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Coppola’s Third Sequel: The Godfather Downunder

Director Francis Ford Coppola has announced a remake of his classic film “The Godfather” but this time set in the Land Downunder. Here is the synopsis:

These are dark days in Melbourne City after mobster and drug pusher Dan Corleone, nicknamed “The Dan” becomes the Premier.

The Dan – or “Mr Big-Shot” as some call him- blackmails businesses in the city to force a dangerous drug on all their employees, called The Jab.

If they don’t get The Jab, they lose their job – or else the business has to pay Dan Corleone a cool 100 grand.

Warning: contains some disturbing scenes of extreme violence, including the Shrine of Remembrance Day Massacre, where the Mob disguised as police fire upon protestors, and the terrifying “Devil’s Playground Ban Scene”.

Starring Dan Andrews as Dan Corleone, and Scott Morrison as Al Capone (or maybe I’m confusing that with another movie…)