicted will soon overtake the United States as the world’s top superpower.

In a Financial Times interview on Monday, Nicolas Chaillan confessed, “We have no competing fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years.” “Right now, it’s a done deal; in my opinion, it’s already over.”

Oct 13 09:36

Leaked Document Reveals Facebook’s Secret List Of ‘Dangerous Individuals’ — It Lists Conservatives With Islamic Terrorists

Facebook’s secret “dangerous individuals and organizations” blacklist, which the Big Tech behemoth employs to silence opponents, has been leaked and it’s not surprising to see many right-wing names listed alongside Islamic terrorists.

The Intercept revealed the blacklist, which applies to both Facebook and Instagram, has right-wing commentators like Nick Fuentes and Gavin McInnes listed alongside ISIS terrorist groups.

Oct 13 09:32

It’s Over Joe! Damning Evidence From Hunter’s Laptop Will Force FBI To Include Joe Biden In Criminal Probe

Thanks to damning details unveiled from Hunter Biden’s laptop-from-hell, the FBI is laying the groundwork to investigate President Joe Biden as part of their criminal probe into Hunter’s shady deals with China, according to reports.

Oct 13 08:29

German election chaos in Berlin — what happens now?

It's likely that the election chaos in Berlin will have legal consequences

Chaotic scenes and embarrassing irregularities at Berlin's ballot stations during last month's general election have shaken confidence in Germany's election system, while providing ammunition for those who question the German capital's efficiency. On Thursday, October 14, final election results will be published, giving the green light for what are expected to be several legal challenges.

Berlin held elections at federal, state and local council levels on September 26, as well as a referendum on socializing major housing companies. In confusing circumstances, many voters in the German capital waited for hours at voting stations as election volunteers ran out of ballot papers, or ballot papers were delivered to the wrong districts.

Oct 13 07:38

Pfizer CEO—Biden’s ‘Good Friend’—Is Privately Working to Tank Drug Price Reforms

Hours after President Joe Biden called Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla a “good friend,” Politico revealed that the pharmaceutical executive has been urging his employees to fight Democrats’ plan to let Medicare directly negotiate prescription drug prices—a popular proposal that Biden has endorsed.

Politico obtained a copy of a three-minute video message in which Bourla echoes common—and misleading—pharmaceutical industry talking points against the Medicare negotiation plan, which top Democrats are working to include in a budget reconciliation package despite the objections of several Big Pharma-backed lawmakers.

Oct 13 06:18

The new report on UK’s botched Covid strategy makes me so angry. It's basically a catalogue of missteps that led to 150,000 deaths

The initial report into the UK’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic is a damning indictment of a government’s mishandling of “the greatest peacetime challenge in a century,” which led to off-the-scale suffering and 150,000 deaths.

The release of the highly anticipated parliamentary report offers no comfort whatsoever to the families and loved ones of those who have so far fallen victim to the Covid-19 virus in the UK. But it does make you angry. Very. Bloody. Angry.

Oct 13 06:11

Clinton’s ‘novel,’ a mix of self-worship & cringe attacks on Trump, is proof politicians should keep their fiction off the page

The debut novel from Hillary Clinton, ‘State of Terror,’ includes not-so-veiled attacks on Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and others, in what may be the worst piece of fiction yet from a politician.

Politicians using book deals to keep their profile relevant is nothing new. Considering the amount of memoirs that have been written by former Trump White House staffers, we should be expecting one from the janitorial staff before the year is up.

Some, however, cannot settle for just spilling their political views onto the page, so they try their hands at fiction. Typically, politicians are pretty good at fiction, especially the longer they have held office, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a novel with a senator or congressman’s name on it that is worth reading. ‘State of Terror’ by Hillary Clinton and Canadian author Louise Penny doesn’t change this.

Oct 13 06:03

'I think you all could do a better job of selling it': Nancy Pelosi reprimands the MEDIA for not publicizing Biden's $3.5T spending plan in a positive light: Insists plans for the IRS to snoop on Americans will STILL be included

During a news conference, a reporter told Pelosi that banks were 'starting to get calls' from customers worried about the IRS proposal tucked into the bill that would have banks hand over all transaction data on accounts over $600.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which means Yellen's claim that individual transactions will not be examined is a lie!

Oct 13 05:23

Democrat Lawmakers Rely on Handing Out Expensive Welfare to Win 2022 Midterms 

Democrat lawmakers on Tuesday suggested they are relying on expensive federal welfare handouts to home districts from Biden’s stalled tax and spend agenda to win the 2022 midterm elections.

“It’s one that we shoot ourselves in the foot if we don’t pass it,” Rep. Juan Vargas (D-CA) told Politico, referencing Biden’s two-track agenda of passing nearly $5 trillion worth of so-called “human infrastructure” full of welfare spending.

When asked about the urgency of passing a welfare measure before the 2022 midterms, Vargas said, “I think it’s on everybody’s minds, this is the last best chance to pass something big.”

President Joe Biden’s proposed “human infrastructure” includes expensive welfare items such as child care, paid leave, health care, global warming, college tuition, subsidized housing, and Medicare expansion to offer dental, vision, and hearing benefits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 13 02:35

Yellen Says Spying On All Bank Accounts Over $600 Is A Way to Hold Billionaires Accountable

Treasury secretary and former Fed chief Janet Yellen, who is actively overseeing the largest wealth transfer from the middle class to the billionaire class in history, told CBS News on Tuesday that spying on all Americans' bank accounts over $600 is a way to hold billionaires accountable.

Webmaster addition: This is about monitoring everything people buy, since renters and mortgage payers will have more than $600 in their accounts.

The billionaires will simply have off-shore accounts.

Time to go back to a cash-only economy!

Oct 13 00:12

Facebook's 'Dangerous Individuals' List Leaks, Lists Right-Wing Activists Alongside Islamic Terrorists

Facebook's secret "dangerous individuals and organizations" blacklist, which the Big Tech giant uses to silence dissenters as though they're on par with Islamic terrorists, has been leaked in full by The Intercept.

Webmaster addition: Dang! I didn't make the list!

Oct 12 20:20

Why Is PayPal Denying Service to Palestinians?

By Jillian C. York

For many years, Palestinian rights defenders have championed the cause of Palestinians in the occupied territories, who are denied access to PayPal, while Israeli settlers have full access to PayPal products. A recent campaign, led by Palestinian digital rights group 7amleh, calls on PayPal to adhere to its own code of business conduct and ethics, by halting its discrimination against residents and citizens of Palestine. 7amleh has also published a detailed report on PayPal’s actions in Palestine.

This is not the first time PayPal has denied service to a vulnerable group; the company routinely cuts off payments to those engaged in sex work or the sale of sexually explicit content, and last year, PayPal division Venmo was sued for blocking payments associated with Islam or Arab nationalities or ethnicities...

Oct 12 19:20

‘It’s All Trump’s Fault!’: Watch George Clooney Attempt To Blame Trump For Biden’s Terrible Job Performance

President Joe Biden’s poor performance nearly two years into the job, according to Hollywood actor George Clooney, is the responsibility of Donald Trump.

Everything bad is Trump’s fault, of course!

Oct 12 15:40

WATCH: Airline Pilot Trashes Vax Mandate And Warns Just How Bad The Economy Will Get When Pilots Quit

Last night Tucker Carlson had Joshua Yoder, an airline pilot, on his show and he explained why so many pilots are against the vaccine mandate and just how bad it’s going to be when airlines fire 30% of their pilots because of Biden’s mandate:

Oct 12 15:37

Ted Cruz Just SMASHED Jen Psaki After She Attempted To Mock Him Over Vax Mandates Killing The Workforce

White House Press Secretary mocked Ted Cruz today when she was asked by a Fox News reporter about Biden’s vaccine mandate reducing the workforce and contributing to the airline problem:

Oct 12 15:32

Nancy Pelosi admits Dems will have to cut Biden's $3.5T spending plan and blames the MEDIA for not 'selling it' - but insists plans for the IRS to snoop on Americans will STILL be included

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she is 'very disappointed' Democrats will have to trim down their $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill after moderates balked at the number, and said the IRS proposal for banks to hand over transaction data would still be included.

'I'm very disappointed that we're not going with the original $3.5 trillion which was very transformative,' the California Democrat told reporters Tuesday upon returning from a trip to Europe to meet with G-20 leaders.

But she promised: 'Whatever we do well make decisions that will continue to be transformative about women in the workplace.' She cited proposals such as universal pre-kindergarten, funding for child care and home health care and child tax credits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time to go back to a cash-only lifestyle!

Oct 12 15:31

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden could become embroiled in the FBI's probe into Hunter's finances, experts say: Emails reveal they SHARED bank accounts, paid each other's bills and the president may have even have funded his son's 2018 drug and prostitution binge

President Joe Biden could become embroiled in an FBI investigation of Hunter's finances, experts say, as emails reveal the father and son shared accounts and paid each other's bills.

Emails recovered by DailyMail.com from Hunter's abandoned laptop between Hunter and Eric Schwerin, his business partner at consultancy Rosemont Seneca, show Schwerin was working on Joe's taxes, discussing the father and son paying each other's household bills, and even fielding requests for a book deal for the then-vice president, as well as managing the donation of Joe's senate papers to the University of Delaware.

It is unclear why Schwerin had this intimate role in the vice president's affairs rather than government officials in the Office of the Vice President.

Oct 12 14:22

Wyoming teenager arrested after refusing to wear mask on school grounds, family says

Smith told Bouchard that she has been made to feel "unwanted by the school system" and is "stressed out" over having to fight the school’s mask mandate. -- "Right now, I should be playing sports and having fun," she said. "And instead I’m fighting for the rights that were supposed to be won hundreds of years ago."

Oct 12 14:16

The Great Southwest Airlines Rebellion?

The incredible cruelty and folly of forced vaccines finally came home to roost. The vaccine mandate backlash has been bubbling just under the surface, but now it has spilled out into the open, threatening to completely derail an already crumbling economy and to obliterate a deeply unpopular US President and Administration.

Oct 12 14:15

Democrats Fume That $1,400 Checks Didn't Buy Them Public Support

Democrats are angry that the $1,400 checks they gave out to placate the public amidst the biggest wealth transfer to the super-rich in history hasn't bought them any public support.

Oct 12 13:19

Top Delaware State Auditor Indicted on Corruption Charges

The top Delaware official in charge of rooting out government fraud and abuse was indicted on Oct. 11 on public corruption charges.

State prosecutors charged Delaware Auditor of Accounts Kathleen McGuiness with felony counts of theft and witness intimidation as well as three misdemeanor counts, according to an indictment (pdf) made public on Monday.

Among other allegations, McGuinness is accused of hiring her daughter and the daughter’s friend for temporary jobs at a time when other temp workers were let go due to lack of work amid the pandemic. The daughter and the friend were paid $19,000 and $7,700 respectively. Some of the payments took place when after the auditor’s daughter, Elizabeth McGuiness, enrolled in a college.

McGuiness’s attorney, Steve Wood, said in an email that McGuiness is “absolutely innocent,” and the indictment is “full of misleading statements and half-truths.”

Oct 12 13:12

911 systems in danger of collapsing as first responder shortages further complicated by opposition to COVID vaccines

Now that vaccines are available, however, not all of these first responders are keen to get the jab. They have varied reasons for not wanting to do so; some have religious objections, while others are not heavy into injecting a substance into their bodies that until about 15 minutes ago was still experimental. Others say they don’t need a COVID-19 vaccine because they have had the virus and they now have natural immunity. -- But none of those reasons are valid according to the vaccine Nazis running corporate health conglomerates and city governments, most all of whom are Democrats. Now that vaccines are available, even though they’re not always safe or effective, they are mandating their employees get a jab or else they will be out of a job.

Oct 12 12:40

Disney Documentary On Fauci Getting Brutal Reviews

The new Disney documentary on Doctor Anthony Fauci is getting some brutal reviews from viewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

The documentary features Fauci, the Biden administration’s top infectious disease specialist, and chronicles his career and rise as a public figure during the pandemic.

Disney describes the Fauci documentary as “a revealing portrait of one of our most dedicated public servants, whose work saved millions.”

Top critics on Rotten Tomatoes seem to agree with that assessment, but audience reviews have come to a different conclusion, giving an ‘audience score’ of just 2%.

Oct 12 12:16

Court Delivers Setback for Ben Shapiro Free Speech Suit

By Alexa Schwerha

The Eighth Circuit denied an appeal from conservative plaintiffs on Monday in their lawsuit against the University of Minnesota.

Both YAF and ADF told ‘Campus Reform’ the groups are considering next steps in the suit after the opinion was delivered against their case...

Oct 12 12:08

Top 10 US Government and CDC COVID-19 FAILS since the scamdemic began

For anything that goes wrong with the CDC’s advice for Covid, the Big Media “solution” is always the same – blame the unvaccinated. Is Covid still spreading among the vaccinated? Yes. Blame the unvaccinated. Are people dying from the China Flu vaccines? Yes. Just blame the “anti-vaxxers.” Are the Fauci Flu jabs causing blood clots around the world? Yes. Blame it on the natural health advocates.

Oct 12 11:49

Now A U.S. Government Official Is Telling Us That The Supply Chain Nightmares Could Potentially Last For “Years”

The truth is starting to come out, and a lot of people aren’t going to like it.  When the supply chain problems and the shortages began, government officials repeatedly assured us that they would just be temporary, and most of us believed them.  But now it has become clear that they aren’t going to be temporary at all.  In fact, during a recent interview with Bloomberg, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg admitted that some of the supply chain problems that we are currently facing could last for “years and years”.  I don’t know about you, but to me “years and years” sounds like a really long time.

Oct 12 11:36

USA TODAY Joins Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Propaganda

For USA TODAY, this is nothing new. It’s all part of an incestuous partnership the newspaper has with the Trace – the propaganda arm of billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun empire. -- The Trace describes itself as the “only newsroom dedicated to reporting on gun violence.” It has slick digital packages that are chockfull of stories, photos and videos, so it’s easy to confuse the Trace with an actual news website. But a news site it is not. The Trace supplies propaganda for Bloomberg’s other anti-gun groups, which include Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, as well as any members of the media willing to cut and paste their stories.

Oct 12 11:25

The “Year Ending In 1” Curse

What I am going to share with you today is very strange.  Just recently, a friend of mine named “Ben” suggested that I do some research on years ending in the number one.  So I started to do some digging, and I just kept finding more stuff.  In particular, there appears to be a pattern of great tragedies that keeps repeating every 20 years.  I don’t know what it means, but it sure is odd.  I will share what I have found, and you can decide for yourself what to make of it.

Oct 12 11:18

Why The Left’s Culture War Mode May Hurt Them

Gun rights and gun control probably shouldn’t be part of the culture war, but it is. As a result, it’s part of a lot of discussions it probably shouldn’t be part of. -- Yet in this day and age, it feels like everything is part of those discussions. -- Democrats, firmly on a different side of said culture war than yours truly, have decided to push hard for a number of things such as gun control. In their collective mind, anything less than gun control is unacceptable.

Oct 12 10:34

“The Abstract” Premiere: Dr. Willis & Marin County Covid Tyranny

By Peter A. Kirby

Welcome to the premiere episode of The Abstract. The Abstract is a new vlog produced by me, the author of Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project and staff writer here at Activist Post, Peter Kirby. For this premiere episode, we will expose the corrupt, slimy government creatures behind the Covid tyranny in Marin County, CA – where I live. Behold as we deconstruct the malfeasance of our County Public Health Officer and others.

See on Rumble here: https://rumble.com/vnma2c-dr.-willis-and-marin-county-covid-tyranny.html

Oct 12 10:10

Nasty Nancy Confesses Her Desire To Rule The World To NATO Leaders: ‘I Think About It A Lot’

On Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told NATO leaders that she “thinks a lot” about running the world one day.

Pelosi spoke at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Liston, Portugal, where she was honored as a “Woman For Peace and Security.”

“When people ask me, ‘If you ruled the world, what one thing would you do?’ – I think about that a lot,” Pelosi said, cackling.

Oct 12 10:07

WATCH: Kamala Harris Releases Bizarre Fake Space Exploration Video Using Child Actors

Vice President Kamala Harris has been widely mocked following her appearance in a bizarre NASA video for children about the wonders of space exploration

Harris was criticized for appearing on the video while the Biden administration had been facing several major problems, including the crisis at the border, the Afghanistan fallout and a lagging approval rating.

But then to make matter worse, it was revealed on Monday that the children who featured in the first installment of the series were not normal kids, but were child actors who had auditioned for their roles.

Oct 12 09:05

Fulton elections employees fired during investigation into voter applications being destroyed

The Fulton County elections office is in the spotlight again and the district attorney's office is investigating.

On Friday, two employees were fired after they allegedly shredded "a number of" paper voter registration applications Elections Director Richard Barron said in a press release.

Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts "immediately" reported it to the office of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for investigation, the county said in a statement.

“Elections are the most important function of our government,” Chairman Pitts said. “We have committed to transparency and integrity.”

In a statement, the Fulton County elections office said:

Oct 12 09:04

As Trump rallies keep on booming, Democrats are beginning to panic

Numerous Democratic strategists are terrified that former President Donald Trump will run again in 2024 and warning that he must not be underestimated.

“There's not a strategist or insider that I'm hanging out with who would like to see Donald Trump running again,” Democratic pollster Rachel Bitecofer told The Hill on Friday. “Nobody should think he would be a weak nominee.”

Trump almost won reelection in November despite the coordinated efforts of establishment news outlets and social media oligarchs to control the narrative being spoon-fed to the public for the past six years -- a point Bitecofer acknowledged but gave a left-wing spin.

Oct 12 09:03

Jon Stewart says Trump has 'a very good chance' in 2024

Jon Stewart says former President Trump has "a very good chance" of winning back the White House if he enters the 2024 race.

"I think he’s got it — he’s got a very good chance. And they’re smarter about it," Stewart said Sunday during an interview with David Remnick at the 22nd annual New Yorker Festival.

"The danger of the coup — again, Jan. 6 is the TV event moment of it," the host of "The Problem with Jon Stewart" on Apple TV+, said of the riot by Trump supporters at the Capitol earlier this year. "It’s the special that came out. And that’s what all the TV networks were focused on."

Oct 12 07:46

Watch: How Was Clinton Involved? Durham Indictments Explained

Cybersecurity experts who held lucrative Pentagon and homeland security contracts and high-level security clearances are under investigation for purportedly abusing their government privileges to aid a 2016 Clinton campaign ploy falsely linking Donald Trump to Russia and trigger an FBI investigation of him and his campaign, according to several sources familiar with the work of Special Counsel John Durham.

Durham is currently investigating whether the security personnel were involved in a scheme to misuse sensitive, nonpublic internet data, which they had access to through their government contracts, to dredge up derogatory information on Trump on behalf of the Clinton campaign in 2016 and again in 2017, sources say. Prosecutors are also investigating whether some of the data presented to the FBI was faked or forged.

Oct 12 07:24

White House Confesses To MAJOR 2020 Election Subject

Former President Donald Trump may not be the person who was "pulling the strings" of the plan hinged on replacing the top Justice Department official with a loyalist willing to carry out a more aggressive strategy to challenge the results of the 2020 election, a Democratic Senate investigator admitted.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, appeared on NBC News's Meet the Press on Monday to discuss the interim report released last week by his panel on the DOJ pressure campaign.

Oct 12 07:09

Youtube Flexes Its Censorship And Bans A Republican Candidate

A candidate for Congress in Washington state's third district, Joe Kent, announced Wednesday that YouTube permanently banned his account.

"YouTube is censoring Congressional candidates without warning," Kent announced on Twitter. "Oh well, We have rumble."

According to YouTube, Kent's channel was banned for "severe" and "repeated" breaches of the company's Community Guideline policies.

"Hi Joe Kent," YouTube announced in an email. "We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines. Because of this, we have removed your channel from YouTube."

Oct 11 14:19

Nothing To See Here: Hunter Biden’s Art Gallerist Receiving Huge Amounts Of Federal Money Since Biden Became President

The gallery that hosts Hunter Biden’s “art” is raking in piles of federal cash since daddy Biden has become President, and we are all very surprised.

It’s been revealed that since Biden became president, the gallery’s “disaster assistance loan” has more than doubled from $150k in 2020 to $350k this year. It’s also worth noting that the gallery only employs two people: