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January 19, 2022

Jan 19 17:03

Ukraine planning 'false flag' Donbass incident – militia

Ukrainian commandos trained by Britain are planning a “series of terrorist attacks” in the Donbass to use as cover for a false flag operation, an official from the unrecognised, so-called, Donetsk People's Republic has alleged.

Local Militia spokesman Eduard Basurin said on Wednesday that Kiev will stage a provocation to accuse Russia of invading the country. He added that he believed neo-Nazi ‘Right Sector’ militants were also operating in the area. However, he provided no evidence to back up the allegations.

Basurin, however, insisted that he had “reliable information” suggesting six groups of saboteurs from the 8th Special Purpose Regiment of Ukrainian Armed Forces (VSU) had been trained by specialists from the UK and deployed near the line of contact. Their targets would allegedly include gas and water supply as well as power stations.

Jan 19 17:03

US warns about nukes in Belarus

Russia could station nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus under the terms of Minsk’s new draft constitution, a high-ranking US State Department official has claimed, as Washington and Moscow seek to do a deal on European security guarantees.

Speaking at a special closed-door briefing on Tuesday, the unnamed American official voiced concern that the changes put forward may “indicate Belarus’ plans to allow both conventional and nuclear Russian forces to be deployed on its territory.”

According to the high-ranking representative, such a move would pose a challenge to European security and may require a response from Western officials.

Jan 19 17:02

Moldova declares state of emergency

The government of Moldova has declared a new 60-day state of emergency, following a warning from Russian energy firm Gazprom that it could halt gas deliveries to the country due to unpaid bills.

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrili?a announced the news at a cabinet session on Wednesday, saying, “the decision has been approved. It must now be confirmed by parliament. After that, an emergency commission will take full measures to ensure that consumers have uninterrupted access to gas.”

Jan 19 16:53

The CIA’s high-stakes game in Ukraine

With fears of a conflict breaking out between Russia and Ukraine, there has been no end of speculation about how the standoff could spiral into all-out fighting. Some of the theories and purported plans come with evidence, others don’t – but in their own way, they’re all intriguing.

Not surprising, but still revealing, are reports that the CIA have trained special forces in Ukraine to defend the country against a possible invasion. In all likelihood, the scheme would have included far-right fighters. Through well-timed leaks and statements by anonymous “persons familiar” and conveniently retired US officers, these trainees are now presented as the potential backbone of a guerrilla-style resistance force.

exmarketplace 2
Jan 19 16:53

Ukrainian parliament leader blasts Western media

Western media outlets are driving rumors that Russian troops are planning to wage an offensive across the border into Ukraine, a close political ally of President Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed, as tensions remain high on the shared border.

Speaking on Wednesday to the Ukrainian outlet Focus, David Arakhamia, the head of the “Servant of the People” faction in parliament, said that such claims of an invasion are not a recent phenomenon. The party was founded by Zelensky in 2017 ahead of his bid to become president, and is named after the popular comedy show he starred in before embarking on his political career.

“There is always a threat from the outside. But! Remember the escalation last spring? Today’s situation is no worse than that – it's roughly in the same range,” said the official, who also is a member of the Verkhovna Rada’s National Security, Defense and Intelligence Committee.

Jan 19 16:14

Not A Single Body Has Been Found At Indigenous ‘Unmarked Mass Grave’ In Canada That Sparked Protests And Churches Being Burned Down

More than a dozen churches were set on fire throughout Canada over claims that ground-penetrating radar discovered what appeared to be an “unmarked mass grave” of indigenous children “as young as three years old” in Kamloops, yet not one body has been exhumed and the radar signatures of “graves” may just be tree roots and stones.

Jan 19 16:13

Parent Watchdog Group Catches Yet MORE Schools Pushing Transgender Materials.. On THREE-YEAR-OLD Kids

Parents watchdog group Parents Defending Education (PDE) has warned that a school district in Minnesota is pushing transgender and “pride” books and materials on to children as young as three years old.

Jan 19 15:53

UK Judges Refuse To Deport An Afghan Convicted RAPIST Out Of ‘Fear’ The Taliban May Harshly Punish Him

Because the Taliban ‘take a dim view’ of sex offenders, a convicted rapist has dodged deportation back to Afghanistan.

exmarketplace 3
Jan 19 14:59

American grocery store shelves growing increasingly bare as Biden supply chain crisis accelerates

The mainstream media doesn't have much to say about it.... but... Americans around the country have taken to social media, Reuters noted, to post photos of empty or barren pasta, meat, and produce aisles at some Walmart stores and other major retailers including a Meijer store in Indianapolis, which was out of chicken; a Palm Beach, Fla., Publix that was out of toilet paper and home hygiene products; and Costco stores in Washington state that have reimposed purchase limits.

Jan 19 14:35


Jan 19 14:34

When Higher Prices Are Not Inflation

Jan 19 14:33

‘You’re Gonna Go Home And Die!’: Howard Stern Wants Hospitals To Deny Care To The Unvaxxed

Radio shock jock Howard Stern has made sure it’s no secret that he believes hospitals should deny treatment to people who have not been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

Stern said on his Wednesday broadcast of “The Howard Stern Show” on Sirius XM that when unvaccinated people showed up at hospitals with symptoms of COVID-19, they should be turned away.

Jan 19 14:32

Booster Shot For Russia! Will UAE Co-Develop SU-75 Checkmate With Moscow After Suspending US F-35 Fighter Deal?

Russia is looking to co-produce its new Su-75 Checkmate stealth fighter aircraft with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which recently suspended a $23 billion arms deal with the US.

Moscow’s collaboration with Abu Dhabi could be a win-win situation as it has the potential to revitalize Russia’s struggling defense industry while also reducing the UAE’s dependence on the West for its warplanes.

Su-75 Checkmate

The Su-75 Checkmate is designed to be a low-cost alternative to the US’ F-35 fighter jets. This modern aircraft is the second fifth-generation warplane that Russia will produce after the Su-57.

Jan 19 14:30

'The Five' rip liberal polices leading to death and destruction

Jan 19 14:30

Olympic athletes heading to Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics will need to keep their thoughts on human rights issues to themselves unless they want to wind up on the wrong side of Chinese law.

Conservative broadcaster Jack Posobiec, the host of “Human Events Daily,” offered free on-air spots for “any Carhartt competitors” on Wednesday after the outdoor clothing company announced it would continue to require a COVID-19 vaccine mandate despite the Supreme Court ruling against it.

Jan 19 14:29

Beijing Official Says Olympic Athletes Could Face ‘Punishment’ For Violating ‘Olympic Spirit’

Olympic athletes heading to Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics will need to keep their thoughts on human rights issues to themselves unless they want to wind up on the wrong side of Chinese law.

Jan 19 14:28

Top Democrat Slammed After Dropping Socialist Dictator’s Name During Press Conference

On Wednesday, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), the chair of the Democratic House Caucus, spoke of the Democrats’ efforts to force Republicans to bend to their will on voting rights, and while celebrating various civil rights leaders, mentioned former Venezuelan despot Hugo Chavez before correcting himself and naming Cesar Chavez, triggering criticism on social media.

Jan 19 14:21

China shuts down more ports due to “covid,” global supply chain collapse imminent?

China’s “covid-zero” policy means that consumer goods will now have an even more difficult time getting out of China to the rest of the world. Some of the supply is being rerouted through Shanghai, but it will not be enough to avoid the same types of congestion bottlenecks – or worse – that occurred last summer. -- The United States is still feeling the effects of this as at least 105 supply ships float off the West Coast with no end in sight. That number will soon skyrocket as China engages in more economic warfare under the guise of fighting “covid.”

Jan 19 14:20

Trans woman who confessed to sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl in a public bathroom could end up serving little to no time, outraging officials

A transgender woman who reportedly sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in a California bathroom could end up serving little to no time under Los Angeles County's criminal justice reform policies, infuriating area residents.

What are the details?

Jan 19 14:19

Boris Johnson ends England's COVID restrictions, including mask mandates and vaccine passports, amid scandal

England will end its mandatory face masking and COVID-19 vaccine passport requirements on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to applause from Parliament.

Speaking in the House of Commons Wednesday, Johnson said scientists believe the wave of coronavirus cases caused by the Omicron variant had peaked nationally and as such the country would revert to its "Plan A" response to the virus, according to the BBC.

Jan 19 14:18

Public school teaching tool reportedly says being a 'military kid' means you have 'privilege' — and reaction is pointed

Virginia's Fairfax County Public Schools is in the news yet again, as the Daily Wire reported that a teaching tool indicates that being a "military kid" is among a long list of privileges.

What are the details?

Jan 19 14:05

Is an all-out Russia-Ukraine war about to break out?

Russia and its CSTO ally Belarus have announced joint military exercises in February, which Western pundits claim are part of preparations for an invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Kiev has been receiving new weapons from the UK, this week, with the shipments touted as boosting its ‘self-defense’.

At the same time, EU members are debating what exactly would trigger anti-Russian sanctions that they have pledged to impose in response to an attack. Moscow continues to insist it has no intention to use force against Kiev.

Jan 19 13:53

NSA Whistleblower: Everyone in US under virtual surveillance, all info stored, no matter the post

RT talks to William Binney, whistleblower and former NSA crypto-mathematician who served in the agency for decades. Virtual privacy in US, Petraeus affair and whistleblowers' odds in fight against the authorities are among key topics of this exclusive interview

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Odd they could not find Hillary's missing emails!

Jan 19 13:49

NATO Military Buildup near Belarusian Borders Won’t Go Unnoticed by Russia: Envoy

The buildup of NATO forces near the borders of Belarus will not be left unnoticed by Russia, Russia’s new Ambassador to Belarus Boris Gryzlov said.

"We see that the buildup of NATO personnel and military equipment literally at our doorstep continues without cease. During the above-mentioned migration crisis, additional forces, including heavy weaponry, were deployed near the Belarusian border. Of course, it won’t go unnoticed," he said in an interview to TASS.

"We are very thorough in our approach to border safety matters. Joint Russian-Belarusian patrols of the Union State’s aerial borders is conducted on a regular basis, including with the use of Tu-22M3 long-range strategic bombers, Su-30 multirole fighter aircraft and so on," the ambassador continued.

Gryzlov went on to say that the new version of the Union State’s military doctrine was approved in November 2021.

Jan 19 13:47

Trucking companies sound alarm, say Canada’s draconian vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers will devastate economy

Trucking organizations are echoing warnings from individual haulers and trucking companies that vaccine mandates for drivers on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border are going to devastate economics and come at a time when the supply chain crisis continues to leave shelves bare in grocery and retail stores.

Jan 19 13:43

Russia Dumps $900 Million More in US Treasuries as Total Investment Hits Historic Low

Once one of the largest holders of US debt, Moscow has gradually whittled away at its T-Bill stocks and dollar holdings after 2014 over the crisis in Ukraine, switching to euros, yuans, gold and other alternative investments and stores of value.

Russia has continued to reduce its holdings of US debt, with total investment dropping from $3.7 billion to $2.4 billion in November 2021, fresh US Treasury data published Tuesday has revealed. Russian investment now includes $2.3 billion in short-term bonds, and $101 million in long-term bonds, according to the Treasury.

Russian investment in US debt has dropped to just 1.3 percent of its 2010 peak of $176.3 billion over the past twelve years, with Russia tumbling from the ranking of the top 15 holders of US debt in 2018.

Jan 19 13:42

'Russian Missiles in Cuba & Venezuela': What's Behind Moscow's Hardball Rhetoric?

The Kremlin remarks about the possible deployments of Russian military assets in Cuba and Venezuela are highlighting the seriousness of the unfolding situation to Washington, says former Reagan administration official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, adding that the entire problem could be solved by providing Russia with security guarantees.

Russia is exploring options to ensure its security, said Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov on Monday, not ruling out deployments of Russian missiles in Cuba and Venezuela if the US and NATO neglect Moscow's concerns and go on with a military build-up on Russia's doorstep.

Jan 19 13:41

'Horror Stories': Minsk Rejects US Claims That Russia Could Invade Ukraine From Belarus

Recent statements from the US State Department regarding Russia's alleged invasion of Ukraine from Belarus and deployment of nuclear arms in the neighboring country are nothing more than "horror stories", the Belarusian Foreign Ministry said.

A senior US State Department official said on Tuesday that proposed changes to the Belarusian constitution indicate Minsk's plans to allow both Russian conventional and nuclear forces to be stationed on its territory. They also claimed that Russia could deploy its troops to Belarus under the pretext of military drill to potentially attack Ukraine from the northern direction.

"We had a look at this bizarre briefing. It is an astonishing collection of fantasies and horror stories. Also, it was done absolutely intentionally, even the anonymous delivery indicates this," Foreign Ministry spokesman Anatoly Glaz said, accusing Washington of making false statements to aggravate the situation and justify its "illegal actions."

Jan 19 13:23


The NHL reached a destination that many expected them to on Tuesday, with DailyFaceOff's Frank Seravalli reporting that the league and the NHLPA have agreed to stop administering COVID-19 tests to players who are asymptomatic.

In addition, the league will mandate that players be subject to testing only prior to accompanying their team on cross-border travel.

The NHL and NHLPA are expected to meet on Jan. 31 to discuss these protocol changes moving forward, with the league's current COVID-19 protocols expected to remain in place until Feb. 3.

Jan 19 13:22

Live Q&A: China Reports Community Transmission of Hemorrhagic Fever; Biden Has His ‘Worst Week’

It appears that another virus is spreading in China. It allegedly has patients bleeding from bodily openings, including the eyes and ears. Reports from Xi’an, where the government has locked down a city of 13 million people, some who are nearing starvation, claim there are now signs of community transmission of hemorrhagic fever. The state-run Global Times reported on this, and claimed the regime is urging quick vaccinations to stop the spread of the virus.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Biological warfare?

Jan 19 13:22

Russia, Iran, China to hold joint naval maneuvers

The Russian, Iranian and Chinese navies will hold joint naval maneuvers, Russia’s Pacific Fleet reported on Tuesday.

"The Pacific Fleet’s naval group made up of the Guards Order of Nakhimov missile cruiser Varyag, the large anti-submarine warfare ship Admiral Tributs and the large sea tanker Boris Butoma has anchored in the roadstead of the Chabahar port in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the port, the Russian Navy’s official delegation will take part in a planning conference on holding joint naval drills of combat ships of Russia, Iran and China," the Pacific Fleet’s press office reported.

The Russian naval ships will also replenish food, fresh water and fuel supplies at the port, the press office specified.

Jan 19 13:21

Poll finds only 10% of Americans trust media on COVID, 30% trust Fauci

Put it another way, almost 90 per cent of Americans don’t trust the media when it comes to COVID and fewer than one in five trust Joe Biden.

No wonder Biden is begging social media companies to engage in even more censorship of information relating to COVID-19.

Jan 19 13:15

Tonga eruption could have 'cooling effect' on southern hemisphere - scientist

It is possible the Tongan volcanic eruption could lead to a slightly cooler winter and possibly beautiful sunsets in the southern hemisphere this winter.

When a volcano erupts, it releases huge amounts of sulphur dioxide (SO2) into the air, which bounces some of the sun's radiation away.

Climate scientist Jim Salinger has researched the impacts of major volcanic eruptions, including Pinatubo, on the climate in New Zealand. He said it was not nearly as large eruption as Pinatubo, and would not have a global impact on the climate, but there could be some local effects in the Southern Hemisphere.

Dr Salinger said it could take a few months to kick in and have cooling of about 0.1 to 0.5 degrees, lasting until spring.

"[In] New Zealand it would mean that it might be just a little bit cooler than normal."

Jan 19 13:11

Hospitals, Stop Hiding Your Prices

Most people using hospital services must sign a form indicating that they will pay whatever their health insurance doesn’t. Federal transparency rules can help defend us against the consequence of that signature.

Federal price transparency rules require hospitals to post all negotiated rates, including cash prices for the uninsured, every single commercial insurance plan that they’ve contracted with, and even rates for government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and the Veterans Administration.

Those rules require hospitals to display:

Pricing in a prominent place on the hospital website—if it’s hard to find, the hospital is out of compliance.

A machine-readable file (usually an .xls or .crv file) with this information. Interactive tools that only show you your plan’s price aren’t good enough.

Jan 19 13:10

Starbucks reverses Vaccine Mandate for employees…

Starbucks is no longer requiring its US workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, reversing a policy it announced earlier this month.

Jan 19 13:10

Boiling the Frog

The US began as, very possibly, the most ideal republic ever conceived. Yet, at intervals, over the last 244 years, the original ideals have been stripped away and, in recent years, as it slides toward a very literal 1984, the deterioration has sped up dramatically. Saddest of all, it is occurring with the approval of the now-complacent frogs. -- This is not to say that the US is alone in its deterioration towards a totalitarian state. The countries of the EU and many others of the former “Free World” are also in decline. However, the US does lead the way in its Orwellian surveillance. At this point, the US government does not even deny its surveillance. In Orwellian tradition, they merely state, “If you have nothing to hide, you need not fear your government.” And just as in 1984, that fear is exactly the object. People who live in fear are easily controlled.They stay put and take whatever is dished up.

Jan 19 13:08

Huge victory in Czech Republic…

JUST IN – Vaccination against COVID will not become mandatory in the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Petr Fiala said today at a press conference.

Jan 19 13:03

US Nuclear Target Map

Out of curiosity I searched for maps that may reveal nuclear targets in the United States, and I’ve posted them here for your interest.

(See below for more maps)

The nuclear targets map shown above (source file) is one that I put together based on a number of factors — looking at other maps and data including military installations, nuclear weapons storage and silo locations, bases, cities, etc..

No doubt I’ve missed a number of them, as well as other probable strategic locations, but it’s simply presented as ‘food for thought’.

Jan 19 12:58


Jan 19 12:22

Ooooh That Smell (Cartoon)

Jan 19 11:34

How Good Has Joe Biden Been For Republicans? Poll Shows 'Record Breaking' Good

In one of the most significant moves since Gallup began regularly measuring party identification and leaning in 1991, Americans' political party preference during 2021 shifted from Democrat to Republican.

Democrats pivoted from a nine-percentage-point advantage in the first quarter of 2021 to a rare five-point deficit to the GOP in the fourth quarter, Gallup said Monday.

Jan 19 11:33

FBI warning: Crooks are using fake QR codes to steal your passwords and money

QR codes are useful shortcuts to online resources via a phone's camera, but scammers are now tampering with them to direct victims to phishing pages and cryptocurrency scams.

QR or 'Quick Response' codes have been connecting scanners to real-world objects since the 1990s, but got widely adopted during the pandemic as businesses moved to contactless communication and payments via QR codes on restaurant menus, parking meters and other public spaces.

But scammers are now targeting the QR code's increased familiarity by tampering with the pixelated barcodes and redirecting victims to sites that steal logins and financial information, according to an FBI alert.

Jan 19 11:30

Tesla Driver Operating in Autopilot Charged with 2 Counts of Manslaughter

By B.N. Frank

Last month Tesla recalled hundreds of thousands of its vehicles in the U.S. and China. Of course, Tesla recalls are nothing new. In addition to recalls, various dangerous incidents and issues have been reported and continue to be reported about Tesla vehicles. Last year, the U.S. government started an investigation on Tesla’s autopilot feature. Police officers injured by a Tesla being operated in Autopilot filed a lawsuit against the company as well. Nevertheless, the company continues to offer features that allow cars to drive customers instead of vice versa. Naturally, Tesla owners aren’t required to use these features if they have safety concerns...

Jan 19 11:29

SICKENING Big fines for unjabbed

Jan 19 11:29

China's Covid Lockdowns Are INSANE

Jan 19 11:28

US seeking ways to profit should Russia-Ukraine conflict break out – reports

The US State Department has reportedly held talks with international energy majors on the possibility of contingency supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe if conflict between Russia and Ukraine disrupts deliveries.

Over the past several months, the White House has repeatedly expressed the concern that Russia is preparing to launch a military assault on Ukraine. Russia has made it clear it has no such plans.

The US administration has threatened Moscow with another round of “crippling” sanctions in the event of a conflict between the neighboring states.

The imposition of penalties could disrupt the supply of Russian LNG to Europe, which accounts for about a third of European energy imports, and would inevitably exacerbate the energy crisis that has recently hit the region.

Jan 19 11:19

Remember how health authorities said serious vaccine side effects always will be seen fast?

In 2010, German scientists found that a Pfizer veterinary vaccine to reduce diarrhea in cows caused a fatal bleeding disease in their calves.

Even after pressure from Germany caused Pfizer to stop selling the vaccine there, the company kept selling it elsewhere. A top Pfizer official told British farmers it was safe to use and that “other factors” were likely involved.

A month later, Pfizer stopped selling the vaccine. European regulators later found it caused a 1-in-6000 risk of the bleeding disease. “For a prophylactic measure such as vaccination this figure was considered unacceptable for a potentially fatal disorder,” the regulators found.

The risk of Covid-vaccine induced myocarditis - which can be fatal - in young men is now estimated at somewhere between 1 in 2000 and 1 in 3000.

Apparently the rules are stricter for cows.

Jan 19 11:18

KFC’s new fake chicken nuggets are really gross

KFC is the latest fast-food giant to claim that “plant-based” chicken can taste as good as the real thing — but the chain picked the wrong faux fowl to make its case.

The chain’s supposedly long-awaited Beyond Nuggets (six for $7.99) are beyond awful — worse than KFC’s near-flavorless real-meat chicken tenders.

The fake chicken from within KFC’s new offerings come from Beyond Meat, a rival to Impossible Foods, which created the famous Impossible Burger. The idea behind offering artificial chicken at KFC is to “democratize plant-based protein,” according to Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown.

But this bogus bird would not fool a 7-month-old experiencing solid food for the first time.

Jan 19 11:17

Joe Manchin Shrugs Off Elizabeth Warren's Primary Threat, Digs In on Filibuster

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) stood his ground Tuesday after the threat of a potential primary challenge came from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

Manchin added that he would stick to his guns regarding the filibuster, which requires a 60-40 vote in the Senate to overcome. He shot down Democratic initiatives to try to stop its use ahead of a vote on the Freedom to Vote Act.

Manchin told reporters on Capitol Hill that he would not change his mind.

"The majority of my colleagues in the Democratic caucus have changed their minds. I respect that. They have a right to change their minds," Manchin stated. "I haven't. I hope they respect that too. I've never changed my mind on the filibuster."

Amid ongoing criticism on the filibuster from their party, Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona appear to be among the only two Democrats who oppose filibuster reform. This is despite all 50 Democrats in the Senate supporting the Freedom to Vote Act.

Jan 19 11:16

Expect Fauci to retire this year

If Dr. Anthony Fauci is good at one thing… it’s finding vaccines to cure deadly diseases.

I’m funning you, people! I’m just so excited that Albert Bourla DVM is finally getting the recognition he deserves I can’t control myself.

No, if Tony Fauci is good at one thing… it’s reading the room. And the polls.

And the polls are screaming red. The biggest question at this point is whether Biden’s net approval rating is closer to negative 10 points or negative 20.

Yes, November is a long way off, but what’s going to change?

Jan 19 11:05

Schumer, Democrats have taken ‘wrecking ball’ to Senate: Sen. Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says the radical left is ‘the most destructive group of people in my political lifetime.’

Jan 19 11:04

JOE 2.0 NEEDS TO ADDRESS INFLATION AND CRIME: Biden Has to Refocus His Efforts in 2022.

There’s no way around it —President Biden is incredibly unpopular. But according to a new Fox News report, the Administration may be switching things up in 2022. And after that devastating Quinnipiac poll that found only 33% of Americans approve of the job Joe is doing, they really have no choice.

“Wednesday afternoon’s East Room press conference is emblematic of a White House attempting to reconstruct itself into a less-cloistered outfit that embraces the public…And so, at the podium Wednesday, the press and the nation will behold Biden 2.0,” Fox News reports.

“Until recently, the White House did not seem to be taking inflation very seriously. Just three months ago, Biden’s chief of staff retweeted a tweet calling inflation a “high class” problem. Meantime, the White House has sought to emphasize that the economy is growing and that various other economic data look great.”

Jan 19 11:03

Watch: Alex Jones Shows How Child Slave Muzzle Symptom of Mass Psychosis

Alex Jones breaks down the mass formation psychosis that has forced humanity to suffocate their own children to “protect” them from a virus that doesn’t affect them.

Jan 19 11:03

MASKING MADNESS: Middle School Teacher Caught Taping Mask to Child’s Face

This needs to stop. Now.

A teacher from the North Penn School District was caught taping a mask to a child’s face in the classroom. The picture was shared on social media, accompanied by a message about the upcoming school board meeting to discuss the issue.

“Pro-mask or anti-mask, I hope we can all agree that taping masks to children’s faces crosses the LINE. This was not a joke for the child or the parents,” the message reads.

“I am calling on the North Penn Neighbors for Progress and North Penn School District to address this photo of a Pennfield Middle school co-teacher taping a mask to a child’s face to district parents and families ASAP.”

Jan 19 10:58

WHO Reveals No Evidence Shows Kids, Adults Need COVID-19 Booster

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently suggested a booster for healthy children and adults is most likely not needed.

On Tuesday, the specialized agency’s chief scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, said there is no evidence to currently support the idea that adolescents in good health need an extra dose of the COVID- 19 vaccine. During the news briefing, Swaminathan assured more research is needed to determine who needs the boosters and who doesn’t.

“The aim is to protect the most vulnerable, to protect those at highest risk of severe disease and dying,” she explained. “Those are our elderly populations, immuno-compromised people with underlying conditions, but also healthcare workers.”