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"The developing coherence of Asian regional thinking is reflected in a disposition to consider problems and loyalties in regional terms [negating national loyalties and sovereignties], and to evolve regional approaches to development needs and to the evolution of a new world order" -- Richard Nixon, Foreign Affairs October 1967


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Apr 29 13:24

Kim Jong Un’s sister reportedly has been gaining power in North Korea

As reports swirl about whether or not Kim Jong Un’s younger sister is a candidate to replace him should he die, a South Korean think tank reported Wednesday that she has been gaining power in the Hermit Kingdom in recent months.

Apr 29 13:20

Judge Jeanine Says Hillary Clinton Is ‘A Standard Bearer, The Magnet, The Enabler Of Sexual Predators’

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro said that Hillary Clinton endorsing Joe Biden might not help the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee much because Clinton is “a standard bearer … for sexual predators.”

‘The woman is literally a standard-bearer, the magnet, the enabler of sexual predators’

“You know, Hillary Clinton endorsing Joe Biden when he’s being accused of, as you say, not sexual harassment but sexual assault, it’s like the kiss of death. The woman is literally a standard-bearer, the magnet, the enabler of sexual predators,” Pirro said on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday, where she noted Hillary’s defense of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who was accused by many women of sexual misconduct and assault.

Apr 29 12:46

How China is attempting to prevent a second wave of infections

As the first major country to emerge from coronavirus lockdowns, China is focused on avoiding a devastating second wave of infections as it returns to a semblance of prepandemic life.

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Apr 29 11:51


According to a report in the Australian Daily Telegraph, the so called ‘Five eyes’ intelligence co-operative – agencies in Australia, Canada, NZ, UK and US, are all investigating senior scientist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Peng Zhou, with regards to the potential of the coronavirus leaking from the lab.

The report claims that intelligence officials are examining “whether COVID-19 originated from a wet market or whether the naturally-occurring virus may have been released from the level four laboratory in Wuhan that was studying deadly coronavirus pathogens from bats.”

The report also notes that the Australian government co-funded Zhou’s research into bat borne viruses, in co-operation with the Chinese government.

It reveals that the scientist also spent three years at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory between 2011 and 2014, as part of a study involving transporting bats from Queensland to the lab to be dissected and studied for viruses.

Apr 29 11:50

Threat of second lockdown in Germany to combat rising coronavirus cases shows why the UK must NOT ease draconian curbs too early, says Dominic Raab

Dominic Raab says German experience shows lockdown can't be eased too early
Mr Raab insisted no changes will be announced until SAGE evidence next week
Sir Keir Starmer urged more details about exit plan saying public need to know
The coronavirus spike in Germany shows why the UK must not lift lockdown measures too early, Dominic Raab insisted tonight.

Apr 29 11:50

David Beckham returns to social media as star hands over his page to Age UK and reveals he and Victoria have been supporting the elderly with care packages amid ongoing furlough row

Countries around the world are struggling to contain the coronavirus pandemic
Though you may be self-isolating at home for now, there are plenty of ways, large and small, that you can help your community

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Apr 29 11:33

'So much for us being NHS heroes': Southmead Hospital workers in zero-hour contract 'nightmare'

A whistleblower at Southmead Hospital claims hundreds of its zero-hour contract staff are struggling to get any work.

The A&E healthcare assistant says the hospital has cancelled the vast majority of shifts for staff in her role and many nurses, after scheduled surgeries were suspended and some wards closed due to coronavirus.

She told Bristol Live she normally works full-time but is now struggling to get one shift a week – and has been told she is not eligible for furlough because of her zero-hour contract, though the Government's website says any contract is eligible.

Apr 29 11:28

NYC reports more coronavirus hospitalizations as fewer patients need intensive care

Mayor de Blasio reported some progress in the fight against coronavirus on Wednesday as New York City saw more hospitalizations from suspected infections but fewer intensive care patients and a drop in positive test rates.

Apr 29 11:16

Newport Beach to remain open despite thousands of people who packed sand during coronavirus lockdown

Tens of thousands of Californians flooded to the beach over the weekend, ignoring coronavirus social distancing guidelines, but the local government isn’t planning on sending them home.

Apr 29 11:11

Sky News: 95% Of England’s Covid Victims Had Underlying Conditions

Recent data from England’s National Health Services (NHS) reveals that 95% of the people diagnosed with COVID-19 who died had serious underlying health issues, findings that roughly align with the data out of New York City, the epicenter of the virus in the United States.

Apr 29 11:11

University Refuses To Share Terms Of Agreement With Biden To Keep His Senate Records Secret, Report Says

The University of Delaware is reportedly not answering questions about the terms of an agreement that they have with Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden to keep his Senate records secret until he retires from public life.

Apr 29 10:56

Economists explain why US college students won’t be getting big refunds on spring tuition

University campuses are typically busy, beautiful places this time of year. Carefully manicured quads are primed for students to take a break from their studying and lie sprawled in the sunshine. Amphitheaters are filled with end-of-year improv shows and keg parties. Magnolia trees and lilac bushes are in bloom.

Apr 29 10:29

Workers in States Quick to Reopen Would Lose Unemployment Benefits Even If Too Fearful to Return Yet

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday using the Defense Production Act to compel American meat processing plants to remain open—or in many cases to reopen—during the next phase of the coronavirus pandemic. The order comes in response to concerns about the nation’s food supply chain following the closure of a number of facilities in the interior of the country due to outbreaks of the virus among workers. As of last week, nearly two dozen packing and processing plants, accounting for a quarter of the U.S.’s pork production and 10 percent of the nation’s beef capacity, faced closure over the past two months.

Apr 29 10:26

Three things in life are certain: Death, taxes, and cloud-based IoT products being bricked by vendors. Looking at you, Belkin

Oh look, here's another cautionary tale about buying cloud-based IoT kit. On 29 May, global peripheral giant Belkin will flick the "off" switch on its Wemo NetCam IP cameras, turning the popular security devices into paperweights.

It's not unusual for a manufacturer to call time on physical hardware. Like software, it has a lifespan where, afterwards, it's deemed not economically viable for the vendor to continue providing support.

But this is a little different, because Belkin isn't merely ending support. It also plans to decommission the cloud services required for its Wemo NetCam devices to actually work.

Apr 29 10:25

US economic crisis: GDP shrinks 4.8% in biggest drop since 2008 financial crash

The grim figure marks the first negative GDP reading since the 1.1 percent decline in the first quarter of 2014 and the lowest level since the 8.4 percent plunge in the fourth quarter of 2008 during the worst of the financial crisis. Economist surveyed by Dow Jones had expected the first estimate of GDP to show a 3.5 per cent contraction this time round.

Today's data shows the biggest hits on the economy came from consumer spending, nonresidential fixed investment, exports and inventories.

Consumer spending, which makes up two thirds of GDP, fell 7.6 percent as all nonessential stores were closed and the cornerstone of the US economy was taken out of commission.

Exports dropped 8.7 percent while imports fell 15.3 percent, including a 30 percent drop in services.

Apr 29 09:47

Hillary Clinton: “Every Woman in This County” Must be Able to Kill Their Baby in an Abortion

Hillary Clinton suggested that pro-abortion politicians should use the coronavirus crisis to push for more abortions during a conversation Tuesday with Joe Biden.

Clinton, the two-time failed Democratic presidential candidate, endorsed Biden for president during a virtual town hall. During the announcement, both she and Biden emphasized their support for the killing of unborn babies in abortions. At one point, Biden claimed abortions are “essential health care that cannot be delayed.”

According to PJ Media, Clinton encouraged the likely Democratic presidential nominee to support a “universal health care” plan that would include taxpayer-funded abortions.

Apr 29 09:46

Last Year's Flu Season Was the Deadliest In Four Decades, But Prompted Zero Shutdowns

As states across the nation lengthen COVID-19 shutdown restrictions and the White House continues to urge social distancing measures at the advice of health officials, the CDC revealed this week that more than 80,000 Americans died last year – but not from the coronavirus.

From the seasonal flu.

In fact, according to the reported numbers, last year’s flu season was the deadliest since 1976, with far more fatalities than the 56,000 who died in 2011-12. In addition, more than 900,000 people were hospitalized with the flu last year alone.

Apr 29 09:45

Making public transit safe is the next hurdle for nations easing COVID-19 restrictions

In cities around the world, public transit systems are key to getting workers back on the job and restarting devastated economies, yet everything from trains and buses to ferries and bicycles will have to be re-imagined in the coronavirus era.

Apr 29 09:41

They Asked Every Senate Dem About Biden Sex Assault Allegation, Not a Single One Acknowledged It

Senate Democrats sure are busy these days, which is shocking when you consider that they don’t reconvene until next Monday and most of them are probably hunkered down indoors.

Apr 29 09:33

British submarine commander relieved of duty after dockside BBQ party

The meat wasn’t the only thing being grilled.
A British submarine commander was relieved of his duty Tuesday after he allowed his crew to have a small party on a pier, the BBC reported.

Apr 29 09:23

Chinese state media says Trump "feels no guilt" over U.S. coronavirus crisis and has "failed" Americans

Chinese state-backed newspaper has again criticized the White House as the war of words between Washington, D.C. and Beijing over the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Apr 29 08:49

John Cusack Calls On Bernie Sanders To Reverse Joe Biden Endorsement, Restart Campaign

After New York canceled its state presidential primary in response to the coronavirus, actor John Cusack has called upon Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to reverse his endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden and restart his campaign.

Apr 29 08:49

'The Squad' Proposes Bill Allowing Feds To Literally Cancel Property Rights During Pandemic

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has introduced a radical measure that would dismantle Americans’ property rights.

Apr 29 08:48

2020 needs to slow down(Picture)

Apr 29 08:48

One in seven Americans 'would not seek medical care for coronavirus symptoms' due to fear of cost

Around one in seven Americans would not seek medical if they developed a fever or dry cough because of concerns over costs, a new poll has found.

Apr 29 08:47

Something to hide? University of Delaware won’t tell the Daily Caller why they won’t unseal docs covering Joe Biden’s Senate career

You know, we’re starting to wonder if Joe Biden’s campaign actually wants to set the record straight on Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault:

Apr 29 08:47

‘Disgusting’: #MeToo hypocrite Stacey Abrams proves there’s no moral depth to which she won’t sink in order to be Joe Biden’s VP pick

It’s bad enough that Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is doing an about-face on alleged sexual assault victims and standing by Joe Biden, but as far as we know, she’s at least not actively campaigning to be Biden’s vice president.

Apr 29 08:43

Desperate To Identify People Staying At Home, Biometric Industry Holds "Festival Of Identity Webinar"

Apr 29 08:40

Dow jumps 400 points after Gilead reported 'positive data' for its experimental coronavirus treatment

U.S. stock indexes jumped on Wednesday after Gilead Sciences said its experimental antiviral drug met the main goal of a trial testing it in COVID-19 patients.
At 9.31am, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 424.89 points, or 1.76 percent, to 24,526.44. The S&P 500 was up more than 1 percent and Nasdaq composite rose more than 2 percent.

Apr 29 08:31

The doctor who 'discovered the coronavirus': Wuhan medic raised the alarm to authorities in December after noticing 'mysterious pneumonia' that could spread between people (14 Pics)

Apr 29 08:25

Inside look at NYC’s painstaking new push to get homeless out of subways and into shelters during coronavirus shutdown

Thirty-five masked cops and homeless outreach workers gathered at 1 a.m. Wednesday along Manhattan’s 96th St. subway platform on the northern end of the Q line, waiting for trains to pull in.

Apr 29 08:21

Holding ‘Loser’s Tickets’ At ‘Winner’s Window’: Dem Congressman Roasts Abrams For Blatant VP Push

During a conversation about Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his future running mate pick, Tangazo! podcast host Hank Thompson talked to Rep. William Lacy Clay Jr. (D-MO) about how some prominent Democrats seem to be losing focus on the goal of winning the election in 2020 in favor of other agendas.

Apr 29 08:19

Pentagon would be producing biological weapons in the Amazon Rainforest

The theme of biological warfare has gained increasing prominence in recent times. The global pandemic of the new coronavirus has aroused interest in this matter in particular, and several speculations have arisen by experts from many countries about the possibility of an artificial origin of the virus that currently plagues the planet. In fact, it doesn’t matter if this particular virus was created in laboratory or not, but the use of biological manipulation for military purposes is a complex subject and worthy of careful study. The interest in the issue is absolutely legitimate and allows such a debate to go beyond the sphere of “conspiracy theories” to acquire an academic character.

Apr 29 08:17

Washington Public Elementary School Educator Accused of Sexually Assaulting Two Boys at Coronavirus Childcare Center

An educator at a temporary childcare center to help essential workers during the coronavirus outbreak has been arrested on accusations that he sexually assaulted two boys last week.

Apr 29 08:17

Coronavirus tests run out just 80 minutes after ministers open screening to all over 65s and key workers – but government co-ordinator says only people with symptoms should apply

Home coronavirus test kits ran out online again in 80 minutes this morning after the Government said everyone over 65 can now get a test if they suffer symptoms.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock also said anyone who has to leave home to work will be eligible for a test amid a rush to hit his 100,000 daily checks target by tomorrow.

Apr 29 08:16

Experimental cancer drug is fast-tracked into human coronavirus trials and will be tested on 120 NHS patients THIS WEEK

An experimental Norwegian cancer drug has become the first of six promising coronavirus treatments to be fast-tracked into human coronavirus trials in the UK.

Apr 29 08:14


Apr 29 08:14

'Angry' doctors claim urgent NHS alert 'linking' deadly inflammatory syndrome that has put 20 children in hospital to coronavirus was issued too early - as boy, 13, fights for his life on a ventilator

A furious row has broken out between Great Ormond Street paediatricians and the NHS after an alert was dispatched to GPs linking a deadly inflammatory disease to the coronavirus.

Apr 29 08:02

William Randolph Hearst: Father Of Yellow Journalism/Fake News Billionaire

There's never been an American character quite like William Randolph Hearst, the business tycoon, newspaper publisher, and politician who created the largest media company in the United States. Hearst's name is synonymous with media to this day, but he's also known as the father of "yellow journalism" after he used it to jump start the Spanish-American War. His influence on politics and journalism inspired Orson Welles to write and direct Citizen Kane, a film cataloging the life of a fictional magnate with the same moral vacancy as Hearst.

Apr 29 08:01

1.9-km-wide 'potentially hazardous' asteroid safely flies past Earth

A 1.9-kilometre-wide asteroid safely passed by the Earth today. The asteroid made its closest approach at around 3:26 pm IST

Apr 29 07:38

Coronavirus recovery plan 'must tackle climate change'

Tackling climate change must be woven into the solution to the Covid-19 economic crisis, the UK will tell governments next week.

Apr 29 07:30

Mother who sought assurances her son with cystic fibrosis and autism would be able to return to school 'and be part of society' accuses Matt Hancock of evading her question

The mother who sought assurances for her son with cystic fibrosis at yesterday's Downing Street press conference has said Matt Hancock 'evaded' her question.

Apr 29 07:20

NYC Mayor de Blasio, NYPD 'breaking up' rabbi's funeral attended by hundreds

This little tinpot dictator has had a really bad week. Dick picks and swastikas on his snitch line. Getting caught with his wife breaking curfew and then he orders the most corrupt police department in America to break up a funeral and goes along to rub it in. I think he picked on the wrong people this time.
Barr needs to put his money where his mouth is and indict DeBlovio and NYPD and it's thugs for violation of civil rights. Give em the max, life!

Mayor Bill de Blasio

Something absolutely unacceptable happened in Williamsburg tonite: a large funeral gathering in the middle of this pandemic. When I heard, I went there myself to ensure the crowd was dispersed. And what I saw WILL NOT be tolerated so long as we are fighting the Coronavirus
6:29 PM - Apr 28, 2020
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Apr 29 07:12

She has the point(Picture)

Apr 29 07:11

Mike Pence says he DOESN'T need to wear a mask because he's 'been tested' as he defies Mayo Clinic's masks-for-all policy on tour of clinic - then claims he wanted to 'look healthcare personnel in the eye and say thank you'

Vice President Mike Pence flouted the Mayo Clinic's face mask policy on Tuesday when he visited doctors and patients the Minnesota hospital, not wearing the protective covering despite the hospital requirement.

Apr 29 07:05

Boeing Burns Through A Record $4.7BN In Cash As Revenue Crashes 26%, Will Fire 10% Of Workers

The hits just keep on coming for Boeing which last quarter was slammed with the continued grounding of the 737 MAX and now had to contend with the collapse in airline travel due to the coronavirus. As a result, moments ago Boeing reported another dismal earnings report with the following highlights:

Apr 29 06:57

Biden Has Wife Talk Instead Of Him. WTF?!?

exmarketplace 1
Apr 29 06:54

Video: It Looks Like Joe Biden Fall Asleep During Live Town Hall With Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton endorsed Joe Biden’s White House bid on Tuesday, continuing Democrats’ efforts to coalesce around the former vice president as he takes on President Donald Trump.

Clinton made her announcement during a Biden campaign town hall to discuss the coronavirus and its effect on women. Without mentioning Trump by name, Clinton assailed the Republican president’s handling of the pandemic and hailed Biden’s experience and temperament in comparison.
Biden, as a former vice president and six-term senator, “has been preparing for this moment his entire life,” Clinton said. “This is a moment when we need a leader, a president like Joe Biden.”

But it seems that sleepy Joe wasn’t excited to listen to Hillary’s boring speech.

Apr 29 06:52

Facebook deletes event for stay-at-home protest in Michigan

The Facebook event page for an upcoming protest against extending Michigan’s state of emergency was deleted by Facebook’s staff for defying the government’s guidance on social distancing.

Protesters plan to gather Thursday morning, April 30, outside the Michigan State Capitol building and call on legislators not to extend the state of emergency, which gives Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her administration additional executive authority to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Apr 29 06:52

What Biden’s recent endorsers said about Kavanaugh and #MeToo

Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer for Joe Biden, claimed in an interview last month that the former vice president had put his hand up her skirt and digitally penetrated her in 1993.

Since the March 25 interview, new evidence has emerged that seems to corroborate Reade’s story: her mother called into Larry King’s radio show about the incident in 1993, and her brother, a friend, and a neighbor all recall being told the story by Reade. Nonetheless, despite making multiple media appearances in the month since the allegation, Biden has not addressed Reade’s claim directly, though his spokespeople have denied it on his behalf. The former VP is nonetheless holding a ‘Virtual Women’s Town Hall’ on Tuesday.

Apr 29 06:50

YouTube Censors Viral Video Of California Doctors Criticizing "Stay-At-Home" Order

YouTube has censored a viral video in which two doctors criticized the logic of whether California’s stay-at-home coronavirus order is necessary.

The video, which had racked up over 5 million views, featured Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, co-owners of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, Calif.

In the clip, Erickson asserts that there is only a “0.03 chance of dying from COVID in the state of California,” prompting him to ask:

“Does that necessitate sheltering in place? Does that necessitate shutting down medical systems? Does that necessitate people being out of work?”

Apr 29 06:49

Trump Says 'COVID Reparations' Coming: US Will Bill China At Least $160 Billion

At a moment total US COVID-19 cases fast approaches one million, President Trump has again lashed out at China but this time with a very specific threat to bill the county of the devastating coronvirus' origin more that $160 billion for the 'substantial' amount for damages caused by the pandemic.

Trump made the comments from the Rose Garden at the White House Monday after he was pressed by a reporter over a German newspaper report suggesting that China should be issued a $160 billion invoice for the impact on Europe's economy.

The president responded he had a "much easier" idea: "We have ways of doing things a lot easier than that," Trump told the coronavirus press briefing. "Germany’s looking at things, and we’re looking at things, and we’re talking about a lot more money than Germany’s talking about."

Apr 29 06:49

"No Happy Ending For You" - Roubini Explains The Coming Greater Depression Of The 2020s

After the 2007-09 financial crisis, the imbalances and risks pervading the global economy were exacerbated by policy mistakes. So, rather than address the structural problems that the financial collapse and ensuing recession revealed, governments mostly kicked the can down the road, creating major downside risks that made another crisis inevitable. And now that it has arrived, the risks are growing even more acute.

Apr 29 06:45

Pandemic Passports And The Danger Of Immuno-Discrimination

With coronavirus antibody tests just days away from approval, the country is about to be flooded with millions of tests to determine if individuals have already been exposed to the virus and presumably have immunity from it.

The development is key for researchers to understand both the scope and spread of the virus as well as how close we may be to a type of “herd immunity.” That public health breakthrough however could trigger some difficult legal questions. First and foremost, what if you are not part of the herd?

Apr 29 06:44

Trump Wants All US Troops Immediately Out Of Afghanistan Due To Coronavirus

It appears the coronavirus pandemic may have provided the leverage President Trump needs to finally get all American troops out of the over eighteen-year quagmire in Afghanistan.

A new report this week by NBC has cited multiple senior officials to say the president "complains almost daily" that the US still has troops in Afghanistan, and that they are at risk for the spread of coronavirus.

According to NBC: "His renewed push to withdraw all of them has been spurred by the convergence of his concern that coronavirus poses a force protection issue for thousands of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and his impatience with the halting progress of his peace deal with the Taliban, the officials said."

Apr 29 06:43

Biden Says "I'm With Her" After Hillary Endorsement, Discusses "Economic Intercourse"

Perhaps the former vice-president has forgotten who is running? Doesn't he mean "She's with me"?

Kiss of death? Who knows. But if you believe the polls (like Hillary did), Biden has this all wrapped up as he leads Trump nationwide.

Apr 29 06:41

Third Major Transfer From The Middle Class To The Wealthy In 20 Years

Once again, the Fed Punishes Prudence.

The Fed will deploy more than $1.45 trillion in support of investors in leveraged assets—more than double the size of the 2008 Troubled Asset Relief Program, and over $7,000 for each working-age American. That includes $750 billion to purchase recently downgraded junk bonds and bond exchange-traded funds—an unprecedented intervention in the private credit markets.

Pumping trillions of dollars into corporate credit and even high-yield debt will further distort markets already shaped by a decade of easy-money policies. This is no abstract concern. The result will be an acceleration of two economy-wide transfers of wealth: from the middle class to the affluent and from the cautious to the reckless.

The transfer from the middle class to the wealthy continues a trend begun in the wake of the 2007-09 financial crisis.

Apr 29 06:36

KFC and DIY store Wickes announce plans to reopen branches as phone data reveals Britain is continuing to edge out of lockdown with rush hour traffic up two percentage points on week before

Fast food giant KFC has announced it will reopen another 80 branches for delivery as Britain continues to edge out of lockdown.
The fried chicken chain says 100 of its stores up and down the country will be able to bring orders to customers' homes from next Monday.

Apr 29 06:36

Politico Quietly Admits Their 'Trump Owes China Millions' Article Was Fake News With Midnight Correction

Three days after Politico dropped a 'bombshell' report about President Trump owing millions of dollars to the Bank of China, they published a lengthy retraction seven minutes before midnight on Monday.

Apr 29 06:35

Oil Spikes After Bomb-Laden Tanker Truck Detonates In Northern Syria, Killing At Least 34

A massive blast has ripped through a crowded commercial hub in the Northern Syrian city of Afrin along the Turkish border.

Turkish state media initially reported at least ten civilians killed after a bomb-laden fuel tanker truck exploded. Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency called it a "terror attack" carried out by unknown assailants. Subsequent updated reports said there are at least 34 dead, with the death toll expected to rise as emergency responders battle the resulting blaze.

Apr 29 06:32

Tara Reade torches Hillary Clinton for endorsing Biden, says she's 'enabling a sexual predator'

Tara Reade slammed Hillary Clinton for endorsing former vice president Joe Biden's bid for the White House on Tuesday, and accused the 2016 Democratic nominee of "enabling a sexual predator."

Apr 29 06:31

Racist narrative for attacks on Asian businesses in San Jose implodes after police name a suspect

Some feared racism motivated a spree of vandalism against numerous shops owned by Asian Americans in San Jose, California, but the narrative imploded after police named a suspect.

Apr 29 06:31

Dramatic moment US fighter jets escort Russian warplane flying close to American aircraft carrier in the Pacific

This is the moment a pair of US fighter jets accompany a Russian warplane flying close to an American aircraft carrier in the Pacific region.
The incident occurred when a Russian Pacific Fleet anti-submarine aircraft IL-38 flew within 30 kilometres or 18.6 miles of the George Washington aircraft carrier reportedly undetected on April 26.

Apr 29 06:19

Is this the future of tourism? How York plans to make visitors walk one-way down its famous street The Shambles to ensure social distancing after lockdown

York is considering plans to make visitors to its historic Shambles walk one-way to keep social distancing in place after lockdown.
The proposal is part of a 'confidence charter' drawn up by the York Retail Forum to help ease visitors' worries when the city - which typically hosts more than 8 million visitors a year - is open again.