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If the Deep State Wants Biden to Win, He Will

Even without a crystal ball, it’s predicted that presidential candidate and former Vice-President Joe Biden will win the 2020 United States presidential election. However, this forecast is not based on record voter turnout or the magnitude of bad press generated by every corporate-controlled news media organization other than Fox against President Donald Trump or any personal bias, but simply because Biden will win if the Deep State wants it. The obvious rift between the Deep State and President Donald Trump, as evidenced by the preposterous and debunked Russiagate scandal, is contrasted by Biden and the CIA’s declared love fest.

While Trump’s done the ruling elite’s bidding at the expense of everyone else with his domestic tax cuts for the wealthy, the evisceration of the Environmental Protection Agency’s oversight function as well as international isolationist policiesevidenced by his withdrawal from peace, trade, nuclear and environmental agreements/accords and increases in unlawful unilateral economic sanctions, extrajudicial killings, lawfare, and piracy, this is still not enough “goodwill” for the greedy Deep State. They want it all!