Nov 07 06:56

Biden's DOJ Lawsuit Against Texas Is A Clear Political Move

The Justice Department (DOJ) has filed suit against Texas, alleging its new voting law violates a Voting Rights Act (VRA, a provision that guarantees people can receive assistance while at the voting booth.

The DOJ argued that the law violates the Civil Rights Act because it rejects mail ballots due to 'immaterial errors or omissions.'

The DOJ's suit asserts these provisions will disenfranchise voters with limited English proficiency, voters with disabilities, voters in the military who are deployed, as well as American citizens voting abroad.

Nov 07 06:43

"Public Scapegoat": Michigan Pays Out $300,000 To Only Official Fired Over Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

Six years ago, I wrote a column questioning charges in the Flint Michigan lead tainted water case as having more of a political than legal basis.

After the initial press coverage dissipated, prosecutors quietly settled for misdemeanor pleas with key defendants.

Now, the state of Michigan will have to pay $300,000 to settle wrongful discharge claims by Liane Shekter Smith, the only employee who was fired as a result of the controversy.

Those are hundreds of thousands of dollars (plus additional litigation costs) that could have been used for other things like cleaner water.

However, politicians demanded firings and criminal charges before the controversy was fully investigated. The arbitrator, Sheldon Stark, found evidence that politics drove the decision to fire Smith. None of those politicians will likely be held responsible for these unavoidable damages.

Nov 07 06:42

Lord Mandelson, Prince Andrew, Shaun Woodward, and convicted paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein - HOW THE POWER OF PRIVILEGE PROTECTS THE PERVERT: A CASE HISTORY

In a previous post earlier this week, The Slog suggested that the main weapon protecting Establishment paedophiles is genuine fear among the elite about where the trail of detection might lead. The case history below offers an example of why that fear exists. Above all, it suggests one very simple guiding light for those reporting about peadophilia: if you want to know the way, ask a policeman.

There is hearsay. And there is something I’ve taken to calling ‘readsay’. The latter is different to gossiped word of mouth, because rather than being a word in you ear without witnesses, it’s 2000 words on newsprint or website – with anything from 12,000 to 750,000 readers.

Nov 07 06:41

Tory donors 'who pay £3 million get seats in the Lords': Investigation reveals that wealthy backers are 'guaranteed' a peerage if they take on party treasurer role and shell out - as insiders claim 'law of omerta' keeps practice 'concealed in plain sight'

The Conservative Party has been accused of guaranteeing peerages to a group of multi-millionaires who have donated more than £3 million to the party.

Wealthy backers who take on the temporary role of party treasurer appear to be offered a seat in the House of Lords once they have donated the set figure.

All 16 of the Conservatives' main treasurers, excluding the most recent, were offered a seat in the Lords in the past two decades including Peter Cruddas, Lord Spencer, Lord Fraser, Lord Lupton and Lord Farmer.

According to the investigation by The Sunday Times and Open Democracy, six former Tory ministers felt uneasy about the practice, some calling it a 'scandal'.

One ex-party chairman said: 'The truth is the entire political establishment knows this happens and they do nothing about it...The most telling line is once you pay your £3 million, you get your peerage.'

Nov 07 06:38

Fixer at the heart of Prince Charles' cash-for-access charity scandal reveals he hasn't been questioned yet by investigators

The society fixer at the heart of the Prince Charles cash-for-access charity scandal has revealed that he has still not been interviewed by investigators.

Michael Wynne-Parker acted as a middleman for the Prince's Foundation, offering to set up dinners and an overnight stay with Charles at Dumfries House in exchange for six-figure donations to help restore the 18th Century Ayrshire mansion.

After The Mail on Sunday exposed the grubby deals, the charity announced an independent inquiry and said they had ceased working with Mr Wynne-Parker and William Bortrick, the editor of Burke's Peerage who was receiving the payments.

But two months later, there is still no sign of the report and Mr Wynne-Parker last night said he has not been questioned by forensic accountants tasked with unearthing the truth.

Nov 06 07:38

Is A Powerful Kenosha, WI Family Colluding With The Govt. Against Kyle Rittenhouse? — A Fair Trial Might Be Doomed

Jack Posobiec, senior editor at Human Events, reported via Twitter that at least two major Kenosha, Wisconsin, government figures involved in the events that form the background of the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse are from the same family.

Posobiec tweets that “the mayor who let Kenosha burn, the DA, and the lead detective in the Kyle Rittenhouse case are all members of the same family. Are you paying attention yet?”

Nov 06 07:31

Investigation Launched Into Potential Election Fraud In NJ — Votes from 56 Districts Weren’t Counted

A possible case of election malfeasance is under investigation in New Jersey, where 56 voting machines in Essex County were shut down without the votes being counted during a pivotal and tight race for governor where Republican Jack Ciattarelli challenged the Democrat incumbent, reported News 12.

Nov 06 07:26

GOP Poll Worker in 2020 Detroit: 'They Treated Me Like a Criminal!'

In a soon-to-be released report, called “TCF Timeline - The 2020 General Election in Detroit,” from Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity, author Phillip O’Halloran meticulously details the disturbing events at the absentee voter counting boards at the TCF Center in Detroit during the 2020 election, which can only be characterized as 'fraud.'

It's the story of a whistleblower, Jessy Jacob, who worked in ballot-counting and was appalled at what she saw. Her story briefly was told in some of the press but not truly heard by the public given the pushback by mainstream media which claimed there was no fraud at all.

Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (MC4EI) of which O’Halloran is a vice president of research, believes it is high time for her side of the story to get out more fully.

Nov 05 14:35

BREAKING: FBI Raids The Homes of Project Veritas Journalists Over A Supposed ‘Stolen Diary’ Belonging To Ashley Biden

The FBI is proving again that it is just a political tool of the Democrat Party.

James O’Keefe dropped a bombshell this afternoon. He says the homes of some of his former journalists were secretly raided by the FBI and the Southern District of New York over the diary of Ashley Biden, which was given to O’Keefe by tipsters, but since he could never authenticate it he ultimately chose not to do anything with it and gave it to law enforcement so it could be returned to its owner.

Nov 05 09:36

WATCH: Biden’s Energy Secretary Literally BURSTS Out LAUGHING When Asked How Biden Admin Plans To Address Surging Gas Prices

This morning Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, was asked what her plan was for increasing oil production here in America in order to get gas prices back down.

As America Rising notes, she pulled a Kamala and burst out laughing. Seriously.

Nov 05 08:36

Judicial Watch Tells Court FBI May Have Violated Law In Jan 6 Probes

Judicial Watch has responded to an effort by the Department of Justice to quash its inquiry into the alleged illegal transfer of American citizens’ bank records from banking institutions to the FBI as part of the latter’s investigation into the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

Nov 05 08:02

WATCH: New Jersey Poll Workers Caught Admitting To Allowing Unregistered Non-Citizen To Vote

Election workers in Essex County, New Jersey allowed an unregistered voter who was not an American citizen to “fill out completely a ballot,” Project Veritas reported.

Project Veritas sent an undercover voter, who admitted to being unregistered to vote and a non-citizen, to an Essex County polling location to determine whether election workers would enforce New Jersey’s election laws.

Project Veritas estimated that the election workers violated two laws.

Nov 05 06:28

Durham probe: Analyst charged with lying to FBI about Christopher Steele’s Trump-Russia dossier

A Russia analyst who contributed key research to the so-called Steele dossier that detailed alleged ties between ex-President Donald Trump and Russia during the 2016 election was arrested Thursday as part of a probe by special counsel John Durham.

Igor Danchenko, the analyst, was charged in a grand jury indictment with five counts of making false statements to FBI agents during several interviews with agents in 2017 about his work providing information to former British spy Christopher Steele for the dossier.

Steele’s controversial dossier on Trump became the basis for the application of an FBI warrant to tap the phone of former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page a month before Election Day in 2016

Steele’s inquiry was funded by the firm Fusion GPS, which itself had been hired by the Democratic National Committee to conduct opposition research on the then-Republican candidate Trump.

Nov 05 06:28

Indictment of Igor Danchenko Casts New Doubts on Sourcing of Steele Dossier

An indictment returned in federal court on Thursday casts doubt on the sources of a series of salacious and largely discredited reports about former President Donald Trump and Russia that the FBI ultimately used in support of a counterintelligence investigation into his 2016 campaign and associates.

A Russia analyst who served as a central source for a dossier of opposition research material about Mr. Trump compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele was arrested and charged with lying to the FBI on Thursday, according to an indictment unsealed in Virginia federal court. He appeared before a judge on Thursday and was released on bond.

Nov 05 05:48

NJ senate president REFUSES to concede to trucker: Claims new ballots have suddenly appeared in race with Raymour and Flanagan driver who spent $153 on his campaign

A Republican truck driver who spent just $153 on his campaign and ran for office after he was denied a gun permit secured a stunning victory against the longest-serving legislative leader in New Jersey history in the state's elections - but the loser is disputing the results and claims more ballots were 'found' on Thursday.

The election was held on Tuesday but Associated Press only called the race today after 100 percent of precincts had reported.

Underdog GOP candidate Ed Durr delivered a humiliating defeat to Democratic Senate President Steve Sweeney in South New Jersey's 3rd Legislative District by a razor thin margin of 52 percent of the vote to 48.

It's another embarrassing upset for the Democrats after they lost the Virginia gubernatorial election, struggled in the race for New Jersey governor and were swept by a red wave in Long Island, New York.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 05 05:44

Biden's DOJ SUES Texas over voting restrictions bill which pushed Democrats to flee the state in latest attack on Republican states changing ballot box rules

The Texas law established new requirements, and possible criminal penalties, stipulating that those who assist voters at the polls must fill out new paperwork detailing their relationship to the voter and must under oath swear that they did not 'pressure or coerce' the voter into choosing them for assistance.

They must also pledge to limit their assistance to 'reading the ballot to the voter, directing the voter to read the ballot, marking the voter's ballot, or directing the voter to mark the ballot.'

The Texas bill also added new restrictions to voting by mail, where voters must include their driver's license number, election identification certificate or the final four digits of their Social Security number and an 'ink-on-paper' signature that can be checked against any previous signature on file with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Nov 04 16:12

WATCH: Virginia’s New Black Lt. Gov Winsome Sears EVISCERATES Joy Reid For Calling Her Win ‘White Nationalism’

The new Lt. Governor of Virginia, Winsome Sears, is calling out Joy Reid over her “shameful comments” and daring her to have a real discussion with her on Reid’s show:

Nov 04 16:03

Terry McAuliffe Campaign Announces Election Results Will Be Delayed While They “Re-Scan” Ballots.. And We Shouldn’t Be Suspicious

Virginia officials sought to tamp down on voter fraud claims before the election by insisting they would count mail-in early and absentee votes before in-person votes.

Fairfax County, Virginia’s most populous county and a Democratic stronghold, threw that all out the window on Tuesday night by missing their 8PM deadline.

Nov 04 12:15

WATCH: Brilliant Video Supercut Shows Liberals Crying That They Only Lost Virginia Because Americans Are Racist

Tom Elliott put together a SUPERCUT of news hosts and talking heads at MSNBC and CNN claiming that they only lost because racist Americans responded to racist tropes and dog whistles about CRT from Youngkin.

It’s seriously messed up.

Nov 04 12:14

WATCH: Rand Paul Blasts Fauci AGAIN Over His Gain-Of-Function Funding LIES — ‘You’ve Changed The Definition To Try And Cover YOUR Ass’

Rand Paul blasted Fauci this morning during a Senate hearing over his refusal to admit that gain-of-function research was going on in the Wuhan lab.

Rand Paul starts by laying out the fact that risky gain-of-function research was done in the lab in Wuhan, noting that even the Chinese authors attest to it. But Fauci continues to deny it.

Rand Paul lays into Fauci for trying to change the definition of ‘gain-of-function’ to justify his denials:

Nov 04 11:19

Arrest Of Steele Dossier Source A "Seismic Development"

Shining further light on today's arrest of Igor Danchenko - the primary source for the debunked Steele dossier - is constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, who calls it a "seismic development."

More via Jonathanturley.org:

The office of Special Counsel John Durham has confirmed that Igor Danchenko, a key source for British ex-spy Christopher Steele, has been arrested. This is the third arrest by Durham who is moving toward the prosecution stage of his investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion scandal. Durham is variously described as either painfully methodical or positively glacial as a prosecutor. But he is widely credited with being a dogged and absolutely apolitical prosecutor. Danchenko’s arrest is a seismic development and confirmed Durham is far from done with his investigation.

Nov 04 11:16

Exclusive — House Republican Leaders: Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda Is ‘Dead’

House Republicans told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislative agenda is “dead” after Tuesday’s Republican landslide elections.

Reps. Drew Ferguson (R-GA); the House Republican chief deputy whip, Kat Cammack (R-FL); and Warren Davidson (R-OH) spoke to Breitbart News after Republicans scored major victories in Virginia, New Jersey, and other elections on Tuesday.

The House Republicans told Breitbart News that the elections serve as a repudiation of Biden’s agenda. Biden has pinned his legislative majority on passing dual infrastructure bills, the $1.2 trillion so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill, or the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act.

Nov 04 10:52

2 federal judges are poised to quietly begin unlocking reams of Jan. 6 secrets for Congress

Most Americans haven’t heard of Beryl Howell and Tanya Chutkan. Yet these two federal judges are poised to help deliver troves of hidden information to congressional investigators over the next few weeks that could dramatically reshape the public’s understanding of the Jan. 6 insurrection.

On Thursday, Chutkan, a 2014 appointee of President Barack Obama, will weigh former President Donald Trump’s effort to shield his White House records from the Jan. 6 select committee. Her ruling there could help lawmakers obtain call records, visitor logs and highly sensitive files from Trump’s senior aides.

Nov 04 10:46

NJ Election Chaos: Early Vote Double-Counted in Hudson County, Was Fixed and Gave GOP Candidate Lead

Reporting problems in the race for New Jersey’s governorship are causing some concern.

According to NBC News National Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki, the early vote in Hudson County, New Jersey, was “double-counted.”

Apparently, the double count had given Democratic candidate Phillip Murphy 10,732 additional votes, whereas his Republican opponent, Jack Ciattarelli, only saw a gain of 2,842 votes.

Nov 04 08:47

San Francisco Mandating Covid Vax For All 5- to 11-Year-Olds to Access Businesses

The city of San Francisco is going to ban children aged 5 to 11 from entering indoor businesses if they don't take Pfizer's experimental mRNA covid injection that was just rubber-stamped by the corrupt CDC for "emergency use."

Nov 04 08:20